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Street Publications

Postby NachtWulf » Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:48 pm

Only the upper echelon of Waterdhavian society has access to private collections of bound tomes. The majority of the public reads chapbooks consisting of both long and short scrolls, the latter colloquially known as "broadsheets". Chapbooks may contain anything from day to day "how-to" knowledge to political furor. While single-sided long scrolls tend to specialize in formal and more technical readings--some even containing written spells--broadsheets exist as tabloids widely accessible to the public. [1]

The following are excerpts and publications found mostly in broadsheets, widely available in the market.

((OOC'ly, feel free to post your publications here! Please note that if they are here, though, virtually all literate PCs will have access to this knowledge.))

[1]: More info on page 14 of FR: City of Splendors in the sidebar, "Read All About It."
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Re: Street Publications

Postby NachtWulf » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:35 pm

Working closely with the Surveyors', Map and Chart-makers' Guild, a servant of House Moonstar (i.e. Elliot Glendale) procured a basic map of the City of Splendors for travelers and adventurers alike. A brochure of sorts!


Waterdeep, also known as the City of Splendors, exists as a dynamic trade center in west Faerun. What keeps her coffers full are the trade routes and sea lanes that cross through the city. By land, four such paths are present: the High Road, the Long Road, the Trade Way, as well as the East Trail.

The High Road is familiar to most--it runs straight through the city from Northgate of the Sea Ward to the South Gate, where it becomes the Trade Way. From north to south, it passes through Luskan, Neverwinter, and the Neverwinter Wood.

East of the High Road, the Long Road splits a dozen miles north. From north to south, it passes through Mirabar, Longsaddle, and Triboar.

The southern continuation of the High Road, the Trade Way passes by Dragonford and Dragonspear Castle, where it branches east and west. The southeastern branch leads to Scornubel and the Sea of Fallen Stars, while the southwestern branch leads to Baldur’s Gate and the north end of the Coast Way trail.

The East Trail splits south of the Ardeep Forest, and passes through Secomber, Loudwater, and Llorkh from west to east, passing through the sands of Anauroch.

Trade Exports
High Road
Luskan, "City of Sails": metalwork
Neverwinter Woods: lumber
Neverwinter, "City of Skilled Hands": crafts
Waterdeep, "City of Splendors": agriculture, artistic crafts

Long Road
Mirabar: metal
Longsaddle: cattle and livestock
Triboar: leatherwork

Trade Way
Heading South: metal ore, lumber, agriculture, finished goods
Heading North: rare spices, agriculture, finished goods

East Trail (low traffic)
Both ways: craftwork, spices
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Re: Street Publications

Postby Nightwolf » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:05 am

A poster, decorated with shimmering gold foil, seen in various places around Waterdeep:


[The image takes up the majority of free space on the poster.]

WANTED: Proof of existence, or evidence to the contrary.
PRIZE: Ten (10) harbor moons.

[Seal of House Adarbrent]

An address is listed in fine print at the bottom.
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