Big, ugly, beady-eyed timestoppers

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Big, ugly, beady-eyed timestoppers

Postby Nightwolf » Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:26 am

Word of the peculiar beasts got around to the Watchman. They had frozen time in the Market, and arrived in combat with a sizeable man. The cycloptic, gray creatures lacked fur and temporarily brought with them a black miasma and time-stopping effect upon arrival in the City of Splendors.

According to a primary witness, three citizens seemed unaffected by the temporal effects and were able to engage the creatures; one unfortunately died.

The existence of the plane from which the creatures spawned brought vague memories to Elliot, who had obtained a sketch from the same witness. A perusal of the Great Library yielded few results beyond what he already knew. Thus, the young Watchman had two plans in mind. First, he wished to consult his superiors. Although the Castle Ward exceeded his domain, he wished to be placed on the case because the event involved people he knew. He would therefore seek out the bureaucratic chain of command in the offices of the Watch, in Piergeiron's Palace. Through this, Elliot wished to accomplish two things: 1) official permission to pursue the case, and 2) access to writeups, eyewitness reports, and historical sources of knowledge relating to the case.

Next, he planned to seek the Council of Sages in the Font of Knowledge, notoriously independent sages belonging to the Church of Oghma. Pleading as a monk of a brother order, he would request to know more about past accounts of similar occurrences. Had any past arcanists summoned creatures that had the power to stop time? By what other means could those beasts have entered this plane? When was the last time that creatures from that plane entered Waterdeep, or Faerun for that matter? Such were the questions he hoped to ask; should the sages respond that the occurrence was a first, Elliot would insist on their assistance through any other means necessary, upon the grounds that any new information gleaned on creatures--if truly never seen before--would greatly augment the knowledge available in the library. As a Deneiran monk, he firmly believes that information not recorded is lost, and information not gained or shared is a pity.
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Re: Big, ugly, beady-eyed timestoppers

Postby Nightwolf » Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:45 am

Elliot's superiors obliged to his request to take on the case. Ever since, he pored over every detail that he had learned. Late one evening, he had the fortune of running into Aulric DragonHawke while examining his notes. Ellliot introducing himself as a fellow Watchman, and scribbled down several pages' worth of notes regarding the incident as they were recalled by the witness. He wrote up a formal analysis based on two eyewitness accounts.

Elliot Glendale wrote:Date: 11 Flamerule 1382 DR
Time of day: Evening
Crime: Murder

Three types of creatures arrived with time stop: a dozen featureless, a large Dwarf-like man, and two single-eyed creatures resembling the featureless ones.

The Big Foreigner: Friendly demeanor, unknown language. Big, tall, dwarf-like. Wealthy clothing, but damaged. No comprehension of local languages. Engaged in close-quarter combat with The Featureless Dozen.
Motive: Unclear, aside from death of Featureless Dozen and Double Trouble.

The Featureless Dozen (or more): arrived with fog, a few blocks' length in span. Vulnerable to force, fire, lightning, and acid magic. Strongly prioritized The Big Foreigner despite outside attempts to interfere. No face, naked, oily, black and jagged fingernails.
Motive: Death of Big Foreigner. Clear intent.

The Double Trouble: Similar to The Fearless Dozen. Arrived with black fog, strong stench. One eye each. Capable of voluntary return to home plane.
Motive: Same as Featureless Dozen. Additionally, desire for corpse of Foreigner.

The Murder Victim: Sjach Vaeri, Sun Elf. Afflicted by unknown effect; immobile despite magical flight. Killed by one of Double Trouble after Foreigner's death.

This he would now bring to Piergeiron's Palace, along with the tattered clothes belonging to the Foreigner, as he called the large stranger. Elliot would invite both witnesses to join him in the investigation of the large man.

((OOC'ly, Elliot requests the dual assistance of Aid Another from both Aulric and Ziandra for the purposes of knowledge and Gather Info checks!))
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