A Three Hour Tour (Wrap up. Part 1)

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A Three Hour Tour (Wrap up. Part 1)

Postby Murdling » Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:42 pm

Their journey had taken a skosh longer than three hours. Eadlin, Sael, and Azrael had gone and gotten on a ship heading for gods know where because Eadlin had to find something, and that had proven to be one hell of a rabbit hole to go down. (Which might be what lured the bard Samuel along as well.) They found snake people, kobolds and any other manner of reptilian humanoid waiting at their ship's destination (once they convinced it's crew they weren't to be enslaved that is) all there to see.. something. Something important.

Something the local priestess assured Eadlin she was welcome to see as well.

When that part came around and Eadlin saw all those people gathered to see an egg, supposedly the egg of their next great leader, she knew what she had been sent to find. She also promptly chose not to take it, and after a brief 'quarrel' with Samuel on the matter (read: Samuel being injured by the guards and rendered unconscious by Azrael) they peaceably left the island on one of the reptilian species' ships. A kobold vessel headed north, which would've been a quiet voyage were it not for a brief assault by raiders that left some of the crew and Sael sorely wounded, with Eadlin and Azrael less so. The crew do get them home though. Dropping them a short carriage ride from the city once they get to the roads, and leaving them with their choice of some of the spoils from the bodies of the pirates given how much they helped fight off.

((These are your choices to take from the loot. Anything not chosen the kobolds take back with them. Unused loot totals instead come in as gold. I await your PMs))

A mostly spent wand of Gust of Wind (has appx 3 charges left) 270
Acrobat Boots (+2 tumble +3 charges of faster movement per day) 900
A suit of +1 studded leather armor 1025
A masterwork falchion 375
Least weapon crystal of life drinking (steal 1hp on hit for 10hp/day) 400
Least armor crystal of adaptation (endure elements on user) 500
Amulet of aquatic salvation (breathe water 5/min day) 500
Armband of elusive action (ignore one AoO a day) 800
Bracers of Quick Strike (1/day full attack gets bonus hit per weapon) 1400
Eagle Claw Talisman (3/day +5 bonus to break objects) 1000
Lenses of Bright Vision (3/day 15' cone of bright light from eyes) 600
Ring of the Four Winds (4/day +2 AC or Featherfall) 2000
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Re: A Three Hour Tour (Wrap up. Part 1)

Postby Nelfein » Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:17 pm

Azrael would like the-

Least Weapon Crystal of Life Drinking (added to his masterwork dagger)
Bracers of Quick Strike

He will also pay 180 gold out of pocket to get the Acrobat Boots.

That's all he can afford.
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Re: A Three Hour Tour (Wrap up. Part 1)

Postby Sister » Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:46 am

Eadlin will take the least armor crystal of adaptation and the ring of four winds. thats all i can afford.
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Re: A Three Hour Tour (Wrap up. Part 1)

Postby driochtor » Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:00 am

Saela will take the Armband of Elusive Action, and the +1 armor - means I pay 25 gold out of pocket
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