Black Veiled mischief

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Black Veiled mischief

Postby Jiriki » Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:04 am

NNearly 50 years ago, there arose in the fen country a bandit group known as the Band of the Black Veils. They were so named for their habit of hiding their faces behind black cloth coverings. Their leader was a mysterious woman of human height but uncertain heritage. She had a cunning mind and great charisma. Her black veil hid most of her face, showing only her eyes, which glittered with cold fire like two diamonds. Rumors about the Black Veils’ leader abounded: “She is a medusa,” said some. “She is a half-fiend,” said others.

“She is a half-fiend medusa,” said still others.

In fact, she was a human named Mollie McTynker, a local girl who simply used the veil to disguise herself. Even while leading the band, she lived in the town of Fiore, appearing as nothing but a pretty lass with many suitors. While in her everyday guise Mollie learned much of use to her as a bandit leader, such as which merchants were shipping what goods, and where, and when the law was hunting the bandits.

The Band of the Black Veils grew bolder with every success until at last its members were able to sack and usurp the Ramshorn Abbey, a prosperous enclave of cloistered holy folk living on land reclaimed from the fen. The Band of the Black Veils attacked the abbey, drove out the residents, and took over. The bandits broke up the system of dikes and ditches that had drained the fen and held back its waters, and soon the abbey stood on an island, a formidable fortress.

Mollie McTynker moved to the island, but by that time she had recruited many of her own relations in town to act as her spies. The band became more wealthy and powerful than ever.

The band’s power was not destined to last, however. The bandits made many enemies when they sacked the abbey, and soon word of their depredations reached the ears of the mighty. Barely six months after the fall of the Ramshorn Abbey, a royal army routed the bandits. Mollie McTynker was killed along with most of her lieutenants. Only a handful of bandits escaped into the fens. In Fiore and the surrounding towns, Molly’s ring of informants was rooted out. Most of the band’s spoils were recovered, but rumors of hidden treasure quickly surfaced.

Today, the citizens of Fiore say the spirit of Mollie McTynker still haunts the ruins of the abbey church, and that on moonlit nights one can see her diamond -bright eyes gazing upon the spot where her treasure lies.

Three adventurers heard this tale as they were resting in a tavern in the north of the city, they were quickly interested and decided to go see what they could find as well. They managed to get a ride along the river just to the south east of Waterdeep on a barge called The Tarman, a most unusual flat bellied barge, but that's a tale for another time. It took them the full day to travel up to the small settlement and arrived just barely enough time for them to get their rest, then went about gathering what information they could, there were rumours a plenty, not long ago another group of adventurers had gone up there, coming back and claiming to have found vast riches. They said they'd come back after collecting a cart to bring it back, but never returned.

The next morning and with more information of ghosts, lizards in the fog, rumours of the abbey itself slowly sinking along with all manner of other wild claims of mysterious lights shining in the fog of the marsh.

Finding themselves in the marsh itself, they nearly got lost, would've too if they'd trusted Tathar, but lucky for them Trebor had a better idea of where they were going and even managed to successfully navigated them past a few deeper parts of the marsh. When they got to the abbey it was clear that it wouldn't be long before the marsh did indeed take this place and it's secrets down into the ground once more. Rocks were tumbled from the walls, ivy clung to every part of it, and it was soaking wet all the time.

Tathar was picked to go in first, a strange wailing sound could be heard when he was inside it, but they put that down to the wind playing on the walls and what was left of the roof beams, they other two followed him after. Only to nearly lose Tathar to a rapidly forming and silent sink hole that opened at his feet when he was halfway across the hall. Suitably shaken, they made their way more carefully through the building. Aiming to explore it during daylight to ensure they were somewhat familiar with the place before perhaps coming back at night.

That proved to be a wise decision.

On their way there they'd seen what could be assumed to be heads on spikes and poles in the swamp behind the abbey, long thin streamers might've been attached, moving like ribbons; but there was no true confirmation. They moved deeper into the abbey, going on a whim into one of the towers that still remained, it turned out to have been the library. There were scroll cases that littered the floor, broken shards of glass in the main hall and other signs of great upheaval to go along with the history of the place. The books rotting in their shelves, the information soon to be lost in the musty perpetually damp air of the swampland they were in.

It was when he was looking around that Tathar noticed that there was something quite odd about this room, but he couldn't quite get to the final leap of conclusion, so he quickly summoned his friends and made sure that they were in the room as well and then a more investigation could be made. They couldn't tell if there were lose flagstones, if the fireplace was rigged, they couldn't find any hidden traps, passages or hint of what they were looking for. It wasn't until Trebor was thinking and he happened to be staring at a pair of old metal gates of a fireguard that he suddenly seemed to have a revelation. They'd been staring at it the whole time.

Things became confusing again, the didn't have long before darkness would fall and the monsters would come out, so all three of them spent time really looking at the gates. Finally realising that it was a face in the pattern of the metal that swirled, Trebor went to go and pick up two sizable chunks of glass - putting them both into the position on the gates, Tathar set a blaze going to see what would happen.

It took a bit of time, but eventually the fire was lit enough to shine from the 'eyes' on the gates, seeing where the gaze settled, they knew the legend was partly true. But no ghost guarded this place of such desolation, this lonely plot of land that man had decided to plant and grow and build on. And my what treasure they found:

three golden bracelets (55 gp each), 165
six small gold candlesticks (50 gp each), 300
three silver chalices (75 gp each), 225
10large silver candlesticks (25 gp each), 250
two silver censers (150 gp each), 300

(413 each)

But how were they to get home again? Luckily once more Trebor was their surprising guide, if only they'd known just how close they passed by that war gang of lizardmen. Stealth and secrecy in this made them rich, wisdom of ages taught them to not just go in blindly and with their money to toss on the table for the next moon or so, they were going to be home in a few days.

(Sheet sent to June, thank you for playing.)
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