Search for the Shard - the story line.

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Search for the Shard - the story line.

Postby Jiriki » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:04 am

Chapter One

[10:32:28 PM] Hurricane Brit: *Well it was time for the off. Preparations have been made, kit gathered, people contacted. But now it was the official date of departure. The key question was..... Where were they going?*
[10:34:46 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: And a damn fine question at that! Luckily they had at least a direction and an inkling of what awaited them, thanks to some handy divination and crystal pointing. To that end a rotund and metal encased Burgon stands on the rather elaborate porch at the front of his inn, awaiting the others...
[10:35:52 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: With Aulric meeting the agent of Fios, he hopes that they are still interested in them finding the shards. Along with Burgon turning over the shard he had over to Fis agent too.
[10:37:03 PM] Aerin: ::: the small person moves along the edges of the buildings to stop at the side of the Inn:::
[10:37:49 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The agents of the aforementioned Fios were most definitely interested.*
[10:38:15 PM] Aerin: :::carefully making note of those around, moves from the side of the building out onto the boardwalk and up to the front steps:::
[10:38:30 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Well it is splendid to see you made it Aerin!" Beams Burgon as he sees the little thing come skittering along. "I must say I had my doubts, but you have dispelled those admirably!"
[10:40:04 PM] Aerin: :::stops at his word, looking up the steps at the large man, the hair just barely showing the eyes, a small smile:::I am of my word
[10:41:23 PM] Aerin: :::glances around:::ahh, no wagon?
[10:42:21 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric watches the conservation, and keeps quiet.
[10:43:56 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Forgive my doubting." And he bows humbly to the small one. "The wagon is being prepared as we speak dear." And he looks to the double gates leading to the back of the large premesis. "I do hope we can ride some way..."
[10:49:51 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The coach and two arrive in due course, a nice enough black topped coach with a driver who gently brings the transport to a halt, then waits patiently.*
[10:51:10 PM] Aerin: :::hearing the horse approach, turns to look::: oh, this will be fun too
[10:52:29 PM] Aerin: oh Burgon, if it is not too much trouble, when we stop, I would like to do a bit of....ummm....forasging around the area
[10:53:34 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Yes, it looks suitable enough..." He inspects the vehicle with a critical eye. "Clean... punctual. Yes, it will suffice." He hails the driver, though it is probably obvious who ordered the carriage. "Of course, we will likely need to do a little scouting ourselves, so you will have plenty of opportunities for that."
[10:55:48 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The driver gets down from the coach and waits for them to take their seats, where they were going was still a bit of a mystery.*
[10:58:12 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon moves forward to enter the coach first, since he will be the largest burden. "Aulric, on three push. One, two, three!" And with assistance from the mage pushing and him heaving, Burgon manages to get his very heavy self into the carriage with reasonable success, shuffling around until he is comfortable enough. Aulric, puffing a little, climes in to take a squashed seat opposite.
[11:00:53 PM] Aerin: :::follows behind Burgon to the coach, waiting while they get in, then noting the small space left, turns to the driver to see if it is ok to ride up front:::
[11:01:42 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: He dumps his sturdy backpack by his feet, rummaging and producing a small soft cheese which he immediately begins to snack on. "Hm, quite right. A little crowded in here."
[11:02:13 PM] Hurricane Brit: *Any luggage they might have is loaded, the driver shuts the door and then gets up into the beach. Then the horses are set up and that's it, off they go. He leans to open the hatch to talk to them.* Directions?
[11:02:28 PM] Aerin: besides, someone needs to guide us, I could hold the pointer too
[11:05:03 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon obligingly hands over a crystal set in a very sturdy silver chain and cage to Aerin. "Now be careful who sees it, lest we fall into trouble before we even leave the city Aerin." But they need to navigate right, so that is their best bet.
[11:05:53 PM] Aerin: :::takes the necklace and climbs up to beside the driver, opening it to show the direction:::
[11:07:05 PM] Aerin: :::shows the direction to the driver, legs dangling off the bench, swinging almost happily:::
[11:08:09 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The draw is palpable from Aerin's little hand. The big crystal seems to almost tug and react to the direction the horses are going in. And strangest of all, as soon as they are within proximity of it like they are now, their heads seem to rise further. Their ears prick up and they hasten the pace a bit more. Soon enough, the coach is heading out through the gate of the city, going in the direction of Daggerford and of all places, Ardeep.*
[11:09:16 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Meanwhile Burgon continues to snack, chatting idly to Aulric about nothing of consequence, happy enough while they still have some ensemble of civilisation around them. "It can't be as bad as Chult." Burgon says one too many times, a slight note of panic in his voice....
[11:09:42 PM] Aerin: :::keeps the crystal shard tucked someplace among the multiple folds of the baggy clothes:::
[11:16:14 PM] Hurricane Brit: (Now comes the part that's going to make life easier for all of us. This story is going to keep your characters for a few weeks in it. It means you can't rp them in the city without a DM to consent it.) *The city soon dwindles to a smudge on the horizon, the river Delsember is crossed by the road ferry, and the coach keeps on going. Along the road towards Ardeep, then on and past the distant Lizard marsh. Many other travellers are on the road, it's the end of summer so caravans on their way down through Tethyr and into Amn then Calimport are passed, faster traffic taking precedent. The first day's travel goes without too much trouble and finally they haul up for the night at a small Inn.*
[11:18:01 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "I had an unpleasant experience in the Ardeep before," he mumbles," Damn Dire wolf used me for a chew toy!". Sarafina snuggles closer to Aulric as he finishes the statement.
[11:18:57 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "You know, I do believe I saw my own caravan back there." He gossips to Aulric, wincing at his super padded but still sore bottom. "On time of course! As all the Goldwirth deliveries are." But as Aulric pronounces doom upon them, Burgon can only sigh deeply. "Not the correct time of year one can only hope." he mutters.
[11:20:33 PM] Aerin: :::since the driver wasn't very talkative, Aerin sits quietly watching the world go by:::
[11:21:09 PM] Aerin: when they do stop for the night, Aerin will want to explore around the Inn:::
[11:22:34 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The Inn is well built, a small sturdy little thing with plenty of room near it to allow for the various caravans to set up their circles and post guards. Then the passengers disembark and go in, which makes for a rather crowded affair but full of laughing and talking, plenty of food, wine and tales of adventure and daring do.*
[11:22:41 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He sighes," Sorry to say something so depressing folks."
[11:24:00 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: As they step forth from the carriage, Burgon winces and does some amusing stretches. "Not many wolves running inns now, are there Aulric." But he nods to the driver who did a reasonable job, before looking to the inn, a gleam in his eyes and a rumble in his tummy. "Not too much talk of adventure I hope. Now, guard your tongues. We don't know these people. We are merchants traveling to negotiate delivery of silks along the road. No more details necessary please."
[11:28:18 PM] Hurricane Brit: *As mentioned before, the inn is a lively bustling place. (think the inn from the LOTR for style and level of comfort.) There are large barrels set behind the bar for tapping, for two golds you can have as many refills of the Golden Harvest barrel, for five it goes for the slightly stronger stuff. It's well run, it's clean but it's busy.*
[11:30:34 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: And with that said in he goes! His bulk and the fact he is fully armoured in a suit that looks to be spiked (but actually isn't) probably means he has little trouble making his way through the crowd. His hand stays on his dagger and his purse is well hidden, being ever the paranoid one. Spying a potential spot to sit, he angles that way, trusting his companions will sort themselves out....
[11:31:51 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric smiles and follows Burgon into the inn, only Burgon could tell if the inn was worthy of his presence, he thought to himself.
[11:32:53 PM] Aerin: :::after a brief once around the building to find exits, moves in and flows through the throng of folk to the table where Burgon has placed himself:::
[11:32:57 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Hm... he thinks so. It's clean enough, far roudier than he'd like, but the food smells passable and the ale looks good. "Better than Chult!" He adds his mantra.
[11:33:00 PM] Hurricane Brit: *It's harder than it would appear to get a seat at this busy hub of activity. But eventually a table comes free and it's relatively simple after that. The tables are not waited on, but with the right coin you can also buy a barmaid to keep an eye on the table to offer the drinks and bring food.*
[11:34:28 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: The right coin is Burgon's specialty. He quickly gets a server and orders more food than the three of them could possibly eat.... well more than two of them could possibly eat. "By the grace of Waukeen, let the coins flow this night!" He pronounces.
[11:39:00 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric is happy to just let Burgon do his business of dealing with the people for now, he smiles and relaxes, for who knows when danger will strike at them! ((Still sporadic for now with the guest here, I'm checking in as often as possible right now!))
[11:39:54 PM] Hurricane Brit: *Things go even better after Burgon splashes the cash. The service is regular, the service is also remarkably friendly to go with it. The evening passes and after the sun has gone down entertainment appears in the view of a band of minstrels that sing and produce raucous music that everyone's feet tapping and their hands thumping on the table. But in the end, it comes down to the end of the night and people start to make their way off home, well, those who live nearby do. The caravan passengers head off back to their bunks on the wagons, others linger and some even begin to set their bunks on the floor of the common room.*
[11:41:57 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon more or less tries to mind his own business... oh just kidding, he's got merchant ears, so he's being as nosy as possible without making it obvious. He finds the music and atmosphere too boisterous for his liking, but offers enough gold to secure them private accommodation with a proper bed of some manner. "Lets make the most of these small conveniences while we can." He sighs as he finishes his second stuffed chicken.
[11:42:46 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The room he manages to get is a shared one, it's got four beds in it and with only the three of you, it means you can take your pick.*
[11:43:59 PM] Aerin: :::takes the bed closest to the door and instead of laying down, sits with back to the wall, knees tucked up and sleeps:::
[11:44:00 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon takes the biggest bed furthest from the door. He suggests to Aulric that he place a ward on the door, though there is likely no need at all. But it would ease his skittish mind...
[11:46:23 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The driver has chosen to sleep down in the coach. The night passes without any events that are of note. The next morning with sunlight streaming in, it they eat and then it's time to get back on the way. Over the river at Daggerford you pass and the next few days start to turn into a blur of countryside, fields, the inns that the driver finds all seem to be of the same type as the short squat affair the first inn was. *
[11:47:53 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Well, this is panning out to be a reasonably acceptable adventure after all." He comments after Aulric and he had been sitting in silence for a time. "How are w doing up front navigator?"
[11:49:03 PM] Aerin: :::leaning over to speak through the small window:::we are doing well
[11:50:10 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Satisfied, Burgon drifts back into quiet contemplation. In fact, he starts to doze in the warm air, the pleasant pastures passing by....
[11:51:36 PM] Aerin: ( just an FYI, the crossbow rests between Aerin's legs, within quick reach)
[11:53:58 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The driver wasn't a speaker, he didn't even seem to converse with the other drivers that were in, content to just eat, then go back out to check his horses and sleep in the coach. Apart from that it would appear he's content to get on the way. The road down past Misty Forest after Daggerford its the Trade Way. The main road going from Waterdeep, down the Sword coast but far enough away from the sea to not even know it was there. Misty Forest is much bigger than Ardeep, but the coachman fits in, tagging on to the end of a caravan when it starts to get closer to Trollbark forest though. Safety in number. This night, the coach house they stop at is behind a wooden pallisade to give it some protection and troops of mercenary's seem to be in this one more than others. It's again a large enough place for them to share a room, but everyone is on watch. The soldiers at the gate hail the coach, checking those within to make sure they're not trolls, this is proven by them one by one holding a small metal rod which - unless one of them is troll blooded - remains dark.*
[11:58:02 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Well it most certainly remains dark for Burgon! He splutters a bit at the indignity, but doesn't kick up too much of a fuss just in case they bar entry. "Do I look like a troll?" He asks Aulric and Aerin, but shuffles into the safety of the wooden walls, relaxing just a little. "I think it most prudent to set a few wards tonight" He says "and keep some torches close to hand."
[12:03:59 AM] Hurricane Brit: *This was night eight. They were well on their way through the countryside. Buying food at each morning, getting a banquette no doubt in Burgons case began to eat into the resources, the driver was much the same. Nonchalant, keeping it professional. Soon after dark the gates of the pallisade slam shut and a big wooden bar is closed, yet again the compound is full, those who wanted safety and had stopped in time were inside, those without that protection would have to set double guards considering how dangerous the Trollbarks were. There’s scarcely a corner of Faerûn that does not have a forest, mountain range, or moor named for the trolls. Like the rest, the Trollbark Forest is thick with these monsters. The forest’s dense underbrush, thick twisting stands of ash, and many bogs make it a perfect hunting ground for monsters that can crash through thorny barriers and nests of poisonous snakes without taking permanent damage.*
[12:05:27 AM] Aerin: :::once again, Aerin takes the bed closest the door, and sits, crossbow pointed at the door across his lap and with knees up, attention to the door:::
[12:06:00 AM] Hurricane Brit: *During the night the clash of steel wakes everyone up.*
[12:06:50 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "I do hate trolls." Burgon comments to no one in particular. "Smelly, foul, ugly, no sense for good food." For his part he'll be happy they have walls and thank the driver, dour as he may be for getting them in. Retiring for the night, he keeps his blade close at hand and one eye open... which seemes like a god move as he hears steel wake him from a shallow slumber.
[12:07:29 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "I do hate trolls." Burgon comments to no one in particular. "Smelly, foul, ugly, no sense for good food." For his part he'll be happy they have walls and thank the driver, dour as he may be for getting them in. Retiring for the night, he keeps his blade close at hand and one eye open... which seemes like a god move as he hears steel wake him from a shallow slumber.
[12:08:30 AM] Aerin: :::no sooner the sounds of steel than Aerin is on feet, crossbow aimed at the door, silent and listening:::
[12:09:01 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The sounds aren't coming from the door, rather they are coming from the window.*
[12:10:15 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Blinking sleep, he looks to Aerin. "What's happening?" He shuffles out of bed in his night clothes, silver dagger gripped tightly, taking a torch from a small stack he put by the door before squinting into the night outside the window...
[12:11:06 AM] Aerin: :::head twisting, locating the noises outside the window, turns crossbow at shoulder:::I do not know
[12:13:20 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Outside near the gate the pounding of metal on metal can be now seen as well as heard. It would appear that there are three trolls attacking one of the caravans, one has a club, one is already beating a retreat with a broken horse in tucked under it's arm. The mercenaries are pushing them back away from the caravan, there are screams, there. Bodies lay broken or damaged on the ground, they're not in the compound, they are outside of it.*
[12:14:19 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He shakes Aulric awake, pointing to the window. "We'd better go and take a look." He says wearily, not bothering to put on any armour at this point. Slipping on his soft boots, still in his night clothes, he holds the room door open for Aerin. "They will likely need a healer."
[12:15:03 AM] Aerin: :::moves out the offered door:::
[12:15:40 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: With a last heavy sigh, he follows behind, allowing Aulric to take up the rear...
[12:16:48 AM] Aerin: :::moves cautiously along and out the front door, turning toward the small gate of the palisade:::
[12:17:49 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Now lets assess the situation before we attempt any heroics..." He cautions, feeling very soft and vulnerable outside of is metal shell...
[12:18:17 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The inside of the tavern is quiet and dark, then the doors are thrown open and a shout goes out.* To arms!! Troll attack! There's another pair trying to climb over the rear wall!
[12:19:31 AM] Aerin: :::taking a torch along, lights it as he passes the front door:::
[12:20:48 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Torch still in hand, he to lights up, following behind but staying close to safety if he needs. "I hate trolls..>"
[12:21:17 AM] Hurricane Brit: *There's a brazier burning through the night just outside the doors, it was burning when they arrived too. The torch that Aerin has lights easily and glows, other warrior types are rousing and grabbing their weapons, hastily donning armor. *
[12:21:47 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric gathers his senses and follows the others remembering any spells useful.
[12:24:49 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: As he sees the armored men preparing themselves, Aulric pulls out his wand and taps it on his chest, muttering the command word. He then proceeds to tap Sarafina also.
[12:25:22 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Outside, indeed it was a hive of activity, it seemed a lot of people wanted to get a bit of the action, some were heading towards the gates to get out and help the stricken caravan, but it was loud there, some people were standing at windows to watch, others were preparing a field triage, while others still - the more curious type were making their way to the walls to see what was going on for themselves, pausing to gawp and stare at the carnage in the firelight of those many many burning torches. Burgons group weren't split up, they were heading to the pair of trolls that were trying to climb the walls. One had it's meaty hand pounding on the fence, the other was trying to clamber up, he was already riddled with arrows.*
[12:27:38 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon has no such luxury as a wand to armour himself. "Don't get close now." He cautions, spying the filthy and thick claws on the trolls hands. He steels himself to unleash godly magic at the creature should it crest the wall, but hopes others will take care of the problem for them...
[12:28:54 AM] Aerin: :::stopping some distance from the wall, kneels down, and taking a bolt from th bridge of the bow, begins placing a piece of cloth on the tip, tieing it on, then removing a small vial, dips the cloth in the lamp oil, and resets the bolt in the bow, starts to move closer to the trolls:::
[12:34:43 AM] Aerin: :::stopping within a reasonable distance from the troll, brings the torch up to light the tip of the bolt and let loose the bolt:::
[12:38:58 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The bolt whizzes through the air, surely the motion of the wind rushing past it would have the bolt go out but luck seems to be on Aerin's side. As it strikes the Troll it sinks in deep, biting into his flesh at a point where he doesn't seem to notice it at first, what with all the other insects running about and waving shiny flaming things!! Then with a wail it cries out as the bolt starts to burn.*
[12:41:17 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: He smiles at the display of the bolt in the troll, and then he motions with his hands , muttering and then points at the troll, shooting out a lesser orb of acid at the troll.
[12:49:26 AM] Hurricane Brit: *This time when Aulric hurls his orb the troll turned to look up, it was almost in slow motion. As it cried out to scream again it was something that he wasn't expecting to happen. The orb went down into the trolls mouth, down it's throat. It's burning was forgotten at once as it grabbed at its throat, bubbling flesh and nasty smells erupting from it.*
[12:50:17 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon, standing well back from danger, holds out one hand as though cupping something. He speaks a slow prayer and all of a sudden there is heat emanating form his hand, though there is no visible source! (unless you have darkvision). Now feeling less helpless, he makes as if to throw something invisible at the closest troll... which the swoosh of air and the passage of something hot suggests is exactly what he did!
[12:58:03 AM] Hurricane Brit: *And then Burgon did his thing, he cupped darkfire in those fat stubby fingered hands of his; then let rip. The fire flew to it's target without fail, hitting it full in the chest and splashing over it as if it were something liquid and not real fire. The troll didn't so much as react to it. It just was... suddenly one minute it was standing, gasping for air from the multiple attacks that it was under. Those at it's feet didn't seem to get the danger they were in. But they would. It didn't get time to stamp it's foot, it got no time at all. Suddenly, its chest exploded from the force of whatever Burgon did and the acid splash that Aulric had thrown at it reacted..... BOOM!*
[12:59:06 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The troll that wasn't being targeted threw it's head back and howled, then indiscriminatly aimed its club at the pain givers.*
[01:02:25 AM] Aerin: :::the crossbow now cocked again and waiting, lets loose with 2 bolts this time:::
[01:03:36 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The first bolt flew, hitting the wall behind the Troll and burning there slowly, the second one hit the Troll in the arm.*
[01:05:51 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: He prepares for his next wave of magic then
[01:08:31 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Finding that range is no issue to the magic, his pudgy little feet back-pedal to give him more room from the trolls fury. It's a night shirt, not chainmail he's wearing! His soft pink hand wiggles slightly as it holds the shadowy fire magic, before he makes his best throw at their second attacker...
[01:10:37 AM] Hurricane Brit: *This time the magic that was cast didn't even hit it's target... it sort of....... petered out before it got there. The troll however was fixed on the one's he wanted to rip and shred and eat. And he was wading his way through his attackers to get to those who burned it's friend.*
[01:11:04 AM] Hurricane Brit: *And again, it was going to be Aulric that was going to be smacked around.*
[01:16:11 AM] Hurricane Brit: *This time when it hit Aulric, the smacking sound that the fist made was a painful sound. Meaty, it would leave anyone gasping.*
[01:16:27 AM] Aerin: :::taking a step to the side away from the charging troll, the crossbow again ready to fire, lets loose with 2 more bolts :::
[01:17:28 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He winces as his friend is smacked around by the stinking green brute. Hopefully they can drop this one quickly before it mashes the mage into red paste...
[01:17:51 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The bolts do the same again. The first misses, going wide as someone jostled his arm in an attempt to get out of the way. The other however hit it.*
[01:21:12 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Gritting through the pain, he smiles and cast another spell at the troll attacking, Lesser orb of acid again.
[01:22:08 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: After casting he moves back out of the way of the troll.
[01:22:37 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The acid orb could hardly miss at this range!! It bursts across the chest of the troll, burning it and bubbling it's flesh, the troll screams again, a horrible sound. The smell is intense.*
[01:23:22 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He gags at the stink of the monster and the burning rubbery flesh. Still backpedaling to give room to himself and anyone brave enough to tackle the monster in melee, Burgon raises his hand and thrusts the invisible fire straight at the troll!
[01:24:27 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Now Burgon gets in on the act!! The fire burns, it burns and folds around the form of the troll but can't be seen. The Troll starts to realise it's peril and tries to douse the flames with it's hands.8
[01:25:38 AM] Aerin: :::taking a step again to the side away from the troll, pulls out another mag and reloads the crossbow:::
[01:25:50 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He smiles as the nasty green thing burns... then promptly loses his dinner at the sickening smell that crashes over them in a wave...
[01:27:52 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Shaking his head at the troll,"Damn things are hard to kill!", he motions in the air anf points at the troll firing off another orb of lesser acid. He then moves away again from the troll. after the spell is done casting.
[01:32:28 AM] Hurricane Brit: *This last one was a doozy, it might've been small but it caught the troll on the side of it's face. It was the end of the troll. It screamed this last time and then began to fall..... Sadly, in the direction of the vomiting Burgon.*
[01:34:20 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He scrabbles out of the way like a man on fire... or about to be! His throat burns but there are bigger considerations here! Rolling if he has to, it's amazing how quickly the large man can move sometimes!
[01:38:39 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The fat man could move when motivated by burning Troll it would appear.*
[01:39:59 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Oh believe it! That smell would stick to him for DAYS and that wasn't something he was prepared to have in an enclosed carriage... "You nasty! Stinking thing!" He squeals as he dives out of the way.
[01:41:54 AM] Aerin: :::moves around Burgon and the now prone troll to fetch the spent magazine, placing it in her pouch:::
[01:42:37 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric keeps a spell in his mind, in case the troll is still twitching.
[01:44:27 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He sighs and gets to his feet, brushing off whatever mud he can. "Just perfect really." He says, a definite tut to his voice. "Stink, mud and broken sleep." Once he has regained some of his composure, he looks to Aulric. "Are you hurt my friend?" He looks to Aerin to, but by all accounts he didn't see her get injured. "A good show with that bow." He complements the waif.
[01:45:01 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Both the Trolls were down, others from the militia soon came to hack them to bits, burning them with a feverish indifference to the horrible smell they simply put cloths over their faces and began the process of making sure they were both definitely dead. It was quiet, people injured clutched their hands or broken arms to their chests, stumbling past them to the tavern, others cried out in agony from other wounds, nearby a young man stared sightlessly to the sky. A look of complete surprise on his face.*
[01:46:23 AM] Aerin: :::standing, staring at the burnt troll, slings the crossbow across her back, taking out the hooked blade and slices an ear before everyone swarms them, placing it in a small metal container and that disappears within the folds of clothes:::
[01:48:48 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: With the danger passed, Burgon proceeds to heal Aulric. It hurts as the muscles and bone pop back into place, but after that pain the wounds are gone with only faint traces of bruising evident. "I need to get cleaned up." He mutters, but he is eying some of the wounded... He is a cleric after all and should help those he can.
[01:50:14 AM] Aerin: :::moves to collect what bolts are reusable:::
[01:51:04 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He'll move over to the worst of the wounded and offer them blessings of the Merchants Friend, should they accept.
[01:55:03 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The sightless youth is turned.. and the back of his head is gone, smashed like a fallen watermelon. Others look up gratefully at the offered healing, other clerics from different walks of life step forwards to try to comfort the living and heal the dying. Already others had come with sheets to cover over the bodies. Stretchers were brought in with others... It looked completely as if the place were almost used to this sort of thing. But it was with a sad silence that filled the air now, broken only by the low susurrus of murmered prayer and benediction for the dead.*
[01:57:13 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He does his part, scowling at the burning trolls he so dislikes. As soon as his meager magic is spent though, he makes to retire to his room, tired and not even hungry anymore. He also needs to clean up, because mud and a little blood are simply not going to do at all.
[01:58:22 AM] Aerin: :::shaking it's head at all the carnage, moves back to the door of the Inn, having nothing to do with healing:::
[01:58:39 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: He walks over to Burgon," Would you mind, giving me some of your healing power."
[02:00:38 AM] Hurricane Brit: fpm me the notes of what ammo you used, what healing you used up potions wise etc.
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Re: Search for the Shard - the story line.

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Chapter Two

[10:31:28 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Over the next three weeks Burgon will eat, sleep, rest from sleeping which will make him hungry, eat, speak to traveling merchants to help gauge the roads for the coming winter, eat, go on walks in any towns they pass through, where he will go out to eat.
[10:34:06 PM] Hurricane Brit: you have made it from Waterdeep in the Sword coast, below the Sword mountains and in the three weeks have managed to successfully make it through the Cloud Peaks on the border of Amn, into Amn and through The Small Teeth mountain range. We pick up your journey whilst exiting the foothills of that same range. You are still on The Trade Way, on the edge of the Wealdath.*
[10:39:29 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "You know" he says conversationally to Aulric, "I never seem to have good experiences with trees. I was thinking of going into the logging trade." He looks down the forest road, comforted in the knowledge that the Trade Way does not pass under the leafy branches for long. He read a book on that you know...
[10:41:36 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric is content to observe the country side through the windows of the carriage," You might want to research further before the logging business.I'd hate for your business to run afoul with the druids and rangers of a certain wooded area you cut down trees."
[10:42:42 PM] Aerin: *siting up front with the driver, Aerins eyes are constantly on the move, the crossbow ready on his lap*
[10:44:10 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: He waves one sausage like pink hand. "Oh druids smuids. It's a tree, why by the gods would you oppose it becoming something beautiful, like a desk?" He opens the small window at the front of the cab, saying to Aerin "Any signs of druids or other green skinned rogues dearest?"
[10:44:37 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The tree's were sparse, but now they're growing thicker.*
[10:46:20 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He just shakes his head,"I guess you'll find out the hard way, my friend."
Aerin: There's a tree down across the road from what you can see up ahead. But there's a smaller track leading off to the left.*
[10:48:16 PM] Aerin: well, look lively all, looks like brigands
[10:48:39 PM] Aerin: please slow more driver, approach with caution
[10:49:00 PM] Aerin [»] Hurricane Brit: Spot again
[10:49:25 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "It is industry dear Aulric! Progress!" He shakes his head. "Now, Chult, there is a place I think we culd both agree needs to be chopped down or burnt." He shifts his ample bottom, wincing at how calloused and numb it's become. As the call goes up Burgon rolls his eyes. "You know Aulric, even theft is the exchange of coins, and Waukeen does not frown upon it."
[10:49:32 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Hearing the words, He decides to cast a couple of spells on himself for cautions sake. [10:49:51 PM] Aerin: *instantly the crossbow comes up to his shoulder, moving from side to side*
[10:50:06 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The driver slows the team down to be at a sedate walk, then finally comes to a halt just before the obstacle. Just off to the left is a smaller track that could be traversed. And it is now getting dark.*
[10:50:49 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He casts Heart of Air spell on himself while the carriage comes to a stop.
[10:51:38 PM] Aerin: *lets out a sigh*, alright, anyone want to cut up a tree, or we take the side path?
[10:52:37 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: For his part Burgon simply sighs, though he hand does waver towards the dagger that looks a little small compared to his metal bulk. "I really need a larger weapon." He mutters. "Oh, I suggest we move the tree. No sense risking ambush now is there."
[10:52:46 PM] Aerin [»] Hurricane Brit: since she/he is so small, can it lay flat on the roof of the carriage?
[10:52:52 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: After casting the spell on himself, "What do think Burgon, the side trail could be a trap?"
[10:53:48 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He steps out of the carriage to observe the area around the obstacle.
[10:54:18 PM] Aerin: well, if the tree is to be removed, it will take someone larger than I.
[10:54:55 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Oh, it wouldn't be that hard to cut the tree would it? Every time we deviate from the path it seems to wind up in some ridiculous adventure." He will flop around in his armour some before managing to roll out of the carriage with an undignified crash and grunt.
[10:58:22 PM] Aerin: *continues to scan the area for targets*
[10:58:45 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "It appears we might be able to get the carriage through if we can move the tree. Hold on while I fly up and view the area from the air."
[10:59:29 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He casts fly upon himself now and then flies up about 30 feet and looks around the area.
[11:01:57 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: landing back by the carriage, "Well the side trail leads into the forest itself, and with the darkness I couldn't make out much more."
[11:03:06 PM] Aerin: well, I wouldn't trust that path any further than I can see into it
[11:04:09 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: After getting to his feet and standing stock still, eyes closed for a moment, Burgon helpfully adds "I cannot hear anything sneaking up on us, so perhaps we are just unfortunate to be the first to reach this barrier." Unfortunate because he doesn't want to be the one to help move it...
[11:04:28 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He looks at the others, we could travel the side path, I suppose. I have a spell of darkvision that could help us."
[11:04:59 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "When it gets darker that is."
[11:05:04 PM] Aerin: well, from the path around it, I doubt we are the first to arrive, but I would hate to be the last
[11:05:56 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Could you not move this tree with your magic Aulric? As I mentioned previously, ever time we seem to go into a forest it's this monster, that bandit, some darn adventure sneaking up." He sighs dramatically, placing one gauntlet to his forehead in mock exasperation.
[11:08:08 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "No spell that I know of will move the tree, sorry." He then casts a spell on himself, Heart of Water now.
[11:08:17 PM] Aerin: yea, how about a little magic?
[11:09:15 PM] Aerin: *the crossbow following her line of sight, still vigilant*
[11:09:40 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The late sounds of birdsong fill the air slowly, the last warblings of the birds in the tree's celebrating their still being alive at the end of the day. From the view you've all got of the sky, it looks like you've got maybe an hour before it starts to really get dark. The sky is a lovely colour though, rose pinks, soft goldens, pale purples with tinges of darker blushes on the edge.*
[11:11:25 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: He sighs dramatically one last time. "Fine, we will direct the carriage off the road, but I think it best we all walk from this point, since it is not a road per-say. Unless you have some other, less grueling method of travel..."
[11:13:19 PM] Aerin: well, if you are walking, I am getting up higher for a better view *and turning, scrambles up on top the carriage, laying flat on it's belly, crossbow out front*
[11:15:24 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Sighing,"We take the side trail then. None of us know the area but moving is better than sitting around doing nothing. Of course we could just camp here for tonight?"
[11:15:34 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "I suppose that's only fair." As he wishes he was still riding in the cab, but alas! The fates can be cruel. He walks over to inspect the downed tree before they depart...
[11:16:18 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Maybe in the morning there might be someone traveling that can move the tree?"
[11:16:29 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He shrugs
[11:17:26 PM] Aerin: well, if you want to tke the time, we could unhitch the horses, I have a rope, hook it to the tree and try to drag it out of the way
[11:17:42 PM] Aerin: or we can press on
[11:17:55 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "I am in favor of moving the tree, but I have said my piece." He kicks at the end. "Could probably squeeze past with a little work...."
[11:18:29 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "the horse would be a great idea!"
[11:18:53 PM] Aerin: if you want to take the time*glances at the retreating sun*
[11:19:26 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Oh yes, lets do that! Then we can set camp in the lee of the bole." He is enthusiastic about this, because now he won't have to chafe while walking!
[11:20:17 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Well then we camp here and move the tree out of the way first!"
[11:20:47 PM] Aerin: *scrambles down off the roof to beside the driver* well, looks like there has been an executive decision made, we will use the team to move the tree
[11:21:30 PM] Hurricane Brit: *With the plan in place, the driver sighs and gets down, beginning to unhitch his team. Then he scratches his head.*
[11:21:33 PM] Aerin: would you do the honors of unhitching them and I will see about securing my rope around the tree?
[11:21:38 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: He claps his hands together and beams. "Right then! Lets get to it!"...... but he makes no move to do anything much himself.
[11:22:38 PM] Aerin: *scrambling down and approaches the tree, rope coming out from the backpack, and surveys the situation, looking from one end to the other*
[11:23:48 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon stands to one side and helpfully calls out directions and helpful suggestions.
[11:24:38 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He gets into his backpack and gets out the silk rope in his pack to help use.
[11:25:33 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: he pulls out a grapnel hook also
[11:27:37 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The rope that Aerin is using is good and strong, Aerin climbs into the tree to make a start to of tying the rope to a likely branch, but can't seem to get the knot to stay tight enough. It keeps slipping and that means when the horses are set to use to pull, they might as well be pulling nothing.*
[11:30:06 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Try the Fish Hand!" Burgon calls, recalling a knot reputed to be so tight and strong it can hold true even when covered in slimy fish residue. "I read it in a book you know!"
[11:30:47 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Hold on Aerin, I might have a spell on a scroll that help.", He searches in the backpack and pulls out a scroll.
[11:30:57 PM] Aerin: *glances up at Burgon from his knot tieing* do I look like a sailor to you?
[11:31:50 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: Actually, he's not sure. I mean, the little one DOES look like a wharf rat..."Um.... no?" He says believing that's the answer Aerin wishes to hear.
[11:31:52 PM] Hurricane Brit: *This time when Aerin ties up, the knot holds. It also looks like it'll undo with a neat little jerk. The horses are hitched to the other end and the driver sets to work on them trying to haul the animals and the tree. Trying to lead them forwards to pull the tree around.8
[11:32:36 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Oh good work man!" Burgon continues his tirade of helpfulness.
[11:34:01 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Pull, you can do it!"
[11:34:04 PM] Aerin: *hops back out of the way as the horses begin to pull*
[11:35:24 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Hold on everyone. Let me animate the ropes to tie together and then the horses can drag the tree to the side."
[11:35:25 PM] Aerin: * follows, but not to closely as the tree is pivoted off the road*
[11:35:50 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Unless the rope knot is holdong?"
[11:38:05 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric watches the tree move slowly but surely.," I guess I'll save this scroll incase we have another tree in the way.", and he puts the scroll back away in his pack.
[11:38:27 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The four powerful horses brace their weight against the traces and tree of the harness they're in, also putting their weight against the tree to aid it in moving. At first it doesn't seem quite that willing an obstacle to move, then with a loud scrape and a few snapping branches, the tree starts to move. The teamster is encouraging them, calling out to them heartily as they work to pull this tree from the road a bit more. It shifts further, then suddenly swings round free. Leaving branches on the road and debris out of the way.*
[11:38:32 PM] Aerin: * stand up as straight as her small frame will stretch, and arms wide, kinda measures the progress of the moving tree with the width of the carriage wheels*
[11:40:15 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He stays out of the way, no reason to get in the way.
[11:40:18 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "A useful resource to hold onto."He adds to Aulric. As the tree shiftse nods in satisfaction, moving forward to begin to slowly shift small branches out of the path of the carriage.
[11:40:27 PM] Aerin: *turns quickly around and looks intently down the now open roadway, bringing the crossbow back up to his shoulder, eye trained down the shaft length*
[11:41:31 PM] Hurricane Brit: *All of this takes about forty minutes, shifting the tree after tying it, then untying the rope, and getting the horses back into position past the carriage. By which time - it's much darker.*
[11:41:55 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Watching the little waif with the crossbow, he leans over to Burgon," Aerin seems to be a little overcautious, don't you think?"
[11:42:44 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Phew! I am quite worn out now!" He says, having done the vast majority of the work by his own hand (so he believes). "Do we make camp or shall we press on driver?"
[11:43:02 PM] Aerin: *eye comes up at what looked like movement to the right, in as loud a voice as it can muster yells out* WARE, you off to the right there, show yourself or the first shaft is all yours!!
[11:44:02 PM] Aerin: I want to see hands!!
[11:44:05 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Apparently not!" he laughs as Aulric says that, moving strategically behind him.... you know, to cover his back an all.
[11:44:20 PM] Hurricane Brit: *Was Aerin really being over cautious? Was she? Was she calling out to phantoms in the forest? Or was she seeing something others didn't.*
[11:44:22 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Hearing Aerin, he turns in the direction that Aerin is talking to
[11:45:12 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric casts another spell on himself
[11:45:36 PM] Aerin: *taking a small step closer to his target, still intense* I will give ya nae other chance!!
[11:45:37 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He looks at where Aerin is looking at then after the spell
[11:48:39 PM] Hurricane Brit: *The bolt comes flying out of the darkness of the forest and hits Burgon.*
[11:48:47 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: He walks up to behind Aerin is at, talking quietly," I'm going to improve your vision a bit, Aerin." He then cast Darkvision on Aerin giving him darkvision next.
[11:49:23 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Of course the bolt comes at Burgon after Aulric's actions ,I hope?
[11:49:49 PM] Aerin: *seeing the bolt come from the woods, lets his own bolt fly at the target*
[11:51:19 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: he says something very uncleric like and probably blasphemous as damn it! He's hurt by something dark and fast. "Blast it all to the hells and back again! Attack!"
[11:52:13 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: "It's a dark elf! He's reloading!", he shouts and then begins casting another spell
[11:53:52 PM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Curse you stunted shock hair!" It's been a long time since Burgon has been hurt and he's certainly not liking it. Not at all...
[11:55:26 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric casts the spell he had started ((Web)) making the center of the web exactly where the dark elf is standing.
[11:58:17 PM] Hurricane Brit: *One second the drow was reloading his crossbow with nonchalance. The next second, when the web hits where Aulric saw him.. it sticks to the tree's and a bush.. but comes up empty. No Drow in it's sticky silks.*
[11:58:24 PM] Aulric DragonHawke: After casting he uses his other spell (swift action spell) and cast blockade in front of him and Aerin to give them cover from the dark elf.
[12:00:31 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: The 5ftx5ft piece of solid wood appears in front of Aerin and Aulric, offering some cover.
[12:04:14 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon scrambles behind the cover offered, reaching into the sleeve of his large crimson over-cloak, pulling forth a dull metal sphere. He holds it out in one hand, where the thing seems to... peel like some sick vegetable, nauseating and unnatural to looks at. As the last flakes fall, a worming beaked monster appears right next to the elf, hissing and clacking!
[12:07:46 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Like a speeding bullet, the next attack comes from the side. A flying leaping figure with a flash of dark steel as it strikes leaps in to attack Aerin.*
[12:08:32 AM] Hurricane Brit: *But considering that Aerin is shorter than a stick... it misses. Lucky for her.*
[12:08:59 AM] Aerin: * spoting the leap from the corner of her eye, ducks under the attack*
[12:09:25 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Having stepped to cover, he reaches into the sleeve of his large crimson over-cloak, pulling forth a dull metal sphere. He holds it out in one hand, where the thing seems to... peel like some sick vegetable, nauseating and unnatural to looks at. As the last flakes fall, a worming beaked monster appears right next to the leaping elf, hissing and clacking!
[12:11:26 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The unseen asailant who just had this Grick appear seems a little put out that it's there, and begins to engage it in combat.*
[12:14:10 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: The gricks rubbery hide seems to be impervious to the attack! In return it snakes four questing tentacles at the attacker, while it's beak snaps at his thigh...
[12:15:48 AM] Hurricane Brit: *It was like watching a deadly dance as the Drow nimbly stepped aside from the attacks, then sways away from another attack. The beak however takes hold of the thigh of the drow, the drow shrieks in pain.*
[12:16:27 AM] Aerin: * there is a small snick sound as the spring loaded blade is now protruding from the end of the crossbow as Aerin raises the blade to cut the leaping elf as it flies over him*
[12:17:20 AM] Aerin: *and before the blade can be raised, the elf is gone*
[12:18:09 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Well this was getting funny now. The drow hot footing it as the beak kept it's hold. Then Aerins blade tries it's luck and the elf shifts to dance out of the way of it. The Grick still has it's firm hold though, so it's not going far.*
[12:19:39 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Surprised by the blur of steel and then the beaked monster atop of that too, He then regains his senses and takes a 5 foot step away from the fighting and casts lesser orb of acid at the drow.
[12:22:05 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: the orb sails at the drow hitting the dark skinned one!
[12:22:43 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Well that orb of acid goes into a lucky shot, it hits not far from the beaked thing, so the pain from that turns into a real cascade of pain for this hapless unlucky drow. Lolth will not be pleased, or will she? Perhaps this is her weeding out the weak?*
[12:23:18 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon, seeing the worm thing begin its feast on the blade wielder turns his sights on the crossbow drow. He draws from the fire of his wound, letting that heat build in his hand before flinging it at the darkelf!
[12:27:22 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The crossbow wielding asshat raises his crossbow once more. This time firing directly at... Aulric!!*
[12:27:33 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon hurls fire at the crossbow drow, but it goes wide and immolates a small sapling! Being darkfire, only those with darkvision can see it, which is everyone bar Burgon!
[12:28:25 AM] Hurricane Brit: *But something goes wrong!! OH LORDY!! The firing mechanism seems to jam resulting in the bolt going no where!*
[12:29:10 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Meanwhile, the other drow, the one that was being chomped on tries to haul the dagger to slash the tentacle beaked thing that's holding it.*
[12:30:15 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon attempts to burn the crossbow wielder in the same way his own injuries burn! The Grick to follows it's stabby meal, tentacles questing and beak clacking sickeningly...
[12:30:43 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: The grick is stabbed!... but oddly seems unaffected by the injury. It's like stabbing rubber...
[12:31:52 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Burgons attack goes awry, but dear lords, this Grick seems to have it in for the Drow in a huge way.... *
[12:33:21 AM] Aerin: :::peaks around from the barrier and lets lose another pair of bolts at the now scampering Drow with a crossbow*
[12:33:40 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Curses!" He says as his attack goes wide. Maybe the dark makes it hard for Burgon, or maybe the drow can see the fireballs coming with its darkvision, it's hard to know...
[12:35:04 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Well those two nasty little bolts hit their target, making the Drow with the crossbow seriously rethink it's situation.*
[12:36:32 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Not liking this fight, he casts fly on himself (standard action) and shoots for the sky 40' above the ground .
[12:37:39 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The drow with the crossbow has two options right now, live to fight another day or try to stay and help his comrade. Well, he's drow... guess what he's going to do?*
[12:39:13 AM] Hurricane Brit: *He turns and flee's, leaving the field of battle.*
[12:39:51 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The drow in the grasp of the Gricks hold, does what can be done to break free.*
[12:40:20 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon tuts as he runs, trying to keep him in sight as long as he can... then BAM!
[12:42:09 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: The elf sticks the grick again, but it's very unsatisfying, just like stabbing a tick jelly. No blood, not give, no organs... The grick seems utterly undeterred...
[12:42:10 AM] Hurricane Brit: *It's dagger slashes down rapidly at the tentacle that has hold, this time it leaves a mark.*
[12:42:28 AM] Aerin: *sighs, watching that last bolt leave his weapon and just skim past his bouncing ear as he flees*
[12:43:06 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Up from the sky an orb of acid sails for the fleeing drow, but it misses and hits the landscape
[12:44:56 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon smiles at the whole lecture on druids, as one tree burns, another melts... But the foe is leaving, and he's not had his vengeance yet! Carefully aiming, Burgon flings fire....
[12:46:23 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Well... It'd have been nice for Burgon to say "Oh lah dee dah, I smote down a Drow, nay, twenty of the mean bastards... but no... He's just a shit shot.*
[12:48:58 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The Grick keeps at it, working it's tentacles into the Drows flesh and out through the other side of it's body. Then working it's way through into another section of the drow's body. Quite when this drow gave up any idea's it had of living forever, who knows? But soon the Grick is worrying at a corpse, sucking up like a straw at the flesh it's found.*
[12:49:04 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: In Burgons mind he has single handedly chased off an entire drow war-band! Oh what a grand tale this will make!
[12:49:53 AM] Aerin: *still hunkering down behind the barrier, reloads another magazine of bolts into the crossbow*
[12:50:09 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: He flies around to make sure it's safe before landing near his companions," Well that was interesting."
[12:50:27 AM] Hurricane Brit: *And there's this silence, apart from the horrible sounds of something eating a sentient creature that's now dead.*
[12:50:54 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Urgh!" He holds up a hand to cover his eyes as the grick enjoys its reward. "Now be gone with you!" Burgon calls from behind a perfumed handkerchief, and in his outstretched hand the sphere reforms. A sense of... natural returns to the scene...
[12:51:21 AM] Hurricane Brit: *Apart from the grotesque remains of the dead drow.*
[12:52:03 AM] Aerin: *standing back to his full short height behind the barrier, clears his throat* well, the way I see it, we were ambushed either way, move the tree, take the route around, but if we had taken the other way, I think they would have started at our back instead of where we could see them
[12:52:17 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Damn it!" He curses as the adrenalin fades and he remembers his injury. Aulric, could you please lend a hand to CAREFULLY remove this?" He indicated the bolt that slipped past his armour joint...
[12:52:24 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: He looks at the remains, shaking his head he begins the gruesome search of the dead drow for anything useful.
[12:53:01 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Not a bad plan really, though the battlefield was at least our making." He agrees with Aerin.
[12:53:31 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Um sure! Hold on a second and I'll be right there, Burgon."
[12:54:06 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: After wiping his hands off on the grass he walks over to Burgon," What do you need me to do?"
[12:54:30 AM] Aerin: I still think we should beware of that fleeing drow, he could turn and meet us somewhere down the road better suited to his advantage
[12:54:34 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon extinguishes the fire from his hand and tries to prepare for the pain, though it's not something he relishes one bit... "Just pull. I don't think I can bring myself to do it..." He indicates the bolt.
[12:54:44 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The drow had on it, some suspicious looking vials of oily substance and a small glass orb that looks to be filled with a white powder.*
[12:55:21 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Oh, I agree completely, where there is one drow there are several lurking near-by..."
[12:55:32 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The driver in the meantime is now back from hiding under the carriage, dusting himself off and begins to rapidly harness up the team, eager to be away.*
[12:56:16 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: While Burg is talking to Aerin distracted, Aulric quickly grabs the bolt and pulls it out.
[12:57:26 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He lets out a high pitched shrill of pain, going pale and sweaty in an instant, but applying enough healing magic to turn the hole into an ugly red welt... Once that ordeal is over he sighs and goes to collect the drows dagger.
[12:58:09 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "Bring the items over to me and I'll cast detect magic on them and see what's what."
[12:58:26 AM] Aerin: yes, they easily come up from the ground and their hidy holes
[01:00:25 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: Burgon only picks up the dagger, but Aulric likely already collected the rest...
[01:01:18 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: He sets the items down in front of him, while waiting for Burgon and the dagger, before casting Detect Magic.
[01:05:34 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric states what he sees to the others, "Not a bad stash to be found from an ambush."
[01:05:57 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Well that's probably poison." He says, now recovered, indicating the oily substance. "Do you think the leathers can be salvaged with magic or skill?" He picks up the dagger, shrugs and tucks it into his belt.
[01:06:58 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "I'm sure we can find out when we get back to Waterdeep.", he collects the items and puts them in his Hewards handy haversack.
[01:07:59 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: He shrugs his pack back on and looks at the two companions, "Ready for a rest now?"
[01:08:31 AM] Aerin: well, yes, but I would like a nice soft bed
[01:09:04 AM] Aerin: traveling with Burgon has taught me a bit *smiles from ear to ear*
[01:09:11 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: He nods at the comment,"Yes a nice soft bed."
[01:10:01 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "We can continue and make it to the next town, we don't know if the drow will come back for revenge."
[01:10:02 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: He lets out a chuckle. "A bed would be good, if our driver thinks he can navigate through the night, otherwise he must make do." Which he's not looking too keen on at all...
[01:10:11 AM] Aerin: *climbs up on the front seat next to the driver, waiting for the others to board the carriage*
[01:11:01 AM] Aerin: well, into the coach!!
[01:11:16 AM] Aulric DragonHawke: "I can cast darkvision for the driver and for you Burgon. That way we should be fine. I wonder if the horses would benefit from the darkvision spell too."
[01:12:30 AM] Hurricane Brit: *The driver clicks his tongue and gee's up the horses who move past the tree carefully, then when clear, he whips them for all their worth. During the wild ride through the four - six miles of forest that's left you see fleeting images of figures in the tree's watching your progress.. but nothing comes to interfere. About a mile out of the woods you come to a small hamlet with perhaps 200 people in it. The inn is welcoming, food is cooking and you're received well.*
[01:12:44 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "I'd not try the horses, but the driver for sure." He looks to the stoically silent but competent man. Climbing up, he squeezes his big armoured butt into the small space, settling as comfortably as he can.
[01:13:25 AM] Burgon Goldwirth: "Ah! dinner is served!" He says, brightening considerably at that thought as the smells and light hit them!
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Re: Search for the Shard - the story line.

Postby Jiriki » Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:39 pm

Burgon, Aulric and Aerin have not been seen around the city for a goodly long time. Long enough perhaps for people to nearly forget they existed at all!!

They have fought Trolls, travelled across land all the way down to the Sunny Climes of Calimport and then along to a small fishing hamlet via a haunted old tower and suffered a few storms along the way. At the fishing port they fought undead from the sea and even swam down under water into the murky shark infested waters to a Sunken City! But they succeeded. They achieved their goal and are now in possession of another part of their crystal necklace that once adorned a gods neck.

Aulric, Burgon and Aerin are all back in the City of Splendours now.
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