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"Just for fun."

Postby Jiriki » Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:16 pm

He caught his breath momentarily. Chest heaving, sweat pouring from him from the battle going on all around him. There were times when he’d been forced to go back to back with the Ogre he called friend, but there were also times when he’d spun and wheeled, using his own skills to counter the work of those they were fighting against. The buildings were confined, the spaces were closed in which suited the half drow just fine and dandy, it was just like Melee Magthere where he’d grown up and he reveled in it. It gave his actions more of a flow as muscle memory took over from normal training. And as usual, his mind went into other directions as if he were merely a passenger in his own body, his thoughts were once again his own.

He’d spent the preparation time shaving the sides of his head to the skin, then the swirling dancing patterns he liked to use were slowly painted onto his skin in that white substance that gave him an extra boost of speed and energy, far beyond his normal endurance. Cigavax was to be the point of the spear on which the enemy would break and the rest of his band of merry men would follow through in the flanks as the Ogre used both magic and his Falchion to precise and deadly manner. Mourn would as always be on his right, weaving and spinning, feet, hands. First things first though, the enemy that didn’t go down in the first volley of magic that Cigavax sent off ahead would be cleaned up by Mourn’s hand held crossbows specifically of use against humans. He felt it apt to remove them, even if it meant one by one. He had spent hours tipping the ends of each of those bolts with deadly poisons, from purple worm poison to deaths-bane, sleep poisons, and one he had designed called, “just for fun”.

This was the poison he was especially looking forward to using and then noting the effects of. Anyone who came after them was to pick up the bodies of those who were targeted with certain coloured fletching’s of his specific bolts, remove their thumbs and tongues and leave them where they could be of use later. The tunnel that was being dug was opened suddenly beneath his feet and Cigavax gave the order to go down, they didn’t run. No, instead they moved with determination and as one, others with ranged weapons formed up and ready to attack their own marks. It had been amusing to see this motley crew of assassins, spell-casters, thieves and to various degrees monsters of all sorts who had made this place their home openly sharing their poisons and a few tips; Skullport was such a wonderful place and he was at risk of feeling at home there he mused to himself as he neatly severed the life cord from another combatant. “Just for fun” was not designed to kill quickly, it was designed to slowly take the life of the person who had been cut with it pumping from the bladder fitted to his blade, it was a neurotoxin of a rather good type as far as Mourn was concerned. First they felt an icey cold grip where the wound was and then within a moment that whole limb was numb. Then the rest of their body would go numb. He wished he could pause and stop to interview those he’d managed to get with it. But no, the sudden panic and fear in their eyes was enough for now he supposed with a huff.

Catching his breath, Mourn noted one of his victims not too far away from him, he was locked in now it appeared. It certainly looked like it hurt. He made his way over to the victim to watch closely, it was almost like pulling the wings off of one of those horrible brightly coloured flying summer insects; fun in its own way. The half drow grinned toothily and pinched the face of the man before him. Noting with satisfaction the gasp of pain.

“Good, so you can still feel.” He nodded with a pleased tone. “I’m going to enjoy playing with you later. But not right now.” He leaned in closer, a lovers whisper almost as he said the next words.

“It’s okay, they’re going to come and get you soon. Then, after your thumbs are gone and your tongue is ripped out, we’ll have a bit of time. And you can tell me how much it hurts.” With a reviled shudder, his victim made a small sound as the half drow licked up his face. “Just for fun.” Then the half drow was gone, out of his victims line of sight.
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