Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Closed)

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Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Closed)

Postby FiendishXairren » Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:35 am

Grisin is looking for another party to descend into Undermoutain and is taking names now.

For fun and manageability sake, the following requirements and limits apply to this adventure:

When: Sun, 3/01/15, 5pm to 8pm Central (and each Sunday afterwards as needed)

Levels: Open to any levels, taking first group spanning no more than 3 levels (for example levels 5-7)

Characters: First group of 4 to 6 characters in number

Bonus Reward Possible: Set up and sign up a group IC'ly by the deadline (invite or send me a log)

Signup Deadline: Sat, 2/28/15 at 5pm Central

Please note that Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 will continue weekly until the party is dead or lost, or they escape. :twisted:

(Chapter 4 will be a new group.)
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby FiendishXairren » Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:41 pm

(Fixed typo... Open to any levels)
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby Failbhe » Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:44 pm

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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby J.C. » Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:55 pm

*ready for more abuse from the under-powers that be, Aerin again places a name on the parchment*

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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby A.J. » Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:08 pm

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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby adragonb » Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:42 pm

Aulric sat at a table away from Grisin, pondering on the subject to go below again. So far twice now he went down and came back alive, but how much longer was this luck going to persist. He frowns as he still debates on going this time or not.
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby FiendishXairren » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:11 am

(Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3, Part 1)

The Yawning Portal
  • FiendishXairren: Grisin sits at his usual table quitely talking to some men-at-arms types. He hands them a few coins from his box and they nod and leave.
  • Trebor Stourm: ambles into the tavern, smirking as the man once more was sending folk to their respective dooms. Ordering a freshly filled mug, takes a seat near the well to see who was going into the hole this trip.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar limps on into the Portal as usual, leaning heavily upon his staff as he does so. Behind him his feminine Gondsman steps along, her maul clutched in one hand tonight rather than slung across her back.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: With the hood of his cloak down, it showed his familiar "Sarafina" the weasel that always liked to stay on his shoulders.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He notices Vyktar and nods in greeting to him," Well met Master Vyktar. Are you going down the well tonight?"
  • Trebor Stourm: drinks from his mug with the other patrons watching, wondering if there would be a show this evening. A small rumble passes among the patrons as they propose and counter who might be going and whether or not any would return.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Evening. Fancying a bit of a trip down the rabbit hole so to speak?"
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He stares at the well, as he still ponders about going into Undermountain this day or not. His chin rests on his hand fisted and on the table, muttering to vyktar," I haven't quite decided if I am going today or not."
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Speaking of, I forgot to give you this," He holds out a bracer toward Aulric. "Just a wand bracer, should have given it to you the other day when you bought your wand from me.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Looking surprised, he accepts the bracer," My thanks! This will help me with m two wands I have right now."
  • Daeldrel: She stepped confidently through the doorway of the Yawning Portal. Her hair was short now, rather than the weighty dreadlocks she previously sported. Cut in an almost military fashion, it was near-shaved on the side and the top leaned a bit to the left. Her gear was whole again, and she'd replaced her cloak with a simple woolen thing.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "It will hold up to 5 wands, flex a bit and a wand pops into your hand." he makes a gesture and a narrow willowy wand springs to his hand.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He fits the bracer on and gazes at the item, appreciating the workmanship done to the bracer.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Reloading is a bit trickier, so either drop the wand or just tuck it back in." he reloads the bracers, takes a few seconds but it is back away in a jiffy.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: "Interesting! Nice to have this on me.", as he loads the two wands and tries it , a wand appears in his right hand.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Tis on the fliers, free wand bracer with the purchase of an eternal wand or wand with more than a basic spell in it."
  • Daeldrel: She moves toward Grisin and puts her name on the lists. Her cheek still sported an angry red splotch. Her eyes were alight though, almost eager.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He smiles," My thanks agin, Vyktar."
  • Daeldrel: After signing in, she turned to Aulric. (e)"Here we are, again," she nods.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He nods to Daeldrel (e)," May the Seladrine gives us protection for this venture too."
  • Daeldrel: She seems to think a moment before saying to him., (e)"I did not thank you before. I am sorry."
  • Aerin: ::: continues to sit curled up on the chair, watching the others arrive for the outing :::
  • Daeldrel: She greets the others in turn. "Master Phranchanschtyn," she bows slightly. "You will be with us today?" She smiles. "My faith in our survival grows stronger."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: TO Daeldrel (e)," I did not do much, I did the best I could though for us being in an antimagic area. You would do the same for me, I'm just glad we are all alive to face another day!"
  • Daeldrel: (e)"It may sound simple," she replies, "But it is enough."
  • Daeldrel: She turns to Aerin. "Greetings, again, brave one."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He just smiles and nods to Daeldrel
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar nods, "It was my intention to delve down once again. See what I can find in the way of Metal Mage's creations."
  • Aerin: ::: glances up shyly from under the hood of the cloak and slight nods at the attention :::
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Evening again Aerin." he nods to the hooded figure. "How's your work going?"
  • Aerin: :: Side glances at Vyk and does a light chair bow::: it goes well, and the help is appreciated
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyk moves to take a seat, settling down.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Having made up his mind, he stands up from the table, walks over to Grisin's table and signs on the sheet for this venture.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: After signing he goes back to his seat to await the call for going down the well.
  • Trebor Stourm: after some laughing and grumbling from the crowd, slips from amongst them and crosses to Grisin's table, signing his name on the sheet. "nothing ventured, nothing gained."
  • FiendishXairren: Grisin grins and nods at Aulric. After flipping through a few pages, he nods and waves a few select individuals over. "Aerin, Aulric, Daeldrel, Vyktar... any others?"
  • Daeldrel: She stands, unslings her bow, and moves toward the well, awaiting the others.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar rises, leaning on his staff. The Gondsman shuffling along behind. No sign of the wasp creature.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He stands getting his crossbow out and loading it. He then using his new wand bracer, he flicks his wrist with a wand appearing. He taps himself with it speaking a off the wall phrase, before slipping the wand back in it's place ((Mage Armor activated))
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar watches Aulric cast Mage armor upon himself. "May I ... uhm .. enhance the duration of that for you?"
  • FiendishXairren: "Aerin, Aulric, Daeldrenl" Nodding to each "Welcome back."
  • Daeldrel: "You are too kind," she replies politely. If she looked any more than a straight laced elf, that comment might have been taken in an entirely different way.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyk reaches out, touching Aulric's arm, the Mage Armor shimmers a bit bluer, seeming to strengthen. (incantrix, extended on the mage armor)
  • FiendishXairren: "Not at all." He simply replys. "And we have here a Trebor and Vyktar as well?"
  • FiendishXairren: "Not at all." He simply replys. "And we have here a Trebor and Vyktar as well?"
  • Aerin: ::: letting out a sigh, slight nods back and unfolds from the chair, standing and moving to the side of the portal :::
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Yes, Vyktar Phranchanschtyn." he nods toward Grisin.
  • Trebor Stourm: joins the group as his name his called.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He smiles at Vyktar, "Thank you."
  • FiendishXairren: Nods, "Lets begin then. Some of you know the Hall of Many Pillars. That is where I want you to start tonight. You seem such a capable group and all. Yes. Lets start you there." With that he pulls a bit a paper with a small diagram upon it from his book of notes.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyk likewise taps a wand to his chest, a blue aura of mage armor encases him. He pauses a moment, then enhances his own armor.
  • FiendishXairren: "To the south and west of that Hall is the Chasm of the Mad Mage. Got to love the names these places have." Laughs. "Go there. It should be simple enough yes?"
  • Aulric DragonHawke: "Is there any thing of importance that you could forewarn us about. I would appreciate any small tidbit of anything that we might encounter, or any wild magic areas, or anti magic areas?"
  • Daeldrel: She looks to Aulric. "Tell them, first, about the Hall."
  • Aerin: :::clearing a throat, stops the procession:::
  • Aerin: just so you all know, there is an Anti Magic Field in the Hall of Pillars
  • FiendishXairren: "Sure, sure. It is Undermountain." As if that is enough. "Yes there is, use it to your advantage if you can."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Looking to the others that have just joined the group, the hall of many pillar has an anti magic area in it, so be prepared.", looking at Trebor and at Vyktar.
  • Trebor Stourm: Wha' exactly does that mean?
  • Daeldrel: She nods, "It means magic doesn't work there."
  • Aerin: it means no magic works there
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Looking at Grisin," Any rumors of the area you want us explore?"
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar nods toward Elea, "Prepare."
  • Trebor Stourm: *shrugs at their responses, accepting it silently*
  • Daeldrel: "It is difficult to understand," she says to Trebor. "I still do not fully myself."
  • FiendishXairren: "Some. There is a rope bridge across that chasm. You'll have to check it to be sure it is save though. " Pointing at his map. "The chasm seems to only have one exit, there on the other side of the bridge."
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Anti-magic, suppresses all magic. It does not cancel it or dispel it, until you get out of the area. Usually at least, this is undermountain after all. Gods only know what its effects on such might be."
  • FiendishXairren: "That is what I am interested in today, search that chasm, see if that is indeed the only way out of it beyond the Well."
  • Daeldrel: "What does the bridge cross? Do we know what lies beneath, within the chasm?"
  • Daeldrel: "I see."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Grisin," Anything else that we can use to help explore for you?"
  • Trebor Stourm: *nods to Daeldrel and Vyktar at the additional explanation*
  • Daeldrel: She looks to both Aulric and Vyktar, "Remember, no teleportation."
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar twists the top of his staff, flames rise above the top to spread light all around. "That is a given, teleporting or dimensional doors and the like would be .. unpleasant."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Remembering something," Before we go down the well, let me cast two more spells upon my self. I would like to live long enough to see the morrow.", He steps back and then casts Heart of Air and then Heart of Water on himself.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: ((for added measure of encouragement that Aulric might survive tonight))
  • FiendishXairren: "If you clear that area, take a look all you can find nearby." He looks quizzical, "Unless you mean to stay down there longer?"
  • Daeldrel: "I will do what is asked of me," she says to the party, not to Grisin.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar repeats what he did earlier to extend Aulric's last two spells, doubling their duration.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: After the casting of the two Heart spells, he moves back over to the table. He nods to Vyktar in thanks again for the extension of them also. " I don't know if we will be down there for a long period of time or short, but any info you have in the area that we need to explore is helpful to our survival in exploring for you."
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Last time I was down, was over two years ago. So, nothing is likely to be even remotely the same."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: "It would be wise to help your employees survive to further your interests in your business."
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyk and Elae move to stand at the ready for the descent.
  • FiendishXairren: "As always, please note the defensible areas or such places as can be made defensible." he says offering another of his small scrolls.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric accepts the scroll, ink and papers for the note taking and mapping of the areas. He then moves over by the well and awaits for the hands to grab his belt for the descent.
  • Daeldrel: Da'el'dr'el's hand is the first.
  • Aerin: ::: moves in and reaching out, takes hold of the belt :::
  • Trebor Stourm: having seen this previously, extends a hand and latches onto Aulric (the elevator).
  • Daeldrel: "Viel," she whispers, and the end of her bow lights. "Be wary if the light winks out, as magic is likely being supressed then."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He waits on Vyktar and Elea.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: ((or did I miss the part written that they grabbed onto the Aulrevator. *chuckles*)
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar frowns, but grabs the belt as does Elea.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Checking that everyone is holding on. He unrolls the scroll and begans the incantation

  • FiendishXairren: Stepping over the low wall into the well the slow decent into the darkness begins to the call of "30 gold on the elf coming forth with no clothes again!" Other jibs and bets are soon raising to a full clamor above.
  • Trebor Stourm: *ignores the jibs, a surge of excitement beginning to course through him at the prospects ahead*
  • FiendishXairren: Below, as you settle on the floor in the darkness, the dim noise and light from above looks very far away. This world is cold and dark.
  • FiendishXairren: The four ways from the room all stand empty at this time.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Elea lifts her lantern, sliding back the shield, a cone of light spreading warmly out to help fight the darkness.
  • Trebor Stourm: releases his grip a his feet touch the floor, his motions sure and steady as he brings a crossbow up and knocks a bolt into place. Looking around as he takes a few steps away from the cluster of folk.
  • Daeldrel: "I had clothes..." she grumbles.
  • Aerin: ::: crossbow in right hand, the left supporting the front and the lantern hanging below, hood open to light the way, starts to move off in the known direction of the Hall :::
  • Trebor Stourm: "sorry I missed your return" *smirks*
  • Daeldrel: She notches an arrow and whispers a prayer to Solonor, (e)"Great Archer, let me be swift," she says simply.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: (e)," Relax Daeldrel, the human men will always are boorish and rude to the other genders of any race.", speaking softly
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He rolls up the scroll and tucks it away on himself somewhere safe.
  • Daeldrel: (e)"I thought they were betting on you," she winks.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He pulls his crossbow level and chuckles at Dae's comment
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar steps along, his silent companion moves as well. "Elves." he chuckles and moves along. "Any wonder I prefer constructs?"
  • Daeldrel: To Trebor she says, "You wouldn't be, if you knew." And she moves forward in the direction of the Hall.
  • Daeldrel: "Because they don't talk back?" she asks in passing, with a smirk.
  • Trebor Stourm: *takes a position to the rear of the group, armed and armored. Grins in response to Dae*
  • FiendishXairren: Ahead the dark hall turns westward. Shortly the Hall of Pillars grows near. As you approach the stairs descending into the Hall you can still smell the strong tang of acid yet.
  • Daeldrel: She takes a deep breath but this time she seems a bit more... aggressive. She moves toward the Hall. If she reaches it without incident, she will wait for the others to catch up and point out the area she believes is the antimagic field to them.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He follows the group staying with them, looking around to notice any changes for his mapping of the area they trod.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar limps along, leaning on his staff as usual. The light from his continual flame still flickering away.
  • Trebor Stourm: continues to scan the area as he follows the others, trusting in their experience with their previous trips
  • Aulric DragonHawke: As they stop with Dae showing the others where the anti-magic area was. he gets his papers out and is ready for any mapping or note taking now.
  • Daeldrel: She moves along against the wall, making sure their lighting overlaps each other and not getting too far ahead, heading for the other side.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Elea's footstep click on the ground, heavy despite herself.
  • FiendishXairren: Again the large Hall of Pillars is before you, stretching into the darkness. Per Grisim, your to go left or forward to the Chasm of the Mad Mage. Magic winks out as you step onto the floor of the Hall.
  • Aerin: :::moves along with Dael, the light bobbing up and sown as the crossbow is pointed down field aiming at anything seen:::
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "I would love to spend a few days down here examining this room alone. Persistant Anti-magic, marvelous. Fascinating really."
  • Trebor Stourm: It is?
  • Aerin: annoying if you ask me
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Completely." he nods, "The weeks it must have taken to construct this, the costs of materials. Mind blowing."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He just shakes his head and says nothing
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Making the notes of where the lights wink out
  • Aerin: :::moves through the room to the left, trying to skirt the field, hugging the wall:::
  • FiendishXairren: Steps rise up from the Hall floor into a dark passage. Strange echos come back from any noise made.
  • Trebor Stourm: It covers the entire width of the hall?
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Would be a great place to lure creatures that depend upon magic to ambush them."
  • FiendishXairren: Not until you gain the steps will your magic function again.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: "True." the only comment given to Vyktar's comment
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He makes a note of the area of the anti magic area
  • Aerin: (whispered) well yes, providing you had something to combat them with
  • Daeldrel: "The question is why," she offers. "I think, looking at the pillars, to suppress the magical qualities of... something, and to study it then."
  • Daeldrel: "But what?"
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Constructs, armed men who know the conditions in which they would be fighting."
  • Aerin: :::continues as quietly as possible up the steps and down the tunnel towards what should be the pit:::
  • Daeldrel: She nods at Vyktar's assessment. "Now, yes, a useful killzone." She tilts her head for a second in thought and shakes it off.
  • Daeldrel: She moves on after Aerin.
  • Daeldrel: The light returns upon the tip of her bow as she mounts the stair.
  • FiendishXairren: From the top of the south stairs the passage way ends abruptly (you have a 20x20 area above the stairs), nothing is revealed in your light, just open darkness.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He follows while adding notes and mapping. Know that the crossbow is hindering his quality he stops and straps it back on him.then goes back to his work
  • Aerin: ::: stops at the edge of the darkness, looking and aiming from side to side::: (whispering) it would be nice to be able to see in this darkness about now
  • Daeldrel: She examines the darkness before them at the top of the south stair. (( Her magical light does not penetrate it? ))
  • FiendishXairren: Aerin reaches the edge of what must be the Chasm of the Mad Mage. The passage seems to have just be cut off here. A vast opening in all directions is before you. The broken rock walls would make it easy to climb down if done carefully.
  • FiendishXairren: No bridge is in sight here, rope or otherwise.
  • Trebor Stourm: continues bringing up the back of the group, pausing as they stop at the darkness "Another magic free area?"
  • Daeldrel: She examines the points where the area seems to be simply cut off.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "other direction then?"
  • Aerin: ::: standing right on the edge, leans over a bit to let the light from the lantern shine down intot he void :::
  • Daeldrel: "No," she says to Trebor, "The light simply does not extend far enough to see what lies beyond."
  • Daeldrel: She turns to Vyktar. "We are tasked with exploring this chasm, are we not?"
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "He said, left or forward at the Pillars, yes?"
  • Daeldrel: She places the arrow back in its quiver and shoulders her bow. "I will go first," she offers.
  • Aerin: ::: Holding up a hand, whispers ::: Wait
  • Daeldrel: "He said to search the chasm to discover alternate routes," she replies.
  • Daeldrel: She looks to Aerin. "What is it?" she whispers back.
  • Aerin: (w) from what I see, the bottom is not that far down, maybe 20ft, but it slants off to the right
  • Aerin: there seems to be some sort of what looks like fog down the "ramp" a ways
  • Aerin: but to the left, is just wall
  • Aerin: so the chasm moves down and to the right
  • Daeldrel: "Then I will go down, and see," she says, turning back to the others. "Unless you object?"
  • Aulric DragonHawke: "Aerin, "saying softly,as he comes up to the waife." I can cast something for you that will help for a little while." He then casts ebon eyes for the little one.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Looking to Daeldrel," Will you need Ebon eyes also?"
  • Daeldrel: She looks at the tip of her bow. "No. If the light fails me, I can rely on my ears to find my targets just as well as my eyes."
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar waits, observing and locating things in a mundane manner is not his forte.
  • Aerin: :::setting the lantern down, removes the rope and grappling hook from the backpack, tying the lantern off on the belt, sets the hook and drops the rope over the side::: if anyone has fly, would you come last and bring the rope with you?
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He nods to Dae's comment," I can cast fly also."
  • Aerin: ::: turning and placing a foot on the edge, pulls on the rope, testing it, then repells down the 20ft or so of wall:::
  • Daeldrel: She nods then begins her descent. "May the blessings of the Great Archer be upon us all." (( casts bless ))
  • Aulric DragonHawke: "Aerin would you like that also with the ebon eyes?"
  • Daeldrel: "Do not waste your magic on me," she smiles, "save it for yourself."
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Aulric watches them a second,"Okay then." shrugs and waits so he can go last.
  • Aerin: (Aerin is over the side and standing on the slanting floor )
  • Aulric DragonHawke: ((Did Aerin accept the ebon eyes spell by any chance?))
  • Daeldrel: She follows Aerin down the rope since it's a bit more convenient, although she noted the climb didn't look that difficult to begin with, what with the jagged stone protruding everywhere.
  • Aerin: :::landing, lets lose of the rope and brings the crossbow back up in a defensive position, moving slightly away from the wall and the others, to stand waiting:::
  • FiendishXairren: The chasm echos with the noises you make. Your lights flash off distant wet rocks or other such things. Reaching the cold floor is easy enough.
  • Trebor Stourm: disarms his bow, stowing bolt and bow in preparation for the climb.
  • FiendishXairren: The chasm is dark and foreboding. (Listen checks)
  • Aerin: :::pulls the lantern back up off the belt to hang below the crossbow, now back under the chin to keep the aim and looking :::
  • Daeldrel: When she hits the ground the bow comes up immediately, an arrow readied in it. She holds both with one hand easily, as the bow is yet undrawn.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He watches the others and makes notes of the descent and the walls
  • Aerin: Listen
  • Trebor Stourm: listen
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Since he is slowly losing the light source of others he casts ebon eyes upon himself.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: listen
  • Trebor Stourm: waits for the others to descend. When all are clear, pulls the grapnel and makes a freehand descent on the rough stone ...
  • FiendishXairren: The sounds of the chasm hide the soft flutterings of some creature or another from most.
  • FiendishXairren: Those with the enhanced sight see a small dark squidlike creature fly away from you and your light toward the high ceiling
  • Aerin: ::: at the slight sight of the flying creatures movement, the crossbow instantly comes up and a bolt is sent down range:::
  • FiendishXairren: Aerin's bolt cleanly pierces the creature and clamors off the ceiling to land somewhere with a metallic rattle. Meanwhile the creature plummets to the rock floor with a wet slap.
  • FiendishXairren: It does not move.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar makes his way down, carefully. His staff being used to support as he heads downward. Elea climbs down after him.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Putting his notes, map and ink with pen away, he holds his crossbow now and steps over the edge of the cliff and lets his ring of feather falling take effect for him.
  • Aerin: ::: the crossbow and lantern continue to scan the visible area :::
  • Daeldrel: "Do not be so quick to fire," she whispers, "It may attract... other things. You do not kill the rabbits when you hunt the Lion."
  • Aerin: :::starting to move down the ramp:::
  • Aerin: digitaldreaming.org/score...
  • FiendishXairren: (top of the map is the chasm's downward direction)
  • Trebor Stourm: shakes his head at aulric's slow descent wondering why he'd gone the hard way when Aulric could have taken the rope down easily.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: (thats what I am using)
  • Aulric DragonHawke: As he softly lands, he moves over to stand by Vyktar.
  • Aerin: :::takes a second to look back at the others, now that they are all down (whispers):::shall we?
  • Aerin: :::starts down the ramp toward the "fog" :::
  • Trebor Stourm: upon reaching the lower level, coils up the rope and grapnel. Returning the rope, readies his crossbow once more, nods to Aerin.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "There, the rope bridge, but looks like it is caught up in some of the fog. Oh for a Gust of Wind spell." he says, pointing as he makes his way downward further still.
  • FiendishXairren: As you move forward toward the bridge that fog flickers and swirls in your light as if yes some wind blows though this still cavern (inits)
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "One would wonder what brought down all that above, as well as what moves this fog currently."
  • Daeldrel: She nods. "Indeed. Some calamity, no doubt."
  • FiendishXairren: The fog catches the light as you might expect one to see on a snowy night as it actually blows closer to all of you. (>>2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel19, 1.Aerin16, 5.Vyktar16, 6.Elea16, 4.Trebor)
  • Aulric DragonHawke: "Uhm I think this isn't going to be good.", he holds off for now.
  • Daeldrel: (e)"Solonor, Great Archer, grant me your wisdom, that I might aid these, my allies who walk with me Under the Mountain, that I may continue my search, as you so commanded me." She grabs the green arrow pendant on her chest in salute to her patron, and is infused immediately with the wisdom of her god...
  • Daeldrel: She steps back then, realizing it is wise, most likely to keep from any vaporous things down here... because, well, fog doesn't happen underground, usually..
  • Aerin: ::: eyes scanning down the length of the crossbow and watching for foe within the light of the lantern:::
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Elea, guard and protect Daeidrel." he says, as he rapidly begins to chant, fingers weaving precise and practiced rote gestures. Multiple versions of himself spring to life around him as Elea moves over beside Daeidrel.
  • Trebor Stourm: lowers into a crouch, pulling on gloves and drawing fabric across his nose and mouth, reducing the amount of exposed flesh, begins looking for space to go around the fog or beneath it perhaps. (done)
  • FiendishXairren: The fog truly moves now, coming up the slight incline, bringing with it a cold chill as it get closer... (>>>2.Aulric(hold), 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin(hold), 5.Vyktar, 6.Elea, 4.Trebor)
  • Aulric DragonHawke: "Oh boy, he moves back his 30 feet and then holds off to see what they are up to.
  • FiendishXairren: The fog area measures a few feet higher than a man and spans a mans height in width as well. The rocks around it quickly frost
  • Daeldrel: "Perhaps I will protect *you,*" Da'el'dr'el comments with a smirk. Again she invokes the name of her god, (e)"Great Archer, your wisdom shows me the path, now grant me your power that I may serve your will." Her voice is low and reverent. "Unworthy though I may be," she adds.
  • Aerin: ::: welp, seeing the "fog" move, thinking about the last cube of jelly, lets loose with a volly of Bolts at the "fog" beast :::
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyk touches Aerin the world seeming to slow for him as he is hasted, waiting to get a clear target while Elea stands ready .
  • FiendishXairren: The iron bolts pierce the fog without visible effect and can be heard hitting the rocks, bouncing nosily until they come to a rest far down the chasm. (2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin, >>5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea, 4.Trebor)
  • FiendishXairren: (2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin, 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea, >>4.Trebor)
  • Trebor Stourm: moves across the open space for a different view, trying to determine what Aerin was actually shooting at ... though the sound of it appeared to be nothing at all. "Anyone have a little fire handy?" decides this might be a good time for his cold weather gear, donning it. (done)
  • FiendishXairren: The fog moves steadily closer to Aerin... leaning out to reach him... but he is still too far away... (>>2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin, 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea, 4.Trebor)
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Not seeing anything mundane hurting the frosty cloud, he decides on a certain spell, he moves forward (his normal movement action), stops and starts casting as he flows through the motions easily and mutters the incantations with his hand pointing at the cloud an lesser orb of fire comes alive and speeds to the cloud.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: " my first job was as an alchemist. Guess what my favorite item is.
  • FiendishXairren: The orb just misses the fog somehow. (2.Aulric, >>3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin, 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea, 4.Trebor)
  • Daeldrel: (e)"One last thing," she prays, "Now, give me the strength I sorely lack, that I may show you that I *am* worthy of it!" ((done))
  • Aerin: ::: as the fog gets closer, the best move would be to move, and doing so watching the others do slowly :::
  • Aerin: :::and turns and lets loose with another volley of bolts:::
  • FiendishXairren: Again the bolts pierce the fog without any noticeable effect and nosily hit the rocks beyond (2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin, >>5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea, 4.Trebor)
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyk flings a glass globe at the same target.
  • FiendishXairren: The globe lands within the fog, but burns dimly (2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin, 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea, >>4.Trebor)
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: And Elea guards
  • Trebor Stourm: donning cold weather gear was anything but quick, given the fog's rate of approach, finishes getting dressed for the occasion (done)
  • FiendishXairren: The fog continues its unnatural movement and finally reaches Aerin, billowing out an angry arm of vapor that strikes Aerin...
  • FiendishXairren: The fog hits Aerin hard but he keeps his feet. However he is now covered in frost where the thing hit him. (>> 2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin(-20hps), 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea(guarding), 4.Trebor)
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Frustrated, he insteads casts a different spell (Magic Missile) and ends the spell casting with his finger pointing at the frosty fog , away from Aerin. Four magic missiles fly out of finger and heads to the fog in perfect accuracy.
  • FiendishXairren: The magical missiles simply fade into the fog (2.Aulric, >> 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin(-20hps), 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea(guarding), 4.Trebor)
  • Daeldrel: "The very fog is alive!" she breathes, "Aerin get back!" She steps forward and places her palm facing outward, and with one motion sweeps across the area ahead of them, and a wall of wind arises between Aerin and the fog, separating them easily... She twists and flexes her hand then, encircling the fog in a cylinder of wind! "Strike it from above!" She makes a twirling motion with her fingers, building the height of the wall now surrounding the fog (can stretch 80' in circumference) until it seems like the fog cannot escape from it, as high as forty feet.
  • FiendishXairren: The roaring winds just as suddenly fade away into nothing. (2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, >>1.Aerin(-20hps), 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea(guarding), 4.Trebor)
  • Daeldrel: She blinks. It was happening... again...
  • Aerin: :::swiftly moving out of the way, turns and fires again at the fog:::
  • FiendishXairren: As Aerin turns away the fog again hits him, covering him in more frost. Still Aerin manages to hit the thing after he moves away with his bolts. (2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin(-58hps), >>5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea(guarding), 4.Trebor)
  • Aerin: :::shaking uncontrollably from the cold, stumbles and falls after letting loose the bolts, lays still trembling:::
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: second rnd of alchemist fire damage
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar yells to Elea, "Attack the damn thing, protect Aerin!" Vyktar gestures, starting a summoning of an elemental.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: maul to the vortex
  • FiendishXairren: Somehow the maul seems to connect with the fog. (2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin(-58hps), 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea, >>4.Trebor)
  • Trebor Stourm: stows his bolt and crossbow, they seemed useless against this fog, advances to the fog, drawing a Morningstar as he moved. The exposed spiked ball of the weapon glowed in a sickly putrid green as he swung at the cold vaporous creature
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Appears to be a living spell, a cone of cold precisely."
  • FiendishXairren: Trebor also lands a blow on the fog with his morning star. (Elea & Trebor get 1 AoO each)
  • FiendishXairren: The fog simply begins to roll over the two...
  • FiendishXairren: Trebor manages to move away while Elea did not
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Shaking his head in disbelief," What is it that we need to do to defeat this thing?", he mainly mutters out loud. He moves first to get a better shot at the thing and then casts another lesser orb of fire and sends it to the frosty fog monster
  • FiendishXairren: The orb burns into the fog. (2.Aulric, >>3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin(-58hps), 5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea(guarding), 4.Trebor)
  • Daeldrel: "I will call upon the eye of Solonor to burn up this aberration of magic with a single gaze!" She shoulders her bow (move) and makes a diamond shape front of her forehead with her hands, which begins to glow in the empty space as she chants to the Great Archer, growing into a white-hot light that jumps forward and into the fog!
  • Daeldrel: Again the spell winks out without effect.
  • Daeldrel: She was beginning to wonder if any of her god's magic would work in the Undermountain.
  • Aerin: :::still shuddering from the cold, gets up to knees and lets off with another volley of bolts at this thrice damned cold thing :::
  • FiendishXairren: The bolts again pass through to disturb the rocks. (2.Aulric, 3.Daeldrel, 1.Aerin(-58hps), >>5.VyktarX6 & 6.Elea(guarding), 4.Trebor)
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyktar speaks, launching an orb toward the vortex.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Elementals appear this round, small fire elementals.
  • FiendishXairren: Vyktar's orb of force rips into the fog followed by the sudden assault of FIVE fire elementals, it is too much for the freezing fog which flies apart filling the chasm with a cold wind for a moment.
  • Daeldrel: Down comes the bow and she moves immediately toward Aerin.
  • Aerin: :::still on knees, leans back on heels and takes a cold shuddering breath:::
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Elea moves slowly toward Vyktar, making a squeeking grinding noise. Vyk flips out a wand, touching it to Elea's chest.
  • Trebor Stourm: covers the spiked ball of his weapon, returning it to its frog and once more drawing the crossbow, loading a bolt.
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Breathing out a sigh of relief, he takes out the papers and pen with ink and begins making quick hasty notes and doing some mapping of the area. after the writing is done he grabs his crossbow and with it loaded walks up to the others.
  • Trebor Stourm: brushing the frost edging from his cold weather gear, looks to the others and moves towards Aerin as well.
  • Daeldrel: "Here, drink this," she says, producing a small vial. (( CModW 2d8+3 ))
  • Daeldrel: She gives it to Aerin.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Never seen one of those. That was exhilarating!"
  • Aerin: :::side glances up, reaching up to take the vial, drinks:::
  • Daeldrel: "Yet you knew what it was," she comments, turning to Vyktar. "I thought it may be dispelled? But I wasn't sure. What say you?"
  • Aerin: thanks
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Remind me to get you a lesser vigor devie Aerin." he smiles a bit, tapping his wand to Elea's chest again.
  • Trebor Stourm: pulling a vial, also offers it to Aerin. (clw 1d8+1) If you want some more ...
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He keeps an eye out for any other monsters coming to see if there's a snack this way after their battle with Frosty.
  • Aerin: :::slight nods as some of the chill is gone, but still weak from the damage :::
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "Never seen one before, I have heard of them only. A living spell, basically it is magic itself, taken on sentience."
  • Daeldrel: "Incredible. Such a thing must be the product of a very powerful arcanist."
  • Aerin: ::: graciously accepts the next vial::: thank both of you
  • Aulric DragonHawke: Taking a quick glance towards Vyktar," A nasty thing it was, a living spell.", the sound of disgust in his voice
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: Vyk leans down, laying a hand on Aerin's chest this time. A blue glow from a bracelet to heal Aerin 1hp for 11rnds
  • Daeldrel: "Can such a thing be dispelled?"
  • Daeldrel: She continues to tend Aerin, producing a small arrowhead and whispering a word. *Lesser vigor*
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "I ... would need to do research to find out."
  • Daeldrel: She touches the arrowhead to Aerins wound. (( Heal 11hp over time ))
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: (one after the other ^_^)
  • Daeldrel: "Should we attempt to reestablish the bridge?" she asks, looking up to the area where the fog originated.
  • Trebor Stourm: "I can see I should stock more of these." collects back the empty vials. "Do you want some warmer gear for a bit?"
  • FiendishXairren: The chasm actually seems warmer now and also, just under the bridge, well to either side of it, are three fallen and frozen men.
  • Daeldrel: She moves toward the men, seeing if they were still somehow alive.
  • Vyktar Phranchanschtyn: "We should bring their remains back when we go. How much further should we go?"
  • Aulric DragonHawke: He follows the others and continues his note taking and mapping
  • Aerin: ::: the warmth of the healing finally subsides the trembling and Aerin gets back on feet, a bit shaky, but still standing:::
  • Trebor Stourm: begins shedding the winter gear, it was becoming too warm for it
  • FiendishXairren: The three men all have dark robes on over armor, weapons lay about them too.
  • Daeldrel: "I am ready to continue as the rest of you see fit," she says. (( what time is it technically? she prays at dawn ))
  • FiendishXairren: They are quite dead and frozen
  • Daeldrel: She searches through the men, looking over the dark robes and attempting to find any identifying items, holy symbols, etc.
  • Aerin: I see no reason to bring them back, but it would be nice to see if there is anything salvageable on them we may use while down here
  • Trebor Stourm: finished stowing the gear, finally joins the others at the corpses. Inspecting the nearby weapons as Aerin had suggested.
  • FiendishXairren: The oldest wears, or wore actually, a symbol of a black skull, Valsharoom.
  • Daeldrel: "This one bears the symbol of the Lord of the Forsaken," she comments, her nose wrinkling in distaste. "Be wary of the taint of evil on their wares."
  • FiendishXairren: PAUSE BUTTON HIT (okay, make notes of your used/still going spells and such please for next week and we will pick up from here)

(Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3, Part 1)
    OOC'ly Recovered Items of Note (aka not yet identified/appraised):
      Holy Symbol of Valsharoon
      Dark Skull Quarterstaff +1
      Full Plate Armor +1
      Long sword x2
      Cleric Vestments x3
      Chain Shirt x2
      Dagger x3
    and full XP awarded for this scene
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby FiendishXairren » Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:51 pm

Sorry folks, but I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. How about Wed 5pm central to make it up?
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby A.J. » Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:09 pm

Sorry I can't do Weds until probably 7PST/9CST. Let me know if that works.
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby FiendishXairren » Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:30 am

(We will continue tonight at the normally scheduled time.)
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Open)

Postby FiendishXairren » Mon Mar 16, 2015 5:45 am

The group is battle worn but out of Undermountain. Enjoy your boring times in life. :twisted:

    OOC'ly Recovered Items of Note:
      Holy Symbol of Valsharoon
      Dark Skull Quarterstaff +1
      Full Plate Armor +1
      Long sword x2
      Cleric Vestments x3
      Chain Shirt x2
      Dagger x3
      Finger of Doom (currently held by Trebor)

Please let me know what your doing with these items.
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Closed)

Postby adragonb » Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:20 am

Gold will be good for Aulric, he has no interest in any of the items.
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Closed)

Postby Failbhe » Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:34 am

Cash out for Vyktar as well, and destroy the holy symbol.
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Closed)

Postby J.C. » Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:36 am

Aerin will take any or all of the daggers.

On a side note, it is not known exactly who has the "finger of doom", though Trebor was the last one seen with it.
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Re: Undermountain - Time to begin again - Chapter 3 (Closed)

Postby Ryedre » Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:58 pm

Trebor would go with cash, excluding the finger which is needed for the next party session.
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