Letter To Tiberius Gundwynd

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Letter To Tiberius Gundwynd

Postby Jiriki » Tue Mar 03, 2015 4:43 am

Report to Lord Gundwynd regarding the matter of Rigel Sultlue.

We remained in Skullport for the duration of approximately one full lunar cycle, during this time the information gathered gave us the name of the organization that Rigel was fronting, “The Brotherhood” and some ideas of their structure which upon reflection appears to support the theory that this is some type of a military campaign.

With some considerable success, contact was established primarily with Seraphina and Ziandra doing all the talking with traders in the city of Skullport, they were backed up in part by the Wizard Howard and their familiars, in assistance with Rauvin who is quite simply the best tracker I know and a rather shady fellow named Faldrath. At no point was it made clear to me that they were being watched, that we had been observed. Due to my rather exotic appearance, I felt it prudent to not show myself too openly within the city so’s not to alert our quarry as to our plans and therefore reduce the risk of spying or their being followed. It is my knowledge that we were not spied upon. This I will swear upon my own blood and the blood of my family. If we were and someone found out about it, they certainly did not share it with me.

A suitable point to sabotage Rigels schemes was found, luckly only minor injuries were reported and it was mostly structural damage that was easily repaired. Other sites were found to be useful points for various other acts ofsabotage and while my companions did that, I went and met with Cigavax to find out more about the lair of the beast itself, I also managed to arrange for the other “guilds” of Skullport to rise up in assistance of their own to remove Rigel and his Brotherhood.

With that knowledge which I shared with my companions to help make final plans, we agreed to work in concert with other teams that would go in, in other places. We were held up by a strange golem construct of some sort and some undead, but eventually managed to break through and finish off the golem, then two flying wizards appeared, these two were vanquished in a timely fashion. Then we were in the compound and making our way down into the tunnels.

After some short investigating, secret doors were discovered which we used. And there we were confronted by Rigel and some of his friends. There followed a short record of the conversation, until we were silenced for a period of time.

For the beginning of it, Rigel seemed to just wish to goad us, to try to dissuade us of our course on the grounds that he was superior and thought that we’d all die. He congratulated us on a well fought campaign and then he proceeded to tell us how there was only one way out of this alive and that was to capitulate and let him go. Rauvin and myself were not impressed by this idea, neither was Caelathlanna. But the general consensus appeared to be to let him go on and massage his ego. He proceeded to offer compensation for our troubles.

Then he snapped his fingers and we found ourselves in silence, I could not hear the conversation that followed, if the others could hear it I don’t know, but the zone of silence that was cast meant I could not hear a word that followed. Not at all. But he did spend a goodly long time talking and talking.

Then snapped his fingers again and suddenly I could hear once more.

At which point, Ziandra began to ask him questions. One after the other, questions that Rigel answered one after the other. He along the way of answering these questions revealed that he felt you were consorting with unsavory types such as some fellow named Whesker and Cigavax, but he could not provide any proof, saying that we needed to find that ourselves.. For some reason Howard made comments about his making a pact and bleeding blood and not snow or ice water, at which point he could go. Then Ziandra managed to get some kind of a promise from him. That he would cease his acts of violence, a dagger was drawn and blood was shared then it for some reason I cannot fathom went into a book that Ziandra has. The wording that Rigel spoke was this.
"I swear by Bane that my word is good. Ten years of peace and when I return for Tiberius's head there will be no collateral damage except those that try to thwart my efforts."

I had to leave in disgust at their deal brokering, but not without hearing Caelathlanna speaking in disgust at this deal and Rauvin essentially washed his hands of this whole sorry debacle by telling Ziandra that she would have to be the one that told you. I am not impressed, nor am I happy with this outcome. This was not agreed to by either myself or any other in the party that I am aware of.

I have taken half of what was offered to me which was the princely sum of 18.000 gold pieces, and donated the sum of 4.500 gold each to the temples of Helm and Ilmater in recompense for not having completed this task to which I was assigned. I will not accept any payment from House Gundwynd as was offered in the form of various magical items as I feel that I have not earned them and therefore do not have any right to them.

You friend as ever.

Jax Hawkwinter.
"Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and taste good with gold."
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