Best Laid Plans, Part 1: The Long Road IC Thread

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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 1: The Long Road IC Thread

Postby A.J. » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:26 pm

Session 16

• Xerx'd look at the things - scowling a little. Then at the body of the thing they had come to hunt in the first place. "Lots'a weird things out here.. ain't there?"

• Ry gives a slight nod, still looking a bit angry at herself from the last encounter.

• Throm says, "Well we can ask back in tha city what those critters were Isuppose?"

• The way is unimpeded, you are sore from your trials but little worse for wear thanks to Makin's efforts at healing and the party's overall superior skill in dealing with wildlife.

• The great elven city-tree comes into view around midday. It's still 2-3 hours away, but it looms over the landscape and the air traffic to and from it is clearly visible, even at this distance.

• Throm regards the vast tree city ahead of them and shakes his head "Hard ta imagine that ever sat here isn't it?"

• Rycael stares at the tigers body a moment as they walk, then shrugs. "Time is great flowing river. Strong. Ever changing. Endless..."

• "Yeh…” Xerx replies, “…ends up makin me imagine what knocks it down though. An' not wantin ta be here fer it." She'd shiver a little at that notion. "We gonna get inside okay with these?"

• "I rather not bring this body into city..." Ry mutters, though she hasn't outright tried to stop the others from doing just that.

• "If tha was going ta be a hassle tha shop keeper should have told us tha up front." Throm replies.

• The city looms closer as you discuss your course of action. The gnome's instructions seemed fairly straightforward. He'd offered you the discs for the claws, and the sash for the whole carcass.

• Throm looks to the Gnome "Your call Lass."

• Xerx takes a few to think on that, eventually shaking her head slowly. "It ain't gonna go to waste at least. 'N we need someone to get us a jump on things in there ta find the kid. Get our asses home."

• The elf lets out a quiet sigh, but does not press the matter.

• "Alright Lass what's tha matter?" the question tossed from the dwarf at the elf.

• "As I said already, I not want gnome making unnatural... things... from tiger's body. But Xerx is right also. Aside from that, I still annoyed that I fell for trap of Leucrottas..." Rycael’s hand runs along the wood of her bow absently.

• Soon enough, the road becomes more filled with local traffic. Elves eye your prize warily, for the most part. Few of them seem unnerved, but many of them seem curious. None of them say anything to you, however. A few of them eye Rycael down their noses.

• The entrance to the city looms soon enough, and the way in is clear. You are unmolested as you venture into the city, though the guards at the gate eye you suspiciously. People clear from your path, and soon enough you are driving the wagon through the narrow streets near the gnome's shop. The wagon, however, is too wide to fit down there, so someone must go in to advise the gnome of your return, and some of you might perhaps remain behind with the catch.

• Ry did not let her troubles show when they entered the city, politely greeting her kin as they pass.

• Makin opts to go below to inform the gnome. "Anyone else coming?" he asks.

• It's always a Gnome coming up with the crazy solutions.. Xerx pauses by their cart, then chants the words of one of those exceedingly simple spells she knows. Which has no clear result. Then she apparently seems inclined to head off and join Makin in his task.

• "I will sta-" Ry begins to say simply, not looking forward to meeting the inventor again, but stops as Xerx works her magic.

• That leaves Throm and Rycael with their quarry?

• Ry simply stays with the wagon, not looking forward to meeting the inventor again.

• Makin enters Bram's, holding the door open for Xerx. "After you."

• Rycael and Throm, remaining with the wagon, can't help but glance over at the deck across the way, where several elves seemed to be enjoying an afternoon meal in comfort and luxury.

• Xerx’d waste no time. (Gnomish.) "Backandinonepiecenoless, evengotyerprize. Gotsomethingtocartitinonthat'llfitthroughthealleyways?"

• Not about to try and deal with the Gnomish dealer on his own and this was Xerx's deal , he drives the wagon off the road a bit as not to obstruct traffic and get a bit further away from the Elves.

• Bram looks skeptical. "Solesseesitthen?" he replies.

• "Cart'stoodamnwideforthealleyway. Gotsomethintoputitontowheelitinhere?"

• Rycael *does* see something she recognizes. Rather, someone: Lycane. He and his boys see you too, and are heading in your direction.

• Bram makes an odd face. "Waitaminuteyegotthewholethingdidye?" He nearly jumps with excitement and heads for the door. Makin shrugs and follows.

• ..And it would seem that the lot of them - Makin, Xerx, and the Gnome shop keep all come back up the alley shortly. Not before Lycane arrives, standing before Rycael and eyeing their prize. (e)"What foulness have you brought upon our city?" he asks her.

• "Company." Ry mutters to the dwarf, then nods her head politely to an approaching group of elves, {elven} "Hail, friends. I trust the day finds you well?"

• The cleric of Corellon is with him, but the third of their trio has lingered behind a bit.

• Throm nods back and busies himself prepping then lighting his pipe and soon is firing off little, rings of fragrant smoke as he cooly watches the lot of busy bodies.

• It's more that you notice the 3rd's absence than any of you sees where he went

• Lythane eyes the cage, and then the gnome. "Thistleburrow," he nods, stepping back. "These are... friends of yours?"

• "We got word this was roamin 'round the wild,” Xerx answers truthfully, “far afield where it's sposed ta be. Messin' with the local order. Tried to jes trap it first, maybe bring it in 'live - didn' get that lucky."

• Ry's calm demeanor fades quickly, though she replies honestly. {elven} "My friends and I have no wish to taint this fair city. The creature is -was- a red tiger from the far north, disturbing the surrounding lands. Unable to turn the beast away, we have slain it instead. As for the bodies presence within the city..." she glances at the gnomish shopkeep, "He wishes the body for use in... unnatural creations..."

• "I am their employer, Lord Thielian," he replies with a curt nod. "I have enlisted them to rid the northern forests of this..." he loses it, "OmystarsandGondsgonadsyeactuallygotitheredinnya??" He claps excitedly and begins eyeing the tiger's carcass. He then turns back to Lythane. "I needed the creature for a commission from Lanigar, himself," he adds. "Lord Thielian" looks disgusted. He moves off, eyeing the group of you, but does and says little more. His demeanor seems even more threatening than before.

• "Real charmer tha one." Throm comments ruefully as he glares back at the noble.

• She shakes her head slowly. Quietly commenting - very quietly. "Tha one really doesn' look happy. Like someone pisses in 'is tea every mornin."

• Makin nudges Xerx, "Funny, that," he says, motioning with his head. Lythane's lackey appears from the streets below, and moving away from him in the opposite direction is a rather ragged, hooded figure. He glances at the group of them and then moves off quickly for Lord Thielian.

• Well, that was a bit confusing and ominous. She'd tilt her head gently, then glance back over to their employer. "Enh.. well, how ya wanna get this thing moved? Maybe we can chat back at tha' shop."

• Not having noticed anything aside from a pompous, twit of a noble the dwarf is more the ready to be done with this deal and get a nice hot meal.

• "Yesyesyes!" he nods, watching Lythane curiously. "Indeed!" He turns and says, "Wait here," and then disappears into the streets below. He returns soon enough with a rather large, well, metal minotaur. The horses don't seem perturbed at all, and the elves in the area move away, but they don't seemed surprised at his presence. The effigy lugs the tiger out of the cage and hauls it all the way to Bram's shop, disappearing into the back with it. "Thanks, Merl," is all Bram says.

• Subsequently, 'Merl' reappears and takes care of the horses and wagon as well. Gears whirr and click as the metal creature moves about its business. "There, then," Bram says, "Shall we?"

• The excitement really is kind of contagious - Xerx is behind her kinsman every step of the way and wearing a grin she can't quite hide all of.

• Makin just seems astounded at the whole thing, shaking his head.

• Following along leaving a trail of smoke rings Throm trundles along behind them, looking impressed the craftsmanship of the mechanical construct and has already set aside the short encounter with the snob.

• Once inside, Bram is quick to give up his payment. He gives the sash to Makin, who takes it quickly and admiringly.

• After offering Throm and Rycael a reward in the 'coin of the realm,' as he puts it, he turns to Xerx. "Now..." he says, pulling out the disks. "Before I give this to you..."

• She could be patient.. mostly. Though yes, one of her hands was held out already, but not so far as to be demanding or rude. It -was- far enough to be obvious that the metallic green conversion of flesh to starmetal was spreading though. Slowly.

• "I found this in the Den of Xochg, high above the northern forests. He still dwells there now. But there is more..." he gives her the discs, which have ancient writing scrawled across them. He touches her hand. "MoreIthinkye'dbewantintesee." He lets go. "Butye'llnotbegettin'inwithoutthose," he adds.

• Ry remains silent during the exchange, her face politely nonchalant but her eyes hold no fondness for the gnomish tinkerer. The metal creature did nothing to calm her, as the elf found one of her hands on the grip of her bow... though she didn't draw it.

• After a time, the gnome eyes the elf. "You find my methods... unnatural,yes?" he asks her.

• "Tha Lass is a Wood Elf, a lot of stuff seems strange top her eyes." Throm explains.

• Not having expected more conversation directed her way, Ry thinks for a moment before answering, "Yes. The visions I seen in Reverie do not aid you."

• Xerx’d tilt her head gently. Little veins in her eyes catching light more like glass than flesh. That gaze drifts down to the discs. That brushed green texture that matched perfectly those parts of her that weren't strictly alive anymore. (Gnomish) "NeedtobegivingthesesometimeandstudyIthinkyes."

• "Visions, you say?" he turns to Rycael, and seems skeptical and amused at the same time. "What, then, is, in fact, natural?" He glances at Xerx before looking back to Rycael. "Could be we're all jes' a bunch o' Stardust," he remarks.

• "I no expect you to see the lines crossed from nature." Rycael says simply, though more with a sigh to her tone than any malice to it.

• "It is *all* natural, in my eyes," the gnome smiles. He turns back to Xerx. (g)"Sowhatsezye? Gameferfindinoutmoreawhatitisyerafterthere?"

• The Gnome smiles at the glance - and the comment. There's a moment where she knocks her knuckles against the side of a work desk. Sounding altogether too heavy a thing. "I strike ya as the sort tha' gets scared 'fore she gets curious?"

• Ry glances over to Xerx at that, remaining silent for the moment as her disappointed gaze returns to the shopkeep.

• Bram simply waits patiently to see if they accept his second invitation to adventure...

• Not speaking gnomish or being able to keep up with how fats they're talking , the dwarf just stands there looking mildly lost.

• Bram turns as there is a bit of noise from the rear of the place. Tilting his hand, he says "Be right back," and disappears into the rear.

• “Alright what does he want ys ta do now?" Throm asks.

• "Possibly investigate the Den of Xochg," Bram says, reappearing from the rear.

• "It lies at the mountain's peak, beyond Hunting Grounds you've already traversed, beyond the Great Lake, and above the Head of the Fallen God." He shrugs, "I know exactly where it is, in fact." He smiles warmly. "You will, of course, be overwhelmingly compensated."

• "ohhhh....and what is tha?"

• Xerx’d glance back at Bram, smiling. Also glancing down at the rings again. Running a green fingertip across their surface. "Wouldn' surprise me. Definitely gotta read these.. might need ta pick up somethin' fer my book 'fore we go."

• Makin reacts to the mention of the "Fallen God." "What 'Fallen God?'" he asks.

• "An old god, of the stars, I believe," he replies. "In all honesty, I'm not quite sure which. I didn't have much time to investigate before I had to... leave." The last word he hangs on, a bit.

• Eyes the Gnome "And what exactly made ya leave so...suddenly?"

• “Xochg, Melairkyn,” Bram replies. “Xochg."

• "An ya got these from in there." Xerx’d lift the iron ring again, letting her eyes wander over the script.

• "Still need ta find that boy an- hrmph. Actually.." She'd glance back to her compatriots. "Know what? M' gettin this thing read -today-. If I can."

• "It is a temple to this god where I found those relics," he says slowly to Xerx, glancing at Makin. "And the banelar within is what you will face should you venture there. Dangerous thing. His bullywugs lord over the northern shores of the Great Lake. Past them, then you've to climb the mountain and face his cunning and his magic."
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 1: The Long Road IC Thread

Postby A.J. » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:32 pm

Session 17

• Throm who has listened quietly till now turns to his companions "And what does this have ta do with us finding tha young Lad and getting home?"

• Bram raises a bushy eyebrow. "What lad? What home?" he queries, glancing between the four of you.

• "Home to the ... " he looks around, "To here then not now."

• Xerx looked at the thing in her hands. Face going tight for a moment. "Nuthin." Then a slow exhale. "We're lookin fer a boy. Prob'ly here in town."

• Ry was about to reply, but she gives Makin a somewhat confused look.

• "Could ye excuse us for a minute here?" and the dwarf gently, but firmly herds the lot of them a short distance from the gnome "You wanted ta say something there Xerxsephina?"

• Xerx shook her head. "Neh. Curious 'bout this thing." She'd hold up the starmetal discs. "But not riskin the lot of us gettin stranded here or bein 'round for the damn cataclysm over it."

• "Ye could be more specific…" Bram calls after them as they move over to their huddle.

• "So, has anyone seen or heard anything that would indicate the boy has come through to this time as well?" Makin queries.

• The elf gives a slight shrug, having no real leads one way or the other...

• "...Now that ya mention it? No. Jes sorta.. hoped he had?" Xerx’d glance back at the man behind them. "E' was hintin pretty hard. Let's ask."

• "We need ta start asking tha question before we go high tailing it off to Gods know where?" Throm replies.

• "That... may be wise." Rycael admits to the dwarf with a slight smirk.

• "If we do. Can always go look into tha place when we get home. Yea? So anyway.." Xer’d shrug, then start to amble back toward their host. "Err, tha question a ours. Any other odd new 'guests' come in lately? From tha' tomb?"

• Throm looks at the elf sharply "Dinna be acting so shocked I actually do think about things ."

• "It is just that we found an elf and a whole group,” Makin comments, “plus the dragonlike creature who was blocking the exit. Not exactly the process. Plus we came through and nothing seems to indicate he is here. Working to getting home seems our best course. My Lord Amaunator hold the reins of Time, perhaps this star god is a reference to him as well and a chance to go home."

• The gnome seems to be about his business and trying hard not to look like he's paying attention to their closed conversation.

• The elf raises a hand, "I not mean to sound 'shocked'. Meant that I let myself get distracted from our main hunt. I no mean offense."

• "Those are just my thoughts on things." Makin shrugs.

• It's the Gnome Xerx speaks to - albeit doing so in Gnomish might make it a little more clear. (G) "Arewetheonlynewcomersthatcameinthroughstrangechannelslately?"

• Waves Rycael off with a chuckle "No offense taken Lass, now ifin Makin thinks this may eb a lead home then I'm more of a mind ta check it out."

• Bram looks up from studying his diagrams. (G)"Wegetsalottastrangersthroughherelass." He narrows his eyes. "Jesyouanacouplegithisall, methinks."

• Now that got her head tilting. Answering in a more recognizable tongue to the others. "..Gith?"

• Bram nods. "Githyanki," he replies clearly. (g)"Seenapairoftheirshadysortcavortinwiththeelves. LotsafolkfromtheCityODoors, lass," he continues. "Aelinthaldaar, shebeconnectedtothePlanes, shebe."

• "..Maybe we need ta go find that lot, have a word or two over a pint." Xer’d glance about them - looking to see who had understood and how they felt. "Other strange travelers worth askin maybe?"

• "Likely couldn't hurt to talk to them." Throm comments. He notes his hammer, it's shiny.

• The Gnome busies herself a bit - digging. Her pack was a cluttered mess but there was one thing she had in mind and it ends up found sooner or later. The journal they'd found shortly before this mess - and the fragment of a map that went with it. The one with the ancient elven text.

• When she unfolds the bit of map, it is *decidedly* different than what she remembers. Rather than a simply fancy depiction of the northern shores of the Sword Coast above Waterdeep, it, in fact, beams into a 3-dimensional representation of the land, a holographic image, to reference its appearance, which shows in exquisite detail the tunnels through which they traveled and even the forest as Bram instantly recognizes the methods by which it was created, tapping and zooing into areas with giggling abandon. (g) "Oy! Ye'vefoundone'a'ol'Lanigar'smaps'aven'tye?" He smiles in wonder. "Fabulous!"

• Throm mutters an oath at the blasted thing in shock

• Kay. Didn' do tha last time." The Gnome's eyes were wide as saucers there - and she promptly checked the journal for it behaving funny as well. It had been blank last time after all, but the map hadn't been some kind of holographic craziness either.

• Unfortunately, the journal was still blank. It did, however, show signs of wear that could only be imprinted by physical use of the journal. Curled pages, stains, etc., but no words to be found, at least not to the naked eye.

• "Well I be damned, odd it starts workin now,” Throm notes.

• "That .. certainly is interesting,” Makin adds.

• "Hey is tha place Bram's wanting us poke around in on this?" the dwarf asks.

• Bram beams. "Why yes!" He shows the lake, taps it, scrolls across it, and up a mountainside to a temple, but its form is blurry, and a heading appears which says "So far, unexplored."

• "Aye.. though ah, where we found it might be hard ta explain." Xerx was trying hard not to slip back into Gnomish, it left the rest of them out, but gods the urge was strong.

• Not skilled in magic, the dwarf sees the gnome finger waggling at the map but doesn't really differentiate it from poking.

• Meanwhile, Xerx notices Bram is making distinct gestures for the commands the map seems to accept and subsequently complete. Makin notices as well.

• Xerx investigates the journal, meanwhile. "..Words on this thing're masked. S'magic I'm familiar with but can' get rid of yet. Might need ta get hold of a proper mage.."

• "And you are quite good at the somatic gesturing to make the map work. Very good, quite familiar with it?" Makin comments.

• "Of course," Bram nods. "I helped 'im develop it. I did tell ye," he points at the metal tiger, "I'd this on straight commission from Lanigar hisself?"

• "Heh, we had no idea this was his,” Xerx says. 'This' being the map, that is. "You wouldn' know someone who could cast a standard dispel fer us, would ya?"

• He glances at the map. "Doubtful I could dispel Lanigar's magic," he replies, looking at the map. "Why'd ye want that fer anyway?'

• "Talkin about this." She'd hold up the journal to the other Gnome.

• He eyes the journal, and then holds out his hand. "May I?"

• "Ta read what hidden in tha book." Throm says and points to the book she’s holding.

• She doesn't seem to have any issue with this - handing it over readily.

• "Curious," he mumbles. He looks it over quite thoroughly before proceeding. His magic is a bit more complex than expected, and he looks at the item. "Seems the whole thing is designed to keep nosy nobodies out of its pages," he comments. "But my magic has pierced the veil of its subterfuge, if but for a time." He looks it over. Mostly random journal entries, fairly boring. What's this about 1368 DR?" he begins, and tries to look closer. "No idea what that references," he shrugs. "Here's the last few though, seem your lad's run into a bit of lady's luck. See here." He points out a few entries in the months of the current timeline you're all familiar with.

• Well that's more than enough to get Xerx to crowd around and look at it. Fully expecting the majority of the others to join her.

• One of them reads,
Lord JAG wrote:Today I met Bella. What can I say? I will marry her. It was a single kiss that left me shaken and feeling like a virgin again. I could barely remember my magic, even! To think a woman could have such an effect on me. I care not where her trade has brought her.

• "Now that sounds like trouble fer sure,” Throm comments.

Lord JAG wrote:I feel whole again, and Bella, she is my light. I have traveled the entirety of the Sword Coast, but to think I would find the woman of my dreams right here in the city I sought so long to leave. My family, however, will not have it. I will have to find a way to bring her name into their society, to bring her into their world. Only then will I be able to marry her and maintain my eligibility for the inheritance that is mine by birthright! And she agrees! She understands and is willing to spend the time in waiting, as I enhance my own name, and she hers, that we might bring her one day into the nobility, and on that day, she will be my bride!

• "Inclined ta agree…” Xerx replies, “…this kinda thing never ends well does it?"

• Yet another entry reads,
Lord JAG wrote:Bella grows in power and prestige. She has, with my help, secured the lands owned by the despoiled von Hamartia, a line whose blood never deserved to share the privilege of Waterdhavian nobility! With funds from my own excavation and exploration enterprise we have begun to build her estate from the ground up! It will rival our own in prestige, and Bella's name will be known to all the noble houses before I make my claim to her as my bride. I only have but one enterprise left, into the fable crypts of Aelinthaldaar, where it is said riches abound, and together, with my knowledge and the map she has given me, I *will* find the treasure of Nerindyl! Perhaps even that of Shylyndryl! I know it! And so does she!

• The last entry in the journal depicts the location you're all familiar with, and reads,
Lord JAG wrote:I have found it at last! Excavating the mountainside has revealed the door to the ancient crypts of Aelinthaldaar. Reading over the runes, it seems as if there was at one time a portal here which led to Evermeet, I assume to give those elves who fled during the Great Exile an opportunity to return to visit their dead. I sense little of its magic now. I get the sense that I am being followed. We've run into more than one dragon cultist on our path here thus far. I will sleep now, close to my quarry, and in the morning venture beyond. I love you, Bella.

• One can easily see a vein starting to throb on the dwarf's forehead "Ohh bloody Hell...."

• "Now 'at's a name I know, lad," Bram nods, "Shylyndryl. Lanigar's pet druid. But she bears no legendary treasure of the sort your mad author claims." He shakes his head. With that, he pushes the journal in their direction.

• "Mad is a damn good word for 'im." Xerx’d be rubbing the spot on her head that was throbbing on Throm's. "Wonder if maybe we should ask the Druid if she's seen the lad?"

• "So, if there was a portal to Evermeet there, it is possible the boy is there?" Makin wonders.

• Bram chimes in then. "She might 'ave answers, aye," he replies. "But more likely Lanigar's yer man. 'Twas he who built that portal from the ends of the crypts to Evermeet above," he comments. "Only last month!" He narrows his eyes and looks at the journal again. (g)"Waitaminute..." he whispers. He flips back through a few pages, his eyes widening and his breath quickening. "Whereisit?" he asks rhetorically, a quiet whisper, "Whereisiiiiit? There! 'Thenightskysawthemooninwaxand..." he rattles off the rest of the entry, having to do with the night sky. Immediately there's a sheaf of parchment pulled from somewhere beneath the counter and his quill is at a complex math equation. He is lost in it for several minutes.

• Xerx eyes the Gnome in a way that's hard to really quantify. It's not precisely sympathetic, not precisely worried, there's something very near to both of those things though. (G) "Yamightwannaconsidervisitinghomeforayearorso. Realsoon."

• He glances at Xerx momentarily but continues his calculations. "Twenty-four-hunnerdYEARS!" he gasps and subsequently falls off his stool, flat on his back. The breath as it is knocked out of him, sounds like 'fromthefuture' before he wheezes and gasps in an attempt to get it back.

• Letting out a sigh Throm looks down at his hammer then to the gnome and back to the hammer, "Suppose a sharp blow to that head will make him forget?'

• "Pretty sure that is what we said. Going to the here that is then, not now."

• "Neh.. our heads're almost as hard as yers Throm." Almost. Xerx exhaled slowly. Hopefully the man took her advice. She'd offer him a hand getting up regardless.

• He catches his breath at last, and clambers wearily back atop his stool and ultimately to the counter-top. "So it IS possible," he breathes, and sh!t-eating grin plastered across his already silly gnomish face. Then he says, "Omy," as if realizing their predicament suddenly. "You’reinapickle."

• "Aye tha we are my fine Gnome,” Throm agrees.

• Xerx just nods emphatically. "So's tha kid."

• For the first time he looks dumbfounded. "Lanigar," is all he manages. "YeshouldseesLanigar."

• "So we should look for him then I suppose."

• "He'sgottaloton'isplate, though," Bram comments. "Think'e'supinnaportoverseein'someoverhauls," he finishes, pointing above them. By port, it's obvious he means the skyship port above. He’s lost his ability to differentiate language, for the moment, it seems, in his surprise.

• "Can't exactly walk up'n jes say hey, can we?" Xerx’d lean back a bit. Eyeballing things about the place - til she came to their previous outing's spoils. "...He comin ta pick that up in person by chance?"

• "I'llbetakin'itto'imdirectonceitsdone," he replies. "Well, I'llbelettin'imknowI'mdone, and'e'llsendfermeh. I'dsayabouttwoweekstime," he replies, glancing at the metal lion. He then gets a sly look on his face. "'Ye could be back from splattin' that banelar a'fore then, I'm sure," he says clearly for everyone to understand.

• "An there's little ta no chance we get 'is attention earlier?" Just to be sure, Xerx did have to ask..

• Bram shrugs. "He don' wanna here from me a'fore I'm done, that's fer sure," is all he says. "Not sayin' ye couldn't go through other channels, though, lass.

• "Who do we need ta talk to then?" the dwarf asks.

• "I don't know," Bram shrugs, "Met anyone of import of late?"

• "Well.. given where we showed up we did kinda get introduced ta tha folks upstairs. Briefly," Xerx comments.

• "Did you?" Bram smiles. "I'll bet!" his hand comes up next to his face, his index finger skyward. "Do you think they *know*?"

• Throm strokes his beard in thought "About when we came from?"

• "When you say 'folks upstairs,'" he asks, "Who, exactly?"

• "Shylyndryl took us to speak with Lanigar when we first arrived,” Makin answers.

• "First one we met was Nerindyl, who took us to Shylyndryl, who had us escorted back ta here by Joxixal. ..I think,” Xerx adds.

• "Took you *straight* to Lanigar, did they?" he muses, rubbing his chin. "Well, I'd say this Nerindyl fellow was with it enough to commentate something to Lady Shylyndryl. A powerful druid that one, it's possible she might even sense something different about your very auras..." He ponders and jots notes alongside his equations. (g)"Ohverycuriousindeed!" he begins and seems to lose himself in a tangent of mathematical equations.

• "Hells.. head's hurtin a little already." She'd shake her head some, though yes she tries to read over his shoulder.
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 1: The Long Road IC Thread

Postby A.J. » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:32 pm

Session 18

• Xerx was giving the thing some thought. A week, or two - time to hunt for fresh ancient treasures. "Hells with it.. can' stand bein' bored. Les' find somethin ta do til' we get that audience."

• Bram looks to the rest.

• "Alright,” Throm says, “though need ta get signed up fer an audience first I would think?"

• Bram actually makes a face at that. "Why, yes," he nods.

• : "Aye. Ugh.. bureaucracy,” Xerx comments. “Could be worse, could be Gnomish.. you should -see- the forms."

• Bram glances at Xerx with a chuckle. "Shylyndryl would be yer best avenue fer it," he replies. "'Course, ye could always send the elf there to petition." He moves his head in Rycael's direction.

• "It may not be wise to rush a meeting with one used to patience..." Rycael says with a shrug.

• "Ain't askin ta rush it Rycael” Xerx notes, “…askin ya ta set it up period. Go see how long we need ta wait 'n all. Righ' now they got no idea we even wan' ta talk to 'em."

• "Prolly don't hafta look too far," Bram said. "Elf came askin' after ye when ye left last. Stoic one, that. Said he was posted at the Willowy Inn until your return. He din' seem te mind." He shrugs. "Nice place, that."

• Rycael blinks a moment, "Ah, I see. Sorry, I might heard wrong. Yes, I can speak to..." she looks to Bram, "or we can go there..."

• "Assuming it's not an Elf only establishment I could use a good drink or two anyways, could ye direst us to tha place?" Throm asks.

• "I can lead if you like?" Rycael offers.

• "Well, let's get movin." Xerx’d give Throm a curiously strong pat on the back, and the rest of them a smile. "I know time's a funny thing right now 'n all but let's not waste it."

• Throm pats the Gnome back then starts after the Elf "Well lets get going shall we?"

• Rycael nods, leading the way, giving a nod to Bram on the way out.

• Up out of the "alley" where the non-elves sold their wares, the music filled the air again. The sun was setting and the sky darkening. The music became a bit more vibrant and there were quite a few more elves in the streets, dashing and dancing in gossamer clothing. Several buildings rang with song and dance, and it was quite difficult not to get swept up in the revelry. It seemed to flow through every elf into you as you pass.

• Throm being a right , proper, dwarf doesn't succumb to this elvish dilly dallying and busies his thoughts on some smithing techniques he could pick up in this period.

• Soon those thoughts turn an idea of hammering at a forge into a rhythmic pounding, feeling like a part of the pulse of the whole place...

• With Xerx it was more of a metallic thunking - her footfalls. The balls of her heels and the trace other areas that had gone from flesh to metal hitting like drum sticks.

• The elf however, is noticeably caught up in the revelry, though still managing to continue moving in the same direction without walking into anyone...

• Makin seems to be fighting an urge to chase silken clad elf women into the night...

• Rycael remembers the way well enough, however, and after a good long walk you see the Willowy Inn and its soft, glowing lights.

• Throm continues on as if nothing is the matter however to the Gnome "We got someone following us, going ta have a work with him keep walking to tha Inn" low so only they an hear him amidst the noise and when he gets obscured by some of the many tall folks he side steps into an alley and waits looking for figure he spotted.

• As you come to the inn's entryway, where there is no door, Joxixal is already there. "Good evening," he says flatly. "Welcome back to Aelinthaldaar."

• She nodded to Throm - though for the life of her she couldn't figure out who they were being followed by. One way or another though their destination looms, and then it's Rycael's show. After a proper greeting of course. Something warm, cheery. "Good evenin' ta you too."

• "I will inform the Lady Shylyndryl of your return," he replies with a short bow. "That is, of course, if you plan to remain to enjoy the hospitality of the Willowy Inn?" I will remain to escort you, if that is *not* the case," he finishes. For a moment, he sounds disappointed.

• Ry gives a curtsy, {elven} "Greetings. Yes, we wish to speak with the lady."

• "Remain here," he says to them, and moves off immediately. "I will return in the morning," he says, seemingy in a hurry.

• "...Well that was abrupt." The Gnome squinted off at the space their escort formerly occupied. Scratching her head idly - which sounded alarmingly like metal screeching on metal at the end, startling her into stopping.

• It is possible he was rather tired of waiting for you...

• Rooms have been held for you, you discover, after speaking with the barkeep, a dark-haired moon elf who tells you her name is Sinae.

• A few minutes later Throm arrives at the Inn and steeping inside starts looking around for the others.

• The Gnome doesn't seem all that tired just yet. If nothing else she'll linger in the bar a bit. Maybe listen, socialize. Possible that she's also just waiting for Throm.

• Sinae is polite, and the group here seems fairly mixed. "Hungry?" she asks. You notice now that the roof of the establishment is open to the night sky. Above you, airships glow like giant fireflies coming to and from the giant skyport above.

• Mixed is one word for it - the Gnome was still catching glances here and there. The metal more than likely - given who else in the city seemed to favor it and some of the stereotypical elven reaction to metal and stone. "A bit, aye. Somethin light'd be nice."

• "My pleasure," she says, tipping her head, eyes lingering on Xerx's hands, but then moving to Makin and Rycael. "And for you?"

• Makin sighs, noting softly. "I do enjoy the way this place feels. I am not sure though, if this place will last even my lifetime."

• More than just Xerx’s hands anymore - the knuckles were prominent but her eyes were starting to look a bit glassy in places and there was a single lock of her hair that was patina green and looked completely rigid.

• Sinae did try not to stare...

• Spotting the crew Throm makes his way over and joins them, he looks Sinae over politely before addressing his companions "Twas one of Lathane's lackeys following us."

• Sinae says something in private to one of her staff as she patiently waits for the rest of them to order. The elf bows and moves off quickly. He soon returns with a plate which he sets before Xerx. On it is what looks to be a pair of cold, fresh, stuffed cucumbers. They have been sliced into half-inch sections and hollowed out. Within, some sort of pinkish-red meatstuff, on one, the other that plus what looks to be a yellow-orange fruit of some sort. On top, sliced chives over what look like thinly sliced slivers of raw red tuna. There is a glob of something green and a dark sauce served with it as well. She sets down an elegant flute of something near clear and bubbling. "Enjoy," he bows, and steps back, awaiting Sinae's next request.

• Rycael orders some fruit juice with a simple meal, thanking Sinae as her gaze sweeps the room.

• The service is quick and neat, and the food more fresh and flavorful than they can remember having had.

• Xerx’d address Throm while trying one of the cucumbers - "Whad'de want?"

• Makin enjoys the food, waiting some how to find out what they wanted.

• It's fresh and spicy likely unlike anything they've had before. It is difficult not to want to order more.

• Everything is done with grace and elegance, though you get the feeling the setting of this place is rather casual. Now that you look about, if you do, there are several colorful rolls on a few patrons’ plates, some wrapped in cucumber, some rice, and some in a cone of what looks like seaweed.

• "Hmmmm...think I'll try a bit of all of it." Throm says, eyeing what's been ordered already, especially the tuna.

• There are plates of crab and fish steaks, too, if you're paying attention, plenty of hot food, but very little red meat, from the look of it, if any. Aside from the tuna!

• Xerx could only hold so much really - made it hard to try everything first. Still, she was going to try. "Joxy said e'd be back in the morning - might have her attention already.. hard ta say."

• There is no further sign of Lythane or his lackeys. Not tonight, anyway. You continue to eat and converse and of course the subject of just what it is you're planning to do with yourselves is certain to come up...

• "I was intending to pray and ask for guidance, well, further guidance, for what we should do.” Makin says. “Do any of you have any inkling as to how we wound up here? Any items you picked up or anything we might have touched that triggered the time movement?"

• Not pausing in his eating Throm shakes his head at the question "Dinna recall us messing with anything aside from entering tha place till we came upon tha well and tha beast hiding in it."

• "Thinkin' it was more of where we were than what we had - that crypt thing. Maybe also when we were there?" Xerx wonders.

• "What makes you think so?" Makin asks.

• "S'posed ta have some kinda sanctity ta the place, wards an the like - right?” Xerx replies. “Only we walked in like anythin - and the dragon thing was there. Could'a been a malfunctioning portal. ..though thinking of tha' it might'a keyed ta somethin we had with us. Which ah.. doesn' bode well fer the noble kid."

• Ry just shrugs, taking another sip of her drink.

• "It does not,” Makin agrees, “perhaps caught up and dropped in another time or on his way to Evermeet? That is where the tomb was supposed to go, yes?"

• Rycael remains attentive but quiet, as the talk of time travel tends to just confuse her.

• Xerx’s comment is less optimistic. "Or jes eaten by the dragon thing on account'a not havin a key. Gone 'fore we ever got there."

• Sinae glances up at the mention of Evermeet. By up, she looks up into the night sky. "Yes, Evermeet, beautiful, isn't it?" She leans on her elbow after saying something definitively elven about the plane of her people. Following her gaze, you see beyond the fireflies of the airships and something far, far above shimmers in the branches of the Tree. "Have you been?" she asks.

• Ry follows Sinae's gaze upward, {elven} "No, I am afraid we have not..." she says with reverence, knowing stories even if she'd never seen the place.

• Makin is still on about the noble. "I did not notice any sign of a struggle in the area. A spell caster like him would have put up some sort of fight?"

• "You should," Sinae nods as she looks at Rycael, a sort of sadness in her eyes.. "It is not more than a few hours walk, in any case." She nods toward the tallest branches of the tree, pointing. "Tonight, you can see it clearly."

• "You can see Evermeet from here?" Makin moves to look where she is pointing.

• "Depends ifin tha thing got tha drop on him?" from Throm, still on about the noble.

• "Neh.. kinda get the feelin I might not be the most welcome there." Not that this stops Xerx from looking upward wistfully. And yes, there's moment where her eyes reflect like glass ones. Colored glass, but still.

• "Come!" She turns to the elf who'd been attending them. "Watch the bar, Oli'in?" which is met with an "Of course, Sinae," and a bow. She bids them follow up the winding stair to north of the Inn, open to all. They pass a few wistful looking elves who nod and greet Sinae and those who follow her up the stair.

• Makin rises and follows along, looking with a shrug toward the dwarf.

• {common}"I saw but only tracks of his passing." {elven} "Is it truly so close?" Rycael asks as she sets her empty glass on the table, following Sinae. She offers a hand to the Gnome, "I believe all would be welcome to visit."

• Throm gets up as well, taking a second to throw back the last of his drink and then follows along, this has him curious as no dwarf has ever laid eyes on Evermeet even from a distance far as he has heard.

• ...Well, if she has an escort - why not? Someone else to fend off anyone who might take offense. Rycael's hand is welcomed (even if Xerx's feels odd) and off they are.

• Sinae leads Rycael by the hand, an impish smile on her face as she moves lightly up the stair. Soon, it winds well above the Willowy Inn and moves out onto a rather large branch, which extends out over the area of the city to give one an unobscured view of not only the surrounding landscape and the sea, but of the Song Tree City as it stretched above them. The airships came and went, but there, at the topmost branches, maybe even a mile above them, they *could* see it. A reflection of Aelinthaldaar that extended in shimmering gold up and into the night sky. It was as if the night sky was a lake, a mirror where Aelinthaldaar extended up to its highest of heights, only to seemingly be reflected back into the night sky, as if Evermeet itself was the sky above them, and had its own Aelinthaldaar stretched from its surface up to touch the branches of their Aelinthaldaar here, on the Prime.

• "There is a passage to the Isle in the tree top?" Makin asks.

• "Of course," Sinae smiles at Makin. "The Tel-Quessir come to and from Evermeet freely here. It is the heart of our people, and here the Song Tree, which only grows on Evermeet, can extend its branches into your dimension so that we may bring the music of the elves to the lands of Faerun.”

• Her hand may not be metal, but Rycael still had a strong grip herself -must be from using the bow- She held Xerx's hand in a friendly grip as she is pulled along herself.

• Ry's expression at the lesson would look similar to when she was in Solonor's temple.

• Many elves lined the pathway here, leaning against the smaller branches that formed the railings, playing music, dancing, spouting poetry, stargazing, people watching, kissing. All manner of simple enjoyments. Finally the branch forks into a handful of others, some too thin to traverse, and there you all stop to take in the spectacle of the night scene.

• Makin squints, looking with a shrug at the gnome and then the dwarf as he continues on.

• "It is faint, I know, the golden leaves of the Song Tree in Evermeet. Here, they are but green. But see, just there?" She points to what looks like a sea of stars. "The shores of my homeland themselves." While it seemed like a mile, it was closer to perhaps 1500 feet. She was quite right when she said it wouldn't take long at all to get there.

• Ry is speechless in her awe.

• The Gnome is quiet for quite some time. Eventually she digs into her pack - produces the discs, held in a hand that was increasingly the same color and texture. "..Heh, parts a me come from up that way lately too."

• "You .. " he stops, looking a bit confused, but then again these are elves."

• Sinae looks back at Xerx, raises her eyebrow and chalks the comment up to the bubbly. She smiles and steps back. "Well, I've duties to attend, just now. Please enjoy the view!"

• "Guess we got somethin ta do til we get tired at least…” Xerx comments. “Then maybe that meetin' in the mornin. Maybe."

• {elven} "Thank you for your guidance to this wonder." Rycael says with a smiling nod to Sinae.

• If you look for at least a few minutes, there is a moment for each of you where you do actually see the shape of another land in the sky above you, as if you were looking down from above another tree exactly like the one in which you stand. It is faint, but it is golden, and you can see the waters of a river which after a moment fade back into the sea of stars above you.

• "My pleasure," Sinae bows and leaves.

• "So how do you cross to Evermeet?" Makin asks, but Sinae is gone.

• “If you're an elf," a nearby stargazer, a human, says, "You walk."

• Throm nods. "I rather suspected tha would be tha answer."

• "And otherwise?" Makin continues his inquiry.

• "Nobody else going, though," he adds. "Except with the express permission of the Coronal or the High Mage. Likely the latter would consult the former, and vice versa, however," he shrugs, moving off.

• "So, not so much different." Makin shrugs.

• Her mirth is halted suddenly at the passerby's words, “Thought Evermeet open to all?"

• "All elves," the man chuckles, waving as he walks back down toward the Inn.

• "Heh, figured...” Xerx says, “… does get me wondrin' though. Havin a piece a' one in me an' all.." Still. One doesn't want to go trying and then plummet. Probably not a question she needs answered.

• Ry looks toward Evermeet with great longing, before her eyes harden. Her hand squeezes Xerx's a moment before turning back to the tavern with the gnome in tow.

• The Gnome's grip is abnormally strong for something as small as she is - and the hand dense, suffice to say Rycael's not likely to do any damage if she really needs to clench some tension out of herself. And Xerx appears with a glance up to have some inkling of why she might need to. She follows back down without saying anything more.

• As you turn to make your way back to the Willowy Inn and call it a night, something like a bolt of fire streaks out of the sky over the Sea of Swords and slams into the Song Tree City! You look for the source, and there traveling high above the water is an airship, a massive airship traveling through some sort of extra-dimensional gate. Hundreds more follow it, of varying sizes, and launch volleys at the Song Tree. There are screams of panic from above and below! Suddenly, the music is gone and horns sound out! The night is littered with the sounds of destruction and the dying instead, but then Aelinthaldaar's defenders awaken!

• "Bloody Hell!!!" Throm exclaims.

• Smaller, faster ships separate and move forward to the vanguard!

• “That is unexpected,” Makin adds.

• And slower, but still faster than the dozen or so dreadnoughts, airships that look like hammerhead sharks begin dropping explosions up and down the coastline and into the waters where the sea elves scramble to defend themselves...

• Then you can see several skiffs closer than you first imagined!

• From above, with the sound of the horns, comes several lithe elven ships, and a few massive ones as well, lookign elegant in design as they retailiate, the Tree City and the sky erupts in battle all around you! A nearby blast shudders the branch upon which you stand!

• This time it's Xerxsephira's hand that tightens. "Hells.. s'started. Knew it was close.. We need ta find her an get outta here-"

• "NO!" Ry cries at the sudden destruction as it it were a blade to her own heart, holding Xerx's hand and a rail tightly.

• More elven ships move swiftly into the fight!

• And smaller, more manueverable ships come to the fore as well, not just piloted by elves, but... was that a dwarf on deck??

• Xerx is shook from the branch!

• The sudden jarring almost send the dwarf tipping over the railing but he manages to re-balance himself in the nix of time "Damn it ta Hell, Lets get back on tha ground quick!!!"

• The 'ground' is several hundred feet of tree below you.

• Xerx tries to grab with her free hand while Rycael tries to hold on, but loses her grip trying to keep her own balance! Xerx falls into the branches below!

• "Down is good,” Makin agrees, “slowly please though. The fast route would be unfortunate."

• All Rycael can do is watch Xerx's face as she falls...

• "Yeah, that is not good,” Makin comments. “Lets find her, quickly."

• Not entirely true - they can watch as Xerx blinks once and then says one very simple word in Draconic, which abruptly slows her descent. She's still falling, she just won't be an ugly stain when they get there.

• Ry ties a rope from her pack to an arrow, handing the other side to Throm. (here's hoping?) She takes aim, trying to get the rope close to the gnome -but not thought her-, and fires!

• The arrow flies past Xerx. She can reach out and grab the rope, if she likes, but the spell she's affected by isn't going to help you pull her *up,* I don't think? But being a gnome, Xerx doesn't weigh much more than a sack of potatoes, so it's fairly easy to pull her back up anyway. The tree is continuing to be rocked by explosions, and once you have her, you make your way slowly back to the Inn. All is chaos...
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 1: The Long Road IC Thread

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With the explosions that rock the Song Tree City, what follows is a blur. You battle your way from the Willowy Inn to the sky port, where you are asked to take part in an air raid against one of the largest of the enemy airships, which you discover is a githyanki dreadnought. During the fight, your smaller ship is critically damaged and forced to withdraw. You crash land well north of the city in the forest not far from the crypts you originally traversed to get here in the first place. From the distance, you watch as an elven High Magic ritual literally uproots the great Aelinthaldaar from the Material Plane, leaving in its wake a havoc-wreaked stretch of earth and a mountain some 1500 feet high. The event is nigh-cataclysmic, and the githyanki ships are all but destroyed during this process. Countless elven lives are lost. You yourselves escape only because you take refuge in the crypts, as the land around you is sundered by the deep roots of the Song Tree, and you scramble desperately toward the entryway through which you originally came. The entire place is lit up with magic, magic that seems familiar in that map that literally came alive in the gnome's shop, magic that seems to enervate the entirety of the Song Tree, as well as the crypts themselves. It is that magic light that leads you all along as you run to escape, it seems even the crypts will not withstand the rending of the earth that is occurring while the elves literally uproot their city from the Prime Material Plane. It is only through the exit and the flashing lights of what you come to realize is the great Lanigar's magic that you barrel through the exit… and find yourselves returned to the world you knew. At least that is the way it seems. For now.
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