Best Laid Plans, Part 2: Going In, Wands Waving IC Thread

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Best Laid Plans, Part 2: Going In, Wands Waving IC Thread

Postby A.J. » Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:30 am

(( IC actions only please, if you would post any in addition to the log. ))

A public announcement has been made and the notices appear throughout the city.

Lord Maskar Wands wrote:Attention Waterdhavians,

A rescue party is being gathered to recover my beloved grand-nephew, Lord Jayson Arnaut Geolain Wands, known among his peers simply as "Lord Jag." It will leave with the dawn. Lord Wands was last seen in the hills northeast of Rassalantar. His expedition was slaughtered to all but a man. A primary expeditionary force sent into the area has recovered this information, but has since disappeared without word. House Wands, having little interest in shedding more noble blood, will send a secondary expedition and welcome any and all who might assist on promise of a standard recovery sum. All present at the North Gate at dawn will receive an appropriate offer for their services.

Lord Maskar Wands

The next morning finds just four of the city's thousands up for the task...

• The dawn is clear and crisp, and the envoy from House Wands, along with a man you will come to know as Geornan (one of House Wand's drivers), are awaiting those who would continue the search for the missing Lord. The North Gate is busy, but the House's banner is clearly seen, drifting about in the morning breeze.

• Sera’s exceedingly familiar with House Wands' banners. Sometimes they're a cause for fury (Neas) and sometimes more for contemplation and respect (Kaeldrith) or just curious what the hell was he up to this time (Sambiir). Either way, she was familiar with the sight, and her name might not be completely unknown to it's servants. She arrives early, and is by that point standing with a half-elf divvying up the carrying load of scrolls, wands, and potions. Of which she apparently has plenty.

• Enialas flies in shortly after Sera arrives. He nodded in greeting to Sera as he arrived, "I mentioned getting the urge to do something foolish recently...I think this qualifies."

• "I just needed to get out." Cassandra comments, as she arrives late.

• Aerin’s eyes darting from side to side, the smallish creature moves up behind the small gathering around the house banner.

• "Don't be so dramatic - it's not as if we're heading to Skullport." Something about that statement amuses her. The Hin finishes divvying things up - eight of the scrolls looked very fresh and were dispensed evenly between her and the half-elf.

• Aerin looks up at the others, slightly studders. “Is this the meeting place?”

• "Don't many nobles often get caught up in worse places?" That from Cass.

• Enialas smiled at Cass's question and added simply "No comment."

• "Welcome, intrepid ones," the Envoy says, motioning them over. "I am Liam Norfelld, envoy on special task for House Wands, and this is Geornan, one of House Wands' drivers. He was the last to see both Lord Jag and the principal party alive."

• Aerin looks up at the speaker, shrugs.

• "I will be brief as its quite obvious time is our enemy here. Geornan, awaiting the return of Lord Jag at Ridgeline Camp..."

• Geornan interrupts, "It were me foot, y'see." He points at his injured foot, which is wrapped in a fresh cast (or splint?).

• Sera eyeballs the foot - but says nothing further there. Quite content to just listen for now as that seemed to be important.

• "Yes," Liam nods, a bit dismissively, "Ridgeline Camp lies just to the northeast of the hamlet of Rassalantar, which itself, if you aren't familiar is approximately 40 miles from this very gate, in that direction." He points obviously at the road leading north.

• "Otherwise I'da been there wif 'em," Geornan interrupts again. "Tymora's luck, I'd say." He nods. "I wasn't even thinkin' nuffin' was wrong, but then there they came, five o' 'em, looking about for Lord Jag, wouldn't ye know? Talkin' about Mary his mum sent 'em out after him. His mum ain't no Mary, that's for sure."

• "Lord Jag was on a routine expeditionary assignment," Liam explains. "He's a bit of a spelunker, so I'm told."

• "But they seemed right by it," Geornan continues. "Came back with the Lord's crew, dead to a man. They were right respectful about it. Said there'd been a cave-in and could they use some help to open it up. So I pointed out the right gear and sent a few strong backs up the mountainside to 'em."

• Enialas nodded at what was being said while he approached Geornan, "Please continue." Enialas knelt down and began examining the mans foot.

• "One o' them lads comes back only the evenin' last, on about suspicious folk peerin' about their camp.” Geornan continues, “So they packed up and came down, since well, they was only paid fer diggin'. It's the last anyone's seen of 'em. He said there weren't even a footprint in that dusty ol' cave." He eyes the elf. "She broke my big toe, the horse did," he nods. He winces a bit as Enialas examines his foot, but it seems only out of anticipated pain.

• Enialas finished examine the injury and finally nodded. "Your physician did an excellent job with the injury. Please continue." He said to both House Agents

• Geornan only smiles goofily. "We search for proof of life or death," Liam offers. "Bring either and you shall be handsomely rewarded. Lord Jag's endeavors are a primary concern of the House. Find him for us, if you please."

• Aerin moves over to stand beside Cass, almost looking to take hold of her shirt tail.

• "If we should find a viable corpse I assume you wish it returned…”

• "Absolutely," Liam replies quickly. "In Gentle Repose if at all possible." With that he offers a small map and 100g advance to the four of you. "For your time, if nothing should come of your investigations." The map shows the location of Rassalantar, an Inn called the Sleeping Dragon, a camp marked 'Ridgeline,' and a recently added rock formation marked with an 'x' that says 'last known location.'

• "We should return what we can find anyway - within reason. There are ways that can work with less if House Wands is willing to try them." Sera still hadn't stopped checking her things - many of them fitting into a pocket in her cloak that really ought not to hold as much as it appeared to.

• "I'd assume so for a proper burial," Cass says.

• "Any further questions?" Liam asks.

• Aerin asks, “Will Geornan be driving the wagon?”

• Enialas asks, "Is there anything we need to know about the men accompanying Lord Jag?"

• "No," Liam replies. "Geornan is to be made available for questioning of any continuing efforts, if, for example, yourselves are unsuccessful. No, he will not be going with you. I can arrange a wagon and another driver, and in fact have one standing by."

• "Anything of note?" Enialas again.

• "Dead to a man," Geornan replies. "Attacked by a buncha ogres, they said. Those first 5."

• Enialas continues questioning. “Were their bodies recovered? And if so...did someone attempt to commune with the dead for additional details?"

• "Some fight outside the cave they found,” Geornan goes on, “Ogres collapsed it after they killed everybody. Them first 5, they found Lord Jag's cloak in the cave. They figgered he might be trapped inside and went a'excavatin' it."

• "I then how do you know it was Ogres?" Enialas asks, "Were there other eye witnesses?"

• Liam answers Enialas' line of questions, "Of course. We have been as thorough as possible. The men were set upon by no less than 8 ogres, some of which spoke and wielded magic not unlike men, and not using the conventions of the Ogre Magi."

• Enialas pursed his lips nodding at that and he glanced at Sera as if to ask did I miss anything.

• "The last living, a dwarf, held the line while Lord Jag went within the cave in search of a means of retreat. He was struck down. Per Geornan, it seems the Ogres then collapsed the entryway and trapped Lord Jag within, confirming the hypothesis of those who went before you."

• Cass looks interested, "Ah hopefully my collection will be bigger after this."

• "Sounds.. strange?" She returned Enialas' glance but didn't really seem to have anything to add.

• It seems strange that everyone would die but the Lord...the manner in which they acted suggests they may have intended to trap the Lord and not kill him,” Enialas muses. "That bodes well for the possibility of a happy outcome though I suspect time is of the essence."

• "Lord Wands agrees," Liam comments.

• Aerin says, “Well, I'm ready to go!” bouncing the crossbow in her hands.

• “Well, I'm all for heading out immediately then,” Sera says. “We did come prepared." We apparently meaning the unsavory looking half-elf with her, and Enialas.

• Enialas then looked at the others. "I am ready to travel we should do so quickly."

• "Time we head out then?" Cass queries.

• Enialas turned to Liam. "Is there any reason that we would not wish to approach the area magically?"

• Aerin looks up at Enialas and shrugs. “I have no means.”

• "If nothing else we can probably see any magical issues coming ahead of time, you and I." Sera’d be heading into the cart right around then it would seem.

• Enialas nodded. "I have the means to get us close quickly but I do not wish to do so if there is a reason we need to be travelling on foot or horse back"

• “A forced march will get you to the hamlet of Rassalantar by sundown. You are welcome to use other means of transportation if you so desire.”

• Enialas smiled at that and nodded. "May I see the map please?"

• “If you have the means to move us all quickly, why not?” Aerin says.

• "We may not land precisely where I intend but we should be close."

• The total distance from where you stand to the entrance of the cave is approximately 70 miles.

• "Well…” Sera thinks, “I can get us a bird's eye view when we land to sort out where on the map is if we need."

• "If everyone would gather round. Please."

• Aerin moves closer.

• Cass moves a step.

• Enialas nodded. "As time is of the essence I'll try to get us as close to the cave as I can."

• You all move off to the side of the thoroughfare to a round area surrounded by columns, a dedicated teleport target that's well-known to the arcanists of Waterdeep. Can't have people just poofing in and out of the city at will, now can we? Could be dangerous.

• Enialas begins casting a spell some may be familiar with designed to transport the group and their belongings to within 5 miles of the cave.

• Sera’s not far behind. The half-elf right there with her. "Let's go then."

• Enialas begins casting the spell and for those familiar with teleportation the spell takes a little longer than it might normally take to cast but there does not appear to be anything untoward happening. However, when they land they are in a lightly forested area that does not appear to have any well travelled path ways in sight.

• Enialas sighed "I was afraid this might happen, the risks of only having been along the this path once or twice. We have obviously not landed where I had intended.”

• Upon feeling her feet on firm ground, instantly Aerin’s crossbow comes up into alert mode, scanning the area.

• "It would appear we arrived South East of our destination perhaps 15 to 20 miles away."

• "Well that's.. not the best outcome." The Hin doesn't land right away - kind of hovers in the air upon arrival. Eventually she looks at the half-elf, who nods once before his form appears to kind of melt/evaporate into a much smaller shape. About two feet of red skin, chain shirt, horns, barbed tail, and a backpack full of things. The Hin takes the backpack, then promptly reaches to her pocket. Pulling out a glass eye. "One moment. I'll get us a bird's eye view and confirm that."

• Cassandra nods in agreement, "Shouldn't take too long to get there from here."

• This side of the hill is still mostly in the shade at this time of day. Shadows aplenty and the sounds of the forest engulf you.

• "So it would appear we have some walking to do regardless," Enialas comments.

• “Well, my feet work, shall we?” Aerin seems ready to go.

• As to the glass-eye, her left one bulges in her skull. Little points of pressure forming at it's bottom that peeled open bearing spider legs. Four there, four more on the other side - all bearing an eyeball. Which she hands to the imp - promptly soaring upward. The glass one goes in immediately after.

• "Lets let Sera get a view of the terrain before we move out,” Enialas advises.

• The ground is not overgrown, soft grass in places on reddish earth, the granite of the mountain exposed here and there. The way is not difficult through the trees.

• "North west” Sera says, “I see it. Look like the assessment is pretty spot on. It'll be fairly easy traveling."

• With the way now confirmed, time was of the essence.

• Aerin has her crossbow against her shoulder on alert, moves out with the rest of the group pulling up the rear.

• Enialas nodded at that, "Well thank goodness for small favors. Shall we?"

• Half the day goes by and you are now perhaps a pair of hours away from your destination. Approaching from the direction you come, you could take perhaps an extra two miles west to move through Ridgeline Camp before ascending to the cave, or you can go around it completely and continue on your current path.

• Enialas mentioned to the others about the detour. "I doubt we would get much useful intelligence from the camp, I suggest we head straight to the cave since we should arrive well before dark."

• "I'm fine with this notion,” Sera agrees. “Ahl'zarde will stay in the air with my eye. Anything noteworthy filters in I'll make mention."

• Enialas nodded in agreement but he looked to Aerin and Cass for objections first.

• Aerin shrugs. “I am following you.”

• Cass snorts, "That's about right, choice is fine with me."

• You continue on until you seem to be perhaps half a mile or so from your destination.

• The Hin sees things nicely enough when the Imp makes sure of it, plus you know... telepathy. "Ahl'zarde has spotted something near our goal. Someone else is there ahead of us."

• Aerin stands waiting for more information.

• "Can he get closer?" Cass asks.

• "Just 1 person?” Enialas queries, “Or a group?"

• Sera answers, "He only saw one - and he's getting closer as we speak. No reason for us to wait around though... only so much he can find out from up there."

• "Then we should proceed with caution,” Enialas advises.

• "Could fan out and hide,” Cass suggests, “let me deal with them in person when we arrive.."

• Aerin moves off to the right side of what could be called "their path" and bow still on alert, starts in the direction they were traveling.

• Enialas shrugged. "We are not certain they are hostile but we can proceed as you like."

• "We probably should proceed quietly from here however."

• "I'm not exactly good at hiding." ..Says the fat pink halfling. "But if anyone feels they operate better that way feel free."

• Eventually, you travel along and the mountain's slope increases. You end up just below the rock formation, which has disappeared from your view on the other side of the next ridge.

• Enialas nodded at that.

• She'd hold up a hand for them all to stop a moment. "There's a small valley between us and the rocks - we're going to be sitting ducks to anything in there unless we stick to the trees. Even then we're probably visible from below."

• Aerin halts at the motion. “So, where is your eye and the seen being?”

• "I'm honestly not sure how half of us are going to go unseen regardless,” Sera notes. “Perhaps those who can should linger to the side, keep an eye on our backs. The rest of us just don't try to hide. - My eye is in my Familiar's hands, over the tree tops."

• Cassandra nods, "Good that we are though, might mean less of a threat for either of you." Looking at En and Ae. "Any invisibility spells?"

• "I could place both myself and Sera."

• “I too can become unseen,” Aerin says.

• “My Familiar can do that to himself naturally,” Sera replies. “I haven't got that talent personally but I can employ other means of misdirection." She'd pause a moment. Focusing before she shimmered briefly in the air, and than appeared.. right beside herself. One of them moving naturally and the other a little less so. The new one speaks. "I can move an illusion of myself through the open."

• "Is that how we wish to approach then?" Enialas asks.

• Aerin thinks about it. “Well, that would let them know someone was here, and see what their intent is.”

• Sera says, "It would also draw them out and show us their intention. Right now we're not sure where they are. Only that they exist."

• Enialas nodded. "I'll move in the open with the illusion, I can become invisible if needs be quickly."

• "Cass and I can try to approach from another angle perhaps,” Sera says, “and I can go straight up the side if I must."

• Cass shrinks herself down to a strong but petite 5'4" the crown changes into a blue ribbon, and the greataxe strapped to her back looks a bit unwieldy for her now.

• Enialas nodded "I can approach from the air as well if needs be but someone should approach from the ground."

• Aerin lets out a sigh. “What would you have me do?”

• "Approach unseen as you see fit,” Enialas says.

• Aerin nods and with that vanishes. She starts down the “path” and down the hill into the vale.

• Enialas prepares to approach the ridge from an exposed position. He keeps an eye out approaching quietly but openly.

• Cass works her way into the valley out in the open as well.

• When you clear the ridge you see a bit more than can be seen from above. The mountainside slopes down into a golden grass-filled valley. The treeline stops and leaves the meadow open for about 40 yards. There, the treeline resumes until the rock formation, which stands above the trees on the opposite ridge, about 300 yards would span the distance from ridge to ridge.

• Enialas moves unhurriedly towards his destination.

• With a duplicate of Sera walking alongside him.

• "Heads up...” Enialas warns, “There appears to be an invisible tiefling headed towards the rock formation."

• Cass unslings the greataxe..

• Well that would be a.. a thing. Sera - one of her - speaks up. "If you can give me a point of reference I can have Ahl'zarde try to expose him, at least briefly."

• Enialas discreetly points out the direction of the ridge line. "Its moving fast about 200 yards off, 100 yards from the rock formation." Enialas continues to head in the direction of the cave.

• A bright light erupts as you cross the vale, above your heads.... there is a shout and you see the glowing outline of a flying being trailing across the sky toward the rock formation...

• "Anyone who can hit that, do it!" Sera calls out.

Poor tiefling, it may have just been out for an afternoon flight... Or not...
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 2: Going In, Wands Waving IC Thre

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Session 2

• The tiefling wings it double time in his continued direction and might very quickly be out of range.

• The Hin clearly didn't seem to find it terribly compelling to stay subtle much more beyond this. She procures a small ivory rod capped with what looks like a bird's skull, levels it in the Tiefling's direction… Well, apparently she had to get a little closer first. Which meant willing herself through space and moving as fast as her legs would manage. (Hint: not that fast)

• The Imp was far closer - and could fly pretty damn fast. Not fast enough to do anything yet but the Tiefling would see a small fiend closing the distance alarmingly fast.

• Enialas needed to make sure you maintained eye contact so he flew up into the air and moved closer and then cast a spell designed to restrain the Tiefling mid flight.

• *still invisible and not really wanting to be seen, Aerin continues up the ravine toward the top*

• Enialas finishes his spell and focuses on the Tiefling in the distance who suddenly stops mid flight and is held suspended in the air.

• Cass casts a spell and rapidly moves towards the captured tiefling.

• Well, Sera's still quite a ways out - hence she's stuck once more hustling as well as her frame will manage before vanishing and appearing a good ways closer again.

• Her imp on the other hand is by now more than capable of flying into the Tiefling's field of view and addressing him. The fiend is curiously well built for such a small creature. Little glints of iridescent power occasionally dancing across the lines his body formed. They passed over his eyes and teeth when he spoke. "Stop struggling and cooperate with us."

• There is no reaction from the Imp's intended target. It just looks to struggle in Enialas' grasp.

• "He's fled...that's an illusion." Enialas maintains the Telekensis spell. While he flies closer to where the image was to get a closer look at the area he fled from.

• As Enialas rises, he sees the trees. Above the treeline, the mountainside is somewhat flat and full of huge granite boulders. In the distance, he can see the rock formation that is their intended destination. Perhaps three hundred YARDS away.

• *still under the cover of invisibility, Aerin quietly continues toward our target*

• Cass picks up speed and goes barreling through the landscape...

• A bright violet spear of energy sails up from the treeline at Enialas, but his shield deflects it unnaturally... His attacker is nowhere to be seen.

• "He's near the rock formation. Enialas points

• Well. Given that he was still -that- far away all she can really do is move closer again then. And try to stay behind trees for cover.

• The imp on the other hand is considerably less far off - and dealing with someone firing highly visible energy blasts nearby with the imp being in the air.

• The Imp promptly vanishes in the air. Moving closer to their target - and communicating telepathically with his mistress. Who promptly points out a general area of a knot of trees. "Around there! Keep your eyes open for movement!"

• Enialas continues to maintain the Telekenesis spell and utters a command word activating the ability on his scarf… Suddenly there are 5 images of Enialas shifting and spinning around. Enialas then begins scanning the area for his enemy.

• *Aerin corrects her trajectory toward the rock formation Enialas points to, hoping to find a target, the crossbow still up at shoulder, scanning the area for a target*

• Sera too, moves into the treeline.

• An arrow flies from the forest and catches the tiefling!

• As soon as it impacts, the tiefling looks in Cass' direction!

• Enialas notes, "He dimension doored again."

• She was getting exasperated. To say the least. While the Tiefling kept warping around Sera simply moved closer to their goal. A short bit of normal movement and then a dimension door of her own.

• Assuming anyone was watching her imp for any reason he ends up vanishing from view while his mistress proceeds to casually ignore the tiefling and head toward their goal.

• Enialas stops reaches into the folds of his robes to cast a spell from it, waiting for his target to get in range.

• *Aerin still continues toward the target, being careful to not break the invisibility spell*

• All of you can see the pair of ogres now coming down the mountainside.

• Enialas performs his readied action and casts a spell from the scroll he pulled out

• As Enialas completes his spell, there explodes into your vision a terrifying site in the sky. Trailing fumes of sulphur in a cloud that partially conceals it, a man rides the back of a ghastly horse, whose hooves stamp smoke into the air and noxious gas spills from its nostrils. It is bearing down full speed on the group of mirages that look and act like Enialas... On the man's head is a skull, and from it two great, curved horns, one of which is broken in half. In his hand is a wicked looking scimitar, he bears down on the sun elf at a full gallop, and when he reaches him, rears up! Instead of hacking at him with his weapon, however, the man simply *explodes* in a ball of flame!

• She slows down and readies herself for the ogres.

• As the fireblast clears it finds Enialas engulfed in the sulfuric snorting of the Nightmare horse as well.

• The tiefling rises into the sky and hurls a hot violet blast of energy at the imp...

• One of the Ogres spots Cass and points, and waggles his unarmed fingers... As does the other. A pair of acid arrows flies at her, both finding their mark!
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 2: Going In, Wands Waving IC Thre

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Session 3

• The Hin's course of action is the simplest of things. She hovers up a little til she's close to eye level with the Nightmare. Adopting an unwholesome smile, she speaks to it. "The audacity, riding something like you as if you were just a horse. Throw him."

• The Nightmare's head snaps up at the Hin and it stamps its flaming hoof in the air, snorting more sulfurous gas from its nostrils..

• The eyes behind that skull mask find Sera's, too.

• The little red man didn't seem to overly fancy having been both seen and fired at - so he darts through the air alarmingly quickly and places himself squarely so that if the Warlock wants to take another shot at him he'll have to somehow shoot -through- the nightmare and it's rider to do it.

• Enialas tried something, extending his will outward towards the rider of the Nightmare.

• The Nightmare's rider seemed completely unphased by Enialas's force of will and a flash of...something...anger crossed the Necromancer's face and so he activated an ability on his belt that allowed him to quicken a a transmutational spell and he quickly cast it now. A blast of green energy hits the Rider and the rider grunts in pain but somehow remains intact and digs in and manages to stay atop the Nightmare.

• Enialas then drops straight down to the ground using his fight to control his descent downward.

• *Aerin moves up and levels the crossbow at the Ogre and lets loose with a barrage of bolts *

• As Enialas drops the rider knicks him with the pointy end of his weapon... Instead of a bleeding Enialas, however, the image just shatters... "Grrr!" the Rider growls. "Follow him!" he grunts, his voice gravely and sounding hoarse and broken. The nightmare plummets down toward Enialas, and just at the end... dumps the Rider over the side. In mid-air, a spectacular transformation occurs. Features grow and distort, claws extend from his hands, weapons disappear, as does the skull mask. Instead, a dire boar now dives down at Enialas, bearing on its chest a huge black breastplate, but ... the bony protrusions and the mottled, wasted skin... Bones show in places they shouldn't, like *through the skin* His eye sockets hollow, leaving only a pair of red dots... But oh how he roars as he bears down upon Enialas! He slams into the ground amidst the fake Necromancers, causing one to vanish!

• One of the Ogres wiggles his fingers at Aerin. The other starts running toward Cass.

• The air around the small woman grows cold and dark, nearby the ground cracks and shudders as it spews forth the giant corpse of an ogre(ogre zombie). "Shred and tear them to pieces when they get close, and bring me the their heads when done. Intact."

• Aerin manages to stay unsinged.

• The tiefling disappears.

• Well if at first you don't succeed.. The Hin approaches the melee forming regarding Enialas and the thing that resembled a zombie boar of some kind who had formerly been the rider. But it's still the Nightmare she speaks to. "This isn't going to go their way - but you know that. You are entirely too magnificent a creature to go down with a half-dead swine and a pair of ogres."

• The creature stamps its hoof and turns toward Sera.

• The imp - still tucked safely out of the way it hopes - fishes out a scroll from the satchel on it's back.

• Enialas now in Melee range with the creature frowns and casts a spell he finishes the spell by throwing 2 Cold Iron Daggers into the air and the daggers float around him and lash out at the former rider

• Enialas' magic dagger finds a critical point that on any living thing would be a severe injury, slashing at the things jugular. Instead, the thickened hide of this wasted looking dire bear simply cracks open and reveals the stench of the undead within... The creature roars in defiance at the wizard...

• *slightly pissed by the attempted BBQ job by the Ogre, Aerin peaks out from behind a tree and lets loose with another barrage of bolts at the Ogre, then ducks back behind the tree *

• At least one of Aerin's attacks finds its mark, but the Ogre still comes.

• Now those close enough can see the beast's exposed ribcage as it rears up, bones protruding through its thick, matted hide. A bolt of divine fire rains down from the sky and washes over Enialas…

• The nightmare seems content to back away from the undead bear thing and, glancing at Sera realizes something, it seems and makes a run for it.

• One of the ogres points at the zombie in front of Cass and barks an arcane command...

• The zombie ogre resists the not-so-zombie ogre. The other ogre moves forward and tries to smack the undead with a giant sword. It misses badly, however.

• One of the ogres sags just as Cass stares it down... it seems decidedly less ... vigorous.

• The zombie and ogre battle it out but the zombie can't seem to land a hit…

• The floor explodes around Sera and Enialas and the living plants there grab at your feet...

• The warlock appears then, a scroll disintegrating in his hands.

• Sera vanished right out from the vines - and appeared straight in the Warlock's face. That black cane of hers melting into a fluid serpent of ebony spewing offensively hot pink energy. She lashed out twice - one of the two raked itself right across him. As for the little red fiend it winged over directly above Enialas, then up-ended a potion onto the Elf.

• Enialas Cast yet another spell in the area right in front of him suddenly flaming tentacles spring up looking to grapple the undead bear.

• Even as his daggers attack the creature.

• * now that the Ogre seems distracted by a cousin, Aerin makes a move to get the bead on the other one *

• The tentacles wreathed in bluish purple flames attempt to grapple the Undead Boar unsuccessfully, the creature does get singed from the flames, in addition the two daggers slash at the creatures dealing some damage but not as much as it might.

• No fool to the ways of magic, the dire bear still tries to attack En with all its might!

• Again the image is poofed. Now there were two.

• The nightmare is beyond your vision.

• * peaking out from behind her new cover, lets loose with the triple bolt action of the crossbow, hitting a couple of them *

• One ogre slaps the zombie with a magic barrage of missiles while the other swings on it again. Again missing badly. Swordplay wasn't that one's specialty.

• There's a breeze that slowly picks up as the temp drops, snow begins to form and hinder vision.

• The effect of Cass' magic is to practically blind everyone in a 30' radius of her, including her allies...

• The tiefling flaps its wings, or at least that's what it sounds like.

• All but Aerin and the Imp, one of the ogres are under the effects of the spell Obscuring Snow

• Snow or not - Sera raises her cane and lashes out again. The imp likewise empties another potion into the elf.

• It's all white. Enialas uses his magic to continue to attack the bear, and, well, it didn't need to see, did it?

• * peeking out from behind the tree once again, lets go with more Bolts at the only visible target, the Bear and they all bounce harmlessly off its thick hide

• The loss of vision causes the bear to back out of the snowstorm and turn in the direction of the newest foe: Aerin.

• Enialas noting the Snow being a problem casts a protective spell which begins to swirl around him and immediately sends the protective energy of the spell and directs it against the obscuring snow spell effectively dispelling the effect!

• That leaves him open and the bear dives in!

• The bear slashes through the last of Enialas' illusions, leaving only the elf and another claw, which claps the elf on the side of the head and he goes down, the bear on top of him and ready to tear him to pieces!

• The ogre spits some more arcane words at Cass and her zombie, now that he can see them!

• *seeing the bear take En down, takes aim and lets lose with three bolts , two of the three bolts streak with uncanny accuracy, the other flies off somewhere unseen *

• One ogre casts a web at anyone it can catch (cass/zombie DC15 reflex), the other steps back and lays down the lightning!

• * the bear barely feels the sting of the 2 bolts, but feels it none the less *

• The web keeps the zombie stuck where it is, and though Cass isn't held fast, she has to struggle to move.

• The lightning bolt hits the zombie square. Talk about a meat shield, literally. It's also held fast in the other ogre's webbing. It now has a gaping hole, bits of flesh and blood drip and ooze out.

• Really?" Cass glares at the webbing in annoyance. "Just die."

• The ground shudders behind the ogre as another zombie bursts from the ground pinning the poor mage.

• The ogre mage doesn't stand a chance as the flanking zombies tear into it. Cass' 2nd zombie spears through the ogre with the lightning touch and he goes down, in pieces… the ogre promptly turns into a man, which one of the zombies promptly beheads and seeks to return said head to its master…
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 2: Going In, Wands Waving IC Thre

Postby A.J. » Thu May 07, 2015 12:31 pm

Session 4

• The tiefling seems to be apprising the situation, not really doing much of anything...

• Sera hasn't got wings - but the snow is a problem just the same. With a frustrated grown she swings one arm in a wide sweeping gesture. A rather impressive burst of searing hot air flies out in a line from the motion.

• The tiefling is engulfed in the scalding gust and falls into the treeline. Just before it hits the trees, it disappears, as if never really there.

• The Imp sets his eyes on the Warlock - and keeps them there. Though he also digs out a potion and up-ends it over Enialas (hopefully)…

• The potion crashes and splashes, healing En a bit more and singeing a hair or two of the bear’s.

• Enialas is aware that he is in trouble but he is able to focus the daggers whirling around him to attack the undead bear

• Then Enialas utters a command word using 3 charges from his boots to transport him 40 feet into the air

• Finally he pulls a potion from his own belt and pours it down his throat quickly…

• The ogre meanwhile sends a whistling ember in Cassandra’s direction... A ball of fire explodes by Cass and her zombie, setting it and the forest and the webbing on fire. The bear seems to enjoy this...

• Taking a small step to the left, crossbow still up at Aerin’s shoulder, she unloads a barrage of bolts at the Ogre... Aerin's bolts hit one of three. The ogre grunts in pain.

• The bear looks up and Enialas and roars.

• One of the ogre zombies melts in a webbed fiery explosion, when the dust lift Cass looking unarmed and pissed. "You dare to fireball Auril's servant!" The small woman explodes into a giant's form and works her way towards the ogre.

• "Kind of hard to fly in bear form,” Enialas smiles down at the enraged bear

• It might not be much to smile about. As the creature roars, the bits that were falling apart from your previous attacks seem to mend themselves, even as the creature rakes it's own face! It looks strong as ever.

• The ogre on the north end seems to be significantly damaged at this point. It starts looking. For an escape route.

• The tiefling meanwhile hurls an eldritch spear at Aerin and then launches into the sky. The spear lights Aerin up. Hard.

• Sera still had that undead bear thing sitting.. well, right in her face. So clearly the thing to do is poke it with sticks. Sticks made of obsidian and channeling eldritch fire. It roars again as Sera lays into it backing up a step.

• Enialas turns his eyes in the direction of the Energy blast that hit Aerin. "That will be quite enough from you."

• Enialas takes hold of the rune dagger at his waist and began casting a spell in the direction of the warlock.

• With the bear backing up into the pit of fiery tentacles they grab after the creature.

• The warlock visibly stiffens in the air…

• Enialas nodded satisfied. "He's blind, deaf and unable to detect anything Aerin.”

• And finally Enialas utters another word and mist begins to roll off his person shrouding him in mist. (Mithral Mist effect)

• The tiefling looks in a panic.

• Rebounding from the shock of the blast, Aerin sends 3 more bolts down range at the beast! The bolt that does hit seems to have no effect.

• Aerin takes her thumb and licks it, rubbing it on the front sight of the crossbow since that HAS to be the reason she can't hit that big thing, the sights are dirty…

• The bear roars again at Enialas, and moves out of the area affected by his magic, albeit slowly, as the mithral mist envelopes the sun elf, a cloud of noxious vapor rises and surrounds him in a 40' wide sphere (Stinking Cloud) The ogre makes a break for it, his altered form resuming his normal human shape as he does so... Luckily for Sera it is over her head.

• Thought the cloud's stench is nearly nauseating, all it really does is obscure both Sera and the blighter from En's view.

• Cass weaves through the trees after the man, catching him quickly she nicks him with her first strike!

• While the warlock tiefling tries to figure his way out of the dark, silent void surrounding him...

• Sera takes an equally short step right up into the thing's space again, then once more sets to cane herself a bear. Because clearly that's what halflings do when they're frustrated.

• Suddenly the tielfing stops flailing, eyes the scene, and he too, bolts.

• Sera scores two more strikes, leaving horrifying arcane scorch marks on the bear's bony frame and suffusing the air with the sound of splintering fractures forming all over it. That skeletal beast didn't have a lot left holding it together.

• No, it quite didn't. So much so that it seems to fold in upon itself and then *pop*. It's gone. No more dire bear.

• You have a fleeing ogre to the north, and the tiefling is climbing into the air, heading southwest.

• The Imp's speed in the air is nothing short of intimidating - it catches up with the fleeing man and plants it's rather sizable tail stinger into his shoulder, but apart from the small hole nothing else happens this time.

• "Gya!" the man in the white and purple tabard yells as he gets imp-aled... He still tries running away, though!

• Enialas flies up into the air an additional 40 feet to survey the area.

• He surveys the area and spots the fleeing figure he grips his rune dagger once more and casts the same spell this time hopefully on a target that can't dispel it immediately after…

• Beneath him lies a fog cloud. The tiefling is high-tailing it to the southwest (full sprint) and is at least 100 yards away from him and slipping away.

• Aaah!" the man in the tabard cries, stumbling forward and falling flat on his face. He is an easy prize, now, thanks to Enialas’ magic.

• Enialas says, "Don't kill him."

• The man is screaming at the loss of his senses and writhing around.

• “Let’s get him that we can interrogate him,” En suggests. "Is everyone alright?"

• Aerin shrugs. “I will be fine.”

• "Quite alright, really." Sera was taking her time wandering up to the screaming victim at that point. Maybe brushing a few dusty bits off her clothes, cleaning undead off her cane. The imp's wounds closed visibly as well, quick enough to watch them seal shut.

• Aerin moves out from behind her cover and heads toward the others.

• Enialas flew to Cass, the Imp and the prisoner.

• At first the man is calling out about his lost senses, then recoiling when they try to bind him, eventually his language begins to garble and become nonsensical as he can't hear his own words.

• Enialas makes sure the man's feet are bound and then his hands behind his back.

• Finally a gag around his mouth so that he cannot start casting as soon as he regains his sense.

• Note Enialas is readying a dispel magic to counterspell anything he might try to cast while we are interrogating him

• Sera - trusting nobody will ask why she has them - removes a set of shackles and ten feet of chain from a pocket in her cloak that frankly shouldn't be able to hold them and yet somehow does. This she puts to work in binding the man perhaps a tad more securely.

• Enialas blinked at that.

• Aerin continues toward the others.

• "Sera you handle the interrogation...I need to make sure he doesn't try to cast any spells to escape."

• Well he'd have his hands bound in manacles which might make that harder. After doing that she places a hand on his forehead for a pretty fairly long while. Eyes housing a faint pinkish haze as she does.

• And Enialas loomed over the man, "Cass if he starts to cast an arcane spell, punch him in the throat."

• Aerin stops and steps into the brush and tree, picking up a sack of some type. “Hmmm, interesting…” She opens the top and looks through the contents. She sits down and starts picking items out of the satchel*

• As you bind him and the magic of Enialas' spell fades, he is in a near stupor-state, what with Sera taking it to him.

• "Aerin...kindly leave EVERYTHING out for us to examine...we will split our treasure evenly,” Enialas says, noting Aerin’s actions.

• The Imp nudges his mistress with an elbow, then simply makes eye contact with her. Which elicits a gently tilted head. Staring straight at Aerin. She'd comment, but given that Enn clearly noticed as well he said it just fine.

• "For your own safety as the items may be dangerous and to avoid invoking Sera's ire,” Enialas adds…

• Aerin’s eyes wandering about in mock chagrin, she sighs, the small bag making its way out of the folds of clothes to set beside the dagger.

( I do apologize for not having these up in a timely manner, I totally spaced on that. My bad. See you Monday! )
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 2: Going In, Wands Waving IC Thre

Postby A.J. » Thu May 07, 2015 2:55 pm

When the man is manacled and secure the Hin sits herself in front of him. Looking passively curious at first, head tilting gently to one side and then the other. Lips pursed.

When she speaks it's hard not to hear the brutish force behind those words, simple as they are. She doesn't raise her voice, but the thoughts try to crawl into the man's brain and replace his own just the same.

"Why don't we start with you telling us what you were here for, and why you felt the need to attempt to stop us by force. Be forthcoming now. I -can- do this all day, but that doesn't mean I want to, and the condition you leave our care in will be affected by what kind of mood I'm in when we finish."
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 2: Going In, Wands Waving IC Thre

Postby A.J. » Thu May 07, 2015 3:04 pm

The man seems barely to understand Sera, reeling from the effects of her magic as he was. "Sent w... with... with... Bla... with uh..." There are long moments he drags out his response, mispronouncing the name or trying to recall it, but Sera'd recognize it from the letter: Balastair. More drawn out words, "Y-you atkd us..." His words slur badly, "Check... on ggggg... gggave, CAVE... see... S-sees if it goes th-through." His head lolls to one side and he looks like he might swallow his tongue...
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Re: Best Laid Plans, Part 2: Going In, Wands Waving IC Thre

Postby A.J. » Mon May 11, 2015 5:06 pm

All in all, the interrogation reveals a few things:

Balastair the Blighter hails from somewhere in the Silver Marches, or at least, that's where the cultists were sent to fetch him, bring him to the cave to investigate, then into the city of Waterdeep itself.

The sorcerer's superior officer is known only to him as Kalteb. They were part of a contingency of cultists traveling to the city of Waterdeep where further instructions awaited them. There were perhaps two dozen men and women who had come before them and were sent on to the city incognito, first through Rassalantar (whereas you chose to bypass the small hamlet).

Upon analyzation of the warding around the portal, the strong abjuration careful study reveals is a forbiddance effect, keyed to lawful good alignments. Otherwise, those who are not matching its alignment exactly would be adversely affected or in some cases severely damaged upon entering into its area. Enialas is able to dispel it ultimately, though only just barely, as the magic used to create it was equal in power to his own.

Beyond you discover the portal. Enialas, using the analyze portal spell, discovers that it is at least 2,000 years old, if not almost 2,500 years old. There is mortar chipped away covering ancient elven writing. In fact, the writing is both elven, and magical, and using a mixture of read languages as well as a clever implementation of read magic, the party discovers the text as ancient Seldruin. More information on this dead language would have to be researched back in Waterdeep, and if not found there, possibly sought out in an elven city. Here is what you can make out:
The Left Side of the Portal wrote:"The blood of the dead grants thee passage, that your roots are never forgotten, that beneath the great Song Tree City lie your ancestors. Revere and remember them for All Time."

As well as:
The Right Side of the Portal wrote:"The blood of the living grants thee passage, that you may return to our eternal home on the shores of the Green Isle."

Extended study and the magic of Enialas reveal that originally the portal was designed to allow passage into the crypts beyond and was keyed to the bloodlines of those interred in the crypts of Aelinthaldaar.

Further study reveals that it is a two-way portal that also seems to lead to Evermeet, and from the inside of the crypts it is keyed in the same manner, meaning elves from the bloodline within the crypts of Aelinthaldaar only should be able to use it to get there. However, it is malfunctioning wildly, exhibiting levels of power beyond the scope of even Enialas' or Sera's vast knowledge. This is possibly a result of the Elven High Magic that was used to create the portal in the first place and the effects of some sort of catastrophic magical even that occurred some time near the creation of the portal itself. Also, a glimpse cannot be seen of where it leads since it is, in fact, malfunctioning. However, it is quite obvious that others have passed through the doorway, as footprints lead within. One could risk passing through the entryway in the hopes that they did not activate the portal, or simply find a way to circumvent the space which the portal occupies to enter the crypts beyond. You cannot tell when the last time the portal was activated...

A small contingent of Wands House Guard arrive in the afternoon of your second day of studying the portal, and agree to keep watch so that you might quickly return to the city to do whatever you might need to do...
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