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hunting party

Postby WyattEarp » Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:43 pm

Taiga, a recent arrival to the city, has been getting the word out in taverns in and around Waterdeep, that he is interested in organising a hunting party to head into the wilderness . Skins are in high demand for Waterdeep's pampered nobility, and a good group could make a handsome profit.

No killing if cubs, pups, or pregnant game allowed on this hunt, and no cutting down of trees tolerated.

If interested, go visit Taiga in his camp a half days walk north of the city, in the wilderness, right off the beach, by the old beached ship.
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Re: hunting party

Postby JuneBarcarolle » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:04 pm

Roxie thinks this idea sounds like fun. She's never hunted seals before. :)
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