Devils In Sailors' Clothing

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Devils In Sailors' Clothing

Postby A.J. » Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:18 pm

It is a crisp morning, the dawn rising easterly and casting a shadow over the dock ward. That doesn't stop it from being busy, however. Ships cast off, and countless wagons are beginning to arrive to unload their cargo for shipment.

Demetrius patrols the docks with a patrol of watchmen.

Sandra still getting accustomed to her new city is taking a stroll along the docks and looking out over the many ships. Some of the cargoes being offloaded also catch her eye, being from a merchant house herself.

Jonas is out and about today. He doesn't have any deliveries for the morning so he's enjoying the sunshine.

Having finished her prayers with sunrise Luciana makes her way along the docks. Her scarf is pulled up over her head and draped loosely around her shoulders today. Dark round sunlenses cover her eyes as she walks along.

As the sun rises the place becomes a literal throng of people. Some of you may have a time of it working through the masses.

Demetrius breaks away from the patrol as their captain dismisses them at the end for their shift and he goes to take in the sun fully.

Crowds. Aruka found she loathed crowds. So she hung back with her wolf, out of the traffic of it, waiting fro the throngs to thin enough for her to slip by. She looked tense, on edge a person out of place, out of their element.

Luciana slips up onto a cargo crate then a larger one at the edge of the street as the workers begin to fill the docks and smiles quietly as she looks out over the crowd, her right foot crossing at her left ankle.

The people do not seem to relent, but there are gaps here and there in their movement. Away from the larger thoroughfares things are a bit calmer, as there are less horses and wagons and, well, people. The group of you, with nary to do here, somehow find yourselves near one another, apparently all of you observing the goings-on together. Yet separately...

Jonas has no problems with the throngs of people. To him this is normal. It is home.

Aruka looked about, seeming glad to be away from the majority of the crowds. Spotting a few familiar faces, she gives a friendly smile and wave to them in turn.

Demetrius waves in reply.

Jonas notices the druid and her wolf from the other night trying to avoid the crowd. He slowly moves towards her location.

Coming from Baldur's Gate, crowds are nothing new to the tall, chondathan woman. Her attention does wander from the dock's normal inhabitants to the others near her, who she casually studies, so many new faces and all.

It is a busy time, in a busy place, and the sun warms all. All can simply sit back and watch the docks at work. But is the more speculative, the more skeptical, that can mark things out of order, or not in their normal harmony.

Aruka cast her gaze about, looking to some men leaving a ship, something about them was strange to her. Her brow furrowing as she watched them.

Jonas starts to say something, but then his attention is drawn to a ship nearby.

Demetrius is engrossed in watching the sun relfect of the ater just so...

The rest of you, if you follow the gaze of Aruka and Jonas, notice a few women disembarking from the boat you see called the Red Runner. The attention the pair of men get is noticeable, however, once pointed out...

Sandra's gaze follows after the others towards the disembarking people.

"Do you know who they are?" Aruka asks Jonas quietly now that he was near enough.*

Khat'ul ventures down the Docks, glancing at this shipping crate and then that. She had spent enough time aboard a ship to know she wouldn't want to live on one, for all that they were certainly interesting places to be. The Docks, however ... she had still to decide what to make of them.

"Not offhand," Jonas replied, "Maybe we should go see what they're up to."

Aruka looked dubiously at Jonas, humans were bold indeed. But she ultimately gave a small shrug and gestured with her chin for him to lead the way closer.

Jonas makes his way towards the Red Runner and specifically the people around it.

Aruka follows after Jonas, glancing about with caution and eyeing those about the ship they ventured towards.

Despite her agility, Khat'ul gets jostled several times - and there's one point where she spins to slap at someone who ducks and runs. So if there's subtefuge going on, she could possibly be forgiven for not finding out...

Falcon makes is way to the docks. As usual, h's not so much sight-seeing as mentally pricing ships. Just idle speculation, since he doesn't have nearly enough money to get one..... for now.

Sandra starts towards the people herself, something odd about those two fellows with the women.

The docks continue to fill, people and wagons abound, loading cargo. The more perceptive of you might notice more than others.

Jonas gets closer, watching the strangers up ahead.

The pair of men leave the ship together, heading into the city. What's awkward about them is simply their locomotion, in other words, how they articulate their movement. More than one of you notices an oddity about it.

Kha'tul pauses to look in the direction of a ship, gets bumped by someone else, and mutters a curse in her native tongue (Low Mulhorandi) as she steps out of the stream of traffic to watch the weird men.

Falcon's nearly oblivious, especially when he passes a sturdy little pinnace that would be just perfect for privateer work. Instead of a boarding crew he'd find a few other casters, load a ballista on the deck....

Aruka sticks by Jonas, observing the men, her brow furrowed. "What do you think is going on?" She asked Jonas quietly.

About then Sandra realizes she's not the only one following the pair "I take it you also noticed something off about those men?' she asks motion towards the pair up ahead.

Jonas answers quietly, "Not real sure. That ship had a bit of a run in with someone a while back, trafficking a fugitive if rumors are correct. "

The pair of men continue through the docks, heading toward the Sea Ward...

"Should we alert the authorities?" Aruka blinked, that was totally something Daethan would of said.

As they are moving through the crowd of people, about 80 feet.

"Not just yet," Jonas replies. "They haven't done anything, at least not that we know of."

Khat'ul inclines her head to Sandra, though they have never met. "It is strange indeed. They move as if ... I am unsure how to describe it. Certainly they would not dance, nor perhaps run."

Jonas keeps up the pace. Not closing in on them but not letting them fade from sight, either.

If he doesn't see the group, Falcon sees the group tailing them, and he heads that way.

Keeping with a familiar person, Aruka followed along with Jonas, glancing to the others that seemed to have caught on to the strange men up ahead.

"The motion leads the eye to believe the movement is not one natural to the body," Kha'tul concludes with an eloquent gesture.

Kha'tul's observation is astute. The question now is, what to do about it?

Follow them for now is Jonas's plan. Being a fish out of water, or whatever their natural environment is, is not a crime. But is certainly a curiosity.

"Perhaps..." And then Khat'ul speeds up, walking swiftly to intercept the two figures.

Sandra picks up her pace enough as well to get a closer look at the pair.

For the moment, Falcon's following along, curious rather than worried.

"Gentlemen," Khat'ul announces herself to the pair as she nears them. Her trained voice carries nicely in the cool air. "I could not help but notice that you are not among those born here, and wondered if you, too, were from abroad."

Jonas winces and steps off to the side, not looking like he was following anyone.

Certainly, with her hair and skin coloring, Khat'ul does not look like a Waterdhavian native.

Aruka blinked, yep, bold would defiantly be her choice word in describing humans. She stepped off with Jonas and glanced to him.

The pair of men pause, looking Kha'tul over, and saying, "Who're you?" One says, "Outta the way," says another, and they attempt to move past Kha'tul.

Kha'tul made no move to block their way, stepping aside with a raised eyebrow if need be. "I? I am a Speaker."

"Spitter?" says one, then spits. The other pays no mind. They amble on, each in their own awkward gate.

Rude fellows, that goes without saying, but lots of those in a city this large, still Sandra opts to follow them, not having anything else to do at the time.

Kha'tul watches them go curiously, then looks to the others. "Strange, and without manners."

As the strangers continue on, Jonas picks up his pace to catch up with Khatul. "Did you get a good look at them?" he asks.

"Manners?" one of them mutters. "'Ow about 'piss off'?! That manners enough!"The man seems exceedingly content with his insult.

"Possibly without a good deal of intelligence behind their odd ways?" Kha'tul ventures, musingly. "But none of these are matters within my hands or concerns."

"Could be," Jonas offers, "But it makes me wonder what they're doing in the city."

The quiet one whips its head around at Kha'tul's comment on intelligence...

Falcon blinks. "Easy, folks. No need to strike up trouble...."

Aruka trails after Jonas, but eyes the strange men as they seem insulted. Her wolf stayed by her side, he didn't much care for the crowded docks either.

"They're onto us," says the one to the other, watching more than one of you load up behind them...

"Well, I'm not sure we were, but ~that's~ pretty suspicious...." Falcom comments.

Hearing that, Jonas folds his arms across his chest and smiles at them. "Yes. So now it's your move." Jonas says it loud enough to easily be heard.

Sandra frowns hearing that line.

Ah. A breakthrough? "You could simply answer the question, gentlemen," Kha'tul states matter-of-factly.

One of them seems to turn to address Kha'tul, but the other one freaks out. "Run!" he says, and quickly tries to amble away, quite awkwardly.

Khat'ul blinks, slowly and deliberately, as one turns to address her and the other flees. And she waits for the man to ... apparently say his piece?

Hearing the guy yell "run" Jonas does precisely that: He runs up to the guy to attempt to prevent him from running away. He reaches out to grab him and.... He lays his hands on the man, and then, he finds himself suddenly grabbing nothing! In a ~poof~ the man changes from human to something completely other than! Small wings sprout from this creature's back, it is not more than 2' in height, and it tries its best to flee! Jonas is caught by surprise as the thing shifts form suddenly and he cannot keep it in his grasp! "What in the hells...." he exclaims as the form is gone.

Before him flits a sexless, big-nosed, bat winged creature... how it substituted this form for another is anyone's guess...

Drawing the great sword from her back she runs towards the one standing it's ground before the lady and immediately swings at it. And her blow misses him cleanly and cuts a small rent into the street stone at it's feet.

The creature dodges Sandra's swing with a shrill laugh, then moves to strike back at her with the stinger attached to its nubby tail...

Sandra feels the thing's wicked sting. Fortunately, it is only super painful and nothing more... the other man thing pops into the same form as well, and tries to sting Kha'tul!

Nothing doing there, as the thing barely remembers how to fly once reforming out of its human guise!

Kha'tul draws herself up, chin rising, spine straightening until she stands at the peak of her 5'6", and looks coldly at the imp who had just failed to sting her.

Aruka draws her bow, knocks and arrow, takes aim and... misses entirely. Similarly her wolf charges forth and bites at the one directly ahead but his jaws close on empty air.

Kha'tul speaks in Infernal, addressing the Imp who had attacked her, although her words are clearly heard by the others - and maybe more than just felt. (Infernal)"I speak as one who knows the words that bind, the words that break, the words that compel. Tell me why you are in my city, servant, and in whose Name you act." There's a cadence to her voice, rising as she speaks in that evil tongue, giving ...

(Infernal)"It has no power over I," says an imp, "Not without the name, the WORD, the POWER!" It is wary though, now, of Kha'tul...

Falcon may have waited for an answer--but unfortunately, he doesn't speak the lingo. He mutters quietly, making a gesture and flicking away a tiny spark of energy--which flies from his finger to the first imp (the one that attacked Sandra). It smacks into the critter with some force, but he's obviously not annihilating anything soon.

Since he has the thing's attention now and since this is no longer a simple street brawl, Jonas steps into a better position and draws his long sword. Time to put down these creatures.

The imp before him sees the steel and makes a hissing sound. It's not looking forward to what comes next...

Falcon's ball of magical energy smacks into the imp with a small explosion, flaying away skin and ichor.... in a minor fashion--it's clearly wounded but a long way from dead.

Jonas steps up opposite Aruka's wolf, and swipes at the imp Falcon's magic had already torn up a bit. A single upward stroke and the thing was carved in twain, disappearing in a blotch of stinky, sulfurous smoke...

(Infernal) "Two come to this city unwelcome," Kha'tul says, speaking the language of the Nine Hells, "asking no permission and answering no questions. But one remains, its life fleeting on this mortal coil. Should it but answer as asked, perhaps it might yet go."

Well, Aruka thought everyone else seemed to be doing better than her, so she didn't bother firing another arrow, but her wolf moved to bite at the other imp and... eats more air.

(Infernal)"Send me to my mistress, or leave me go," the imp replies, "I care not! Only to know my mistress will turn her eye upon thee! UPON THEE! Your doom is soon at hand!"

Out of desperation, perhaps, does this imp attempt its attack... It dives in at Kha'tul, she raises an arm to block its attack but its stinger slips beneath, sticking her in the armpit painfully...

Kha'tul's voice, already primed to broadcast, now makes clear her exclaimed "Ah!" of surprise and pain.

That little bugger stung, but Sandra just hisses in annoyance and swings the sword up and at the Imp again "Torm take you Imp!!!!" this time channeling her faith into her blade.

A horn sounds quite nearby.

This time Sandra's blade catches the Imp and carves the vile thing in two before going up in foul smelling smoke.

It is then you all notice the people around you have split and some run off screaming. Most however, oddly cheer your victory as the last of the little devils are smitten! Smote? Smote.

Falcon had already started muttering in preparation of another spell--when the imp disappears he nods, relieved, and steps back.

Khat'ul has a finger on the puncture point and her thumb hard on one of the larger veins, trying to slow the poison in her blood, but it seems like she is in no danger. "My apologies. I thought I could convince that one to talk."

It is none to soon that the Watch eventually shows up. There are multitudinous eyewitnesses that corroborate your story(ies).

Aruka blinks and looks bewildered. "Is everyone alright?"

Still, they request statements from all of you, and ask you to be present during a small counsel on the matter, since the origin of the trouble seemed to stem from a particular ship, which had been reported as gone missing with a known fugitive only weeks before.

"Damned familiars," the Tormite curses also spending a moment to examine her own injury "I've heard many, foul wizards and such use the things to do their work."

Falcon nods, happy to find out what he can about this ship, and nods to Sandra. "Were they familiars? In that case, where are the wizards? And how pissed are they right now?"

Jonas searches their costumes to see if there's anything there. He also answers any questions from the Watch. "I think they were more likely servants, not familiars."

Kha'tul stays quiet, other than to apologize again to the Watch and identifying herself as both speaker and student in the Great Library of Waterdeep.

There are no costumes. The creatures went from apparent humans to imps in an instant. Apparently some interesting or inherent magic was at work.

Sandra will readily answer the watches questions, then to Jonas, "You're likely right, not that it makes difference, they were sent here for some foul purpose."

Falcon nods. "Well, we just made things a little more interesting for ourselves."

Your reward comes only by the generosity of the Watch. Each of you receive an equitable amount of gold for your efforts to protect the city.

"Very interesting," Jonas comments. "I think the Watch may want to investigate the Red Runner as well, since that's where these things came from."

Kha'tul rises, hand still on the wound, and inclines her head to the others. "Thank you. I am, as I may have already have said to the Watch, a mere student at the Great Library here, where I study the Words that make us all."

"Do you need healing?" Aruka asks Khatul.

Kha'tul considered her arm, then shook her head. "I was trained in the Temple of Bast in the rudiments of their healing arts. It may take a day or two, but I am in no danger."

Aruka nods. "Very well. I wish you a speedy recovery then," she says, nodding to them all, having made sure to give her statement of the events, which was no different than the others, she wanders off with her wolf.

And Kha'tul, too, heads off.

(( Thanks for the scene, everyone! Loot and xp have been forwarded to a DM so keep an eye on your sheets. If folks would like to try to follow-up on any of this send me a Forum PM and I'll start an OOC thread for continuation/scheduling. See you around! ))
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