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Tying up loose ends

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:12 pm
by Kemian
Dev had taken care of nearly everything he need to take care, everyone that needed to know his plans that he could locate knew them and he had left word for just about everyone else that he thought might come looking for him once he left. Then it hit him like a lightning bolt.

The one person he hadn't told mostly to avoid another disapproving argument but then it occurred to him that he hadn't heard from her in nearly a year. This wasn't THAT unusual but given what they had been discussing just before she disappeared Dev thought he owed it to her to do a little digging. The first thing he did was go and pay for four Sending Spells.

The First to Jiriki asking her if she had gone to seek out Dominic on her own and asking if she needed assistance..

The Second was to the historian Narsingel asking if he had heard from either Dominic or Jiriki.

The Third he understood was a long shot but he sent one to Avarissa the Bedine asking if she had had contact with either Jiriki or Narsingel.

The Fourth is probably an even bigger long shot is the one sent to Dominic himself asking if he had been in contact with Jirki, and asking if he required assistance.

Next Dev went to speak with Susanna.

"Have you seen or heard from Jiriki in the last 10 to 12 months? She was thinking about going and looking for a friend of her's and I am worried she might be in trouble. She was looking for Dominic the Holy Judge of Tyr. Not someone I am normally close with but, Jiriki had heard he was headed to Mulrondi on a hunt a while back and she had not heard from him, she thought she might make a trip, I told her to come find me if she decided to go but she never did. I think I may need to check this out before I go on my...other trip. What do you think?"

Re: Tying up loose ends

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:47 pm
by Ian
The first sending gets a quick response. Jiriki is vague about her current whereabouts and actions (by dint of her 25-word limit if nothing else), but she seems to be active and safe enough. She is not currently seeking Dominic, though her tone likewise sounds worried after not having heard from him for so long.

Narsingel replies quickly to his sending, the long-winded historian seeking to establish a longer conversation through a two-way scrying hookup. (If Susanna can't arrange this, Altair absolutely can, and will agree to do so for no charge.) In the ensuing discussion, it's clear Narsingel has not recently heard from Jiriki, and he last heard from Dominic over a year ago; Devdan can place the timing to four or five rides before his own prior attempt to contact the Holy Judge.

Dominic's questions during that last discussion were broad but concise: the Holy Judge was apparently seeking all Narsingel might know about the Plains of Purple Dust, something he called the Imaskari Godswar, and any known recent activities of the Zhentarim in Mulhorand. Not exactly the typical targets of a Holy Judge's activities, but Narsingel figures that's between Dominic and Tyr...

Narsingel also notes he was particularly surprised Dominic didn't turn back up about a month ago when the Conclave of Silverymoon was attacked. What do you mean Devdan didn't hear about that? Oh yeah, they got assaulted by a group of arcanists that somehow circumvented the wards and conjured a dragon and a ton of magical fire. Not a lot of official word has come out so far--Silverymoon having enough problems at the moment and all--but some people are saying the Cult of the Dragon was involved, or even the Church of Tiamat, which he's heard has been more active of late, for reasons no one has yet figured out. But he's wondering if maybe your explicitly-not-named-aloud hellwyrm friend and his hand-themed cronies aren't somehow involved.

(If you have other questions for Narsingel, given the luxury of more than 25 words to work with, let me know and he'll respond.)

The sending to Avarisa takes some time to get a response, and when that response does come, it is a simple "No." Apparently contacting the Bedine from out of nowhere through an arcane divination doesn't get an enthusiastic reception, even from an old battle-comrade.

The fourth sending, to Dominic itself, gets nothing back.

Re: Tying up loose ends

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:03 pm
by Stam
Susanna noted that she, too, hadn't heard from Jiriki, and seems way too enthusiastic at the idea of The Trip Before The Trip.

She does, in fact, have the capability to set up a two-way Scry-line (albeit just once per day), and provides such for Devdan when Narsingel is ready for more discussion. While the two are dickering over when such a thing should take place by 25-word calls, she does a bit of her own research into the two particular topics that were of such interest to Dominic.

[Taking 10 using K-Arcana (+23) and K-Planes (+13), with Familiar pointing out where she goes wrong (Aid Another?) and possibly the Collector of Stories skill trick.]

Re: Tying up loose ends

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:58 pm
by Ian
Stam wrote:[Taking 10 using K-Arcana (+23) and K-Planes (+13), with Familiar pointing out where she goes wrong (Aid Another?) and possibly the Collector of Stories skill trick.]

With the aid of her familiar to jog her memory, Susanna recalls a brief cross-reference in one of the various and sundry tomes of planar lore she's studied over the years, something tying the Imaskari and some sort of deific event to a planar anomaly called the "Teyla-Shan Crossrip." As best Susanna can recall, the Crossrip was several thousand years ago, but there are apparently stories of similar planar anomalies in that region through the ages (a surprising number, a planar scholar such as Susanna might say now that she thinks about it), and many of the stories have bled together over time.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:13 pm
by Stam
Given that very small tidbit, she pokes and prods Dev to hurry up and arrange a convenient time. Her limited understanding of the topic suggests that the area Dominic is in might be prone to this sort of thing, and it might possibly be ready to go off again. Now she wants to know more - like, maybe it's going to go off while they're over there hunting, and they'll get front-row seats!

Edit: Once the connection IS established, and Narsingel and Dev have their preliminaries out of the way, she asks for more information on the Crossrip - and whether that could be tied into whatever Dominic (and Zhent activity too, maybe?) was investigating. Maybe the elf's studies or historical references could tell them more about when or where the next event might happen?

She will also offer her knowledge and official report of the venture to Tal Taumariel to the historian, and ask if he has heard of it and could comment at all.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:44 am
by Ian
Narsingel mostly only knows of Tal Tarmanel through the various writings of Astaroth he's discovered over the years. The high mage's famed "City of the Stars," it was to be the culmination of centuries of work, his ode to the great flying cities of Netheril that had vanished with the fall of Mystryl. It was largely planned by himself, his apprentice, and his wife, especially after his wife's projects were diminished and support for them terminated by the rulers of Earlann. Writings don't suggest it was ever finished before the three disappeared, but while everyone knew it was his goal, it seems he kept many of the project's details close to his chest, and most everybody that ever worked on it likewise vanished or died during the fall of Earlann.

Narsingel's very excited to hear that you not only found it, but that it's more or less intact. He looks a little appalled by the fact that you didn't try harder to get in, and he's very much interested in accompanying you on any return trip.

As for the Teyla-Shan Crossrip, Narsingel's pained expression prefaces a confession that he doesn't know a whole lot more than Susanna, as his knowledge of Mulhorandi history is slimmer than it is for many other areas of Faerun. It occurred roughly forty-five hundred years ago in the Teyla Shan mountains, which are near an area called Semphar--the border kingdom between Mulhorand and the wild Hordelands beyond. As Susanna found, Narsingel notes it was one of many such events in the wider Mulhorand region throughout history, standing out from the others mostly in the events and figures it is tied to.

Before the Crossrip, he says, there is no record of any deity from the Mulhorandi or Untheric pantheons in any source known to Faerun. After the Crossrip, a great war started between the Imaskari (who ruled Mulhorand and much of the far east at the time) and their slaves, who eventually won and split into the modern Mulhorandi and Untheric peoples--and it was in the midst of this war that the new pantheons became known.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:25 am
by Stam
"Astaroth's apprentice?" Susanna goes to fetch a notebook and opens it, scanning for the relevant information. "That's Lirinet, right? The rather dangerous woman you all met in Astaroth's planar-storage area, right before everything went to hell and you all ran away?" Susanna asks both Narsingel and Devdan. She's heard some of that story before.

"I have here that we're not sure if she's working for the hellwyrm or maybe Bane, but likely not both. But ... when did Tal Tarmanel light up red at first? You mentioned that she worked on the project, so I'm wondering if she might be the one who changed the lights. Or tried to enter and had them change as part of a security measure, or something."

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:41 pm
by Kemian
"Yes Lineret was Astaroth's Apprentice, she is terrifying."

"Does that mean it looks like this Crossrip is what brought the new Pantheon to Faerun?'

"And do we think that Dominic goes swept up in one of these Cross rips? Is going to these mountains to look for him a reasonable way to try and find out what happened to him? And finally should I be reporting this the the Tyrian Church?"

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:07 pm
by Ian
Narsingel's lilting tone pipes in again. "I'm not certain, but it seems logical to presume from the timing that either the Crossrip allowed the new pantheons to enter Faerun, or it was an incident caused by the pantheons emerging on Faerun. Either could be the case, and we've never had enough information to say for certain. In addition to the high level of planar instability, that is simply not a safe region to spend a lot of time in, so the research is quite thin.

"As for the Tyrrans, yes, I'd rather think they would want to know where their man has gotten to. Dominic seems to come and go for long stretches on his own errands, so maybe they're not concerned yet, but it's a safe bet something's happened there that bears looking into. His interests seemed broader than the mountains themselves, though, so I wouldn't focus all of our interest there just yet."

Re: Tying up loose ends

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:23 pm
by Stam
Susanna pokes through her notes, asking her familiar the occasional question in Draconic about this or that as she does so, then finally nods.

"Dev, how long did you all think it would take her to get out of the pocket plane? Because I have that chilly feeling down my back, and it isn't because you're looking at me that way."

She listens to the back and forth about the other items, and nods. "We should at least tell the Tyrrans that we are going to go look. They might help, they might offer a reward, or they might simply say thank-you. Following their god doesn't make them not-people and all, and ... we might need some nice people to help us ask around if we have to look in such a big area."