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Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:55 am
by Shamsy
The weather was turning for the worst, or so thought the majority of folks caught out in the cold evening air. The sun was just beginning to set and with the fading sunlight went what little warmth was left in the feeble rays. The chill northern winter was taking hold and it promised to be a long and dark one.

The Docks Ward in Waterdeep was just bidding farewell to the setting sun. The fetid stench of refuse and fish permeated the air, lessened only slightly by the cooler weather and slight breeze. Even in the north-western corner of the Docks, the stench reined strong, the slums of the great city ruled by desperation and poverty. It was in the very tip, within the shadow of Undermountain that the setting sun was about to bring forth a darkness deeper than night. Falcon the moon elf was making his way through the streets when he came to the attention of a Watch officer. A couple of onlookers discretely glanced at the exchange, but after some suspicion and harassment, it seemed the officer was content to see Falcon moved on from his patrol. Unfortunately the man’s relatively quiet evening was shattered when with a rumble like booming thunder, a flash lit the night not three streets to the north. Trouble for sure. Sure enough the horn of the Watch rang out moments later and the officer ran to his duty, similarly calling for reinforcements. Not to be left behind, Falcon and two onlookers ran to keep up with the officer, perhaps hoping to render assistance if needed. As the horns began to sound through the darkening night and the small band approached, it was possible to make out the fire and dust ahead. Amidst the dancing shadows, billowing dust and smoke from several small fires, a number of melees had broken out. A group of just over a dozen squat creatures (later determined to be orcs) fought a defensive action against a much larger hoard of gaunt, grey skinned humanoids, fighting with a fierce savagery and tenacity. To add to the confusion, pockets of the Watch, some citizens and a motley assortment of individuals also fought steel to claw, while others attempted to douse the fires before they spread to endanger property.

The band quickly found themselves alone as the watchman rushed to assist his fellows, sorely pressed by the gaunt humanoids. Deciding to take the first action and determining that the gaunt ones were the main threat, Falcon unleashed his magic at a pair. Amidst the chaos, the party were lucky that someone was sharp eyed enough to see they had trouble coming. Attracted by the mage, a trio slunk through the darkness, looking to ambush the adventurers. One towered over the others, dressed in the rotting regalia of royalty, the one fine bones and physique ruined by skin stretched tight over bone. Engaging, a bloody, brutal battle erupted, the party fighting through disease, poison and paralysis. The evil malevolence of the ‘king’ falling over them like a ton of rock, the party nearly lost their lives, Falcon falling to one of the minions and Kristoff and Zion badly wounded by the dark sword of the king. But light prevailed; a desperate effort from Kristoff followed by a final, mightily struck blow from Zion brought the monster down. As they panted and bled, the two conscious companions watch as the corpse of the king shrivels and burns, the shrieking souls of his victims fleeing the shell of his being at long last. The death of their king signals the end of the attack from the hoard and they flee with terrible screeching, loping strides down a deep, dark hole and back into the depth of Undermountain. Seeing the creatures flee, Waterdeep’s inhabitants reluctantly turn to face the next threat, the few orcs who survived the fight. No need though, the orcs throw down their weapons and raise their hands in a sign of surrender to the cities forces.

As the surviving Watchmen, the Guard and the adventurers who took part in the action begin to sift through the carnage, looking for survivors or helping the wounded, the party are approached by the officer that had spoken to Falcon earlier in the night. His face is streaked with blood, both that and his own, red with exhaustion and coated in sweat despite the cold night air. In the ruddy glow of the final fires, now contained and rapidly being beaten down, his face looks almost demonic, the bleak atmosphere after the fight adding credence to that twist of the mind. But his voice is normal and he hails the party as comrades in arms. As he wipes off his sword, checking to the straps on his boiled leather breastplate, he explains the situation to the three. “The City offers her greatest appreciation for your brave defence tonight.” He states in a semi rehersed manner “I don’t know exactly what happened but by Helms beard we are going to find out!” Now that the fighting is ended, he offers looters rights to the three, though he adds gruffly “Doubt these stinkin’ vermin’ll have anything of value anyway.” Still, it is official and the party are able to pick over the bodies of the dead humanoids in their local vicinity. Meanwhile the City Guard escort the remaining orcs away, their fate unknown at this time.

As predicted the pickings are slim, though they do manage to find a couple of black, tarnished rings on the withered hand of the king, along with the crown of dark metal, set with five black gemstones. The thing crudely resembles a great claw, the talons facing upwards as though trying to grasp or perhaps mock the gods above. True to his word though, the Watchman allows them to keep what they find, though for those who lost a comrade, that is scant recompense. While they pick through a second pile of bodies the party are approached by a stranger. Of medium height, the man wears old, battered fullplate with a much scarred shield slung across his back. At his side rides a longsword in a plain tooled leather sheath without decoration. Every inch practical, though worn and old, small streaks of grey are starting to form in the once rich black hair. Hi face is worn, scared and lined with a combination of weather and hardship. He hails them wearily as he approaches, the fresh gleams of scared metal a telling sign that he was in the thick of the combat. “Hail friends, anything better to find over this way?” He asks, holding up a rusted chainmail hauberk, a couple of mouldy leather pouches and a small knife with a bone handle. “Slim pickings for a battle such as this. But let me introduce myself, I am Sir Sagar or ‘Old Hound’ of… well you won’t have heard of it, nor would you barely know I am a knight!” He chuckles. “That’s what happens when you rule over a miserable little keep in a miserable area of swamp. Not even the trolls want to fight me for it.” He sighs, but goes on. “I saw you three fighting the ghast” he waits to see their reaction, since until now no one actually determined exactly what they were facing until that point “and he looked like a worthy foe indeed! Enough for an old washout like me to rekindle his name perhaps, but alas those stinking ghouls had other plans. A shame really.” He shrugs. “Enough of my woes though. I wanted to see if you would be open to a proposition. See, I’m fairly… strapped for gold right now and I am certain that my employer will want to put together an expedition as soon as he hears that a new route into Undermountain has opened. I will need stout fellows like yourselves and you have already proven you know how to handle yourselves in a fight. Tymora seems to have you in her sights and I would sure like to slip into that gaze. So what say you? At least consider it, he pays well and I am sure you will find him… interesting to meet, to say the least. Cannot hurt to hear it anyway?” He rests one hand on the hilt of his well-worn sword in a habitual manner, leaning slightly on the ball of one foot as he awaits an answer.

((All answers are IC only please, see 'Trouble Brewing in Undermountain OOC' in Discussions & Announcements for loot and OOC discussion))

Re: Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:40 am
by The Redneck
*Falcon bows in return.* I'm flattered by the offer, but I have a berth waiting for me. I've given my word and she casts off soon, so I'll have to decline.

*He chuckles.* I suspect I'm a mite fragile for that kind of work until I have a little seasoning anyway, so if you actually meant those two, no offense taken. Good luck down there.

Re: Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 6:49 pm
by adragonb
He listens to the proposal, and then to Falcon's response back to the knight. A small smile stays on his lips as he hears Falcon comment about how fragile he would be in this expedition. After watching the knight for a few more minutes, he finally decides to answer,
"A knight you say? To whom is your patron deity if I may ask? Or is it to a human lord that you serve under?", he ponders if it is wise to go on another adventure so soon from just getting back home from the wild trip he went on already. "I may be interested if you answer properly, and I like what your employer has to offer too."

Re: Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:46 pm
by David
*Kristoff smiles as he listens to the knight and after the others have spoken he turns to the knight* I would be interested in what your employer has to offer and I am sure Lyinar would like to get out for a little while. *Rubbing his wolf's head as he speaks*

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:21 am
by Shamsy
Sagar smiles at Zion in a disarming way, standing relaxed as he answers. "I pay homage to Helm the Protector. As to lords, few would want me truth be told. My holdings are sparse so there is little to tax and few troops to levy. I am the last of the line with no heir and no predictions of producing one. Probably better that way, lest the troubles of the money lenders follow my kin after my death." He smiles ruefully. "A shame that you will not be accompanying us, I will mention though that I have two willing souls. What names do you go by?" He asks. "Meet me at the Sprinting Cog on the Docks in two days hence and I will make introductions. By then I'm sure the necessary preparations will have been completed for our venture into the mountain. You will need to bring your own equipment and supplies. In a place reeking of wizardry there is no telling how long we may be stuck down there." He slowly combs his mustache with one finger. "Any further questions?"

Re: Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:42 pm
by Shamsy
On the allotted time, two days after Zion and Kristoff meet Sir Sagar they find themselves wandering the Docks… but they have made an error in judgement! They assumed that The Sprinting Cog would be a well-known establishment and easy to locate. How wrong they are. It takes a lot of harassment and some gold for the pair to finally make their way there, and what a sight the place is. The Cog itself is a small, narrow and dark building, built from a mix of crumbling limestone and dark, stained and aged timber. The wooden shingles of the roof are bleached by the weather, missing in several places and sticking out like the teeth of an inbred goblin. A single wooden door welcomed the party out front, with a pair of thick paned leaded glass windows so rimmed with grime that it was impossible to see inside anymore. Zion and the mercenary Nolan, answering a call for mercenaries arrived around the same time. Seeing the destination, they shared a look before entering. They found the interior of the Cog no great improvement. Indeed, the smell is even worse inside than out. The rotting fish of the Docks is replaced with the smell of urine, sweat and stale beer. The Cog is a long, dingy hall, scarcely lit by a few dripping candles that send greasy black smoke spiraling into the low, blackened ceiling. Against the left wall sat a fireplace and chimney, cold, as well as a long bar of dark, old and scarred wood, looking for all intents like something scavenged from a ship. The multitude of black nails in the wood added a degree of credence to that theory. Running along the right-hand length of the claustrophobic hall were three great pillars of wood, supports for the sagging weight of the upper floor. Around these pillars wooden benches have been attached and a scattering of odd chairs rest near these. A couple of tiny tables rest in the center of the hall, amongst the filthy sawdust layering the floor. A great lumbering drunk lays asleep on one table, snoring steadily. In the shadows of the back a half-orc in a dark hood sat quietly smoking something rank in a wooden pipe, minding her own business. A potbellied barkeep in a stained apron was wiping a filthy glass with a filthy rag, a perpetual scowl on his ugly face. When approached he was rather cool towards the visitors. Indeed, the man seemed more concerned that Nolan’s riding boar not foul up the floor, not that anyone would really have noticed.

Upon finding out what the party were there for (since it was probably not the food or drink), the man called in his…. eccentric boss from the back room. Following close on his heels was Sir Sagar ‘Old Hound’. Mub turns out to be a grimy little gnome. Overly friendly and lacking personal space, perhaps a little drunk, he was ecstatic that the party would be able to venture into Undermountain. All he asked for was a first pick of any relics that were found. Indeed, he was very reasonable about the whole thing, offering them a large pay regardless of success, though he hoped that it would not be a wasted venture. Behind the jolly enthusiasm though, the party did catch a glimpse of a cold, calculating and extremely cunning gnome, one who would not have any qualms of bleeding them in a gutter should they betray his trust. But that was a fleeting moment, and as the party agreed to undertake the mission, Mubnubble called for drinks all around in celebration of their newest venture! But being brave enough to enter Undermountain is one thing, being brave enough to drink the Cog’s liquor is another.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:19 am
by Shamsy
The party met back at the Cog to begin their mission; plunder the recently discovered caverns below the city streets that lead to Undermountain. After a quick briefing the party wound through the darkening streets as quietly as they could, taking advantage of a distraction to run headlong towards the sloping hole in the cobbles. The Watch called for a halt, but that must have been directed at someone else, right??

Plunging into a pitch dark tunnel, the party were hit by the scent of the sewer when… plop! They were suddenly somewhere else, somewhere that smelt even worse! Totally blind and with most of them throwing up in the oppressive, warm air, eventually Jonas tapped a sunrod into life… revealing that the party stood in the midst of a monstrous cavern and that the wiggling in Zion and Aruka’s boots were far, pale maggots! The smell emanated from all around, where the corpses of humanoids, monsters and undead lay locked in a deadly embrace. Some sort of battle took place, though no one had a lot of time to assess the situation.

The heroes were set upon by a pack of zombified rats that formed all around them. Luckily Zion had thought to pack a couple of vials of alchemical fire which he used to great effect, and the party were able to stomp, slice and skewer the remainder. Licking their wounds, the party were met with a sudden displacement of air and another adventurer appeared, a sun elf dressed in finery. Sir Sagar had expected more than one in the second of the groups, but it seems that the others were captured by the Watch, this time not quite as gullible. There went the party cleric…

Rather than investigating or hanging around, the party elected to escape the battlefield, lest some more unfriendly critters set upon them. Lucky they did, as the corpse collectors were about. Travelling as straight as they could across the slick and lumpy terrain the party found a boundary to the cavern, along with three pathways honeycombing off into the darkness. While the others set up camp, Jonas and Zion took a look, finding one tunnel to slick and sharply sloping, one too tight and choked with web but they liked the look of the third, constructed of precisely cut rock and ending in a stout wooden door banded in iron. Jonas found the pit trap and returned to camp with the others. Waking up ten hours later, they ate a cold breakfast and broke camp, though Jonas found himself unwell, fevered and weak, his hands and legs trembling, making fine tasks difficult. There was nothing they could do for him though, so the party found itself gathering at the passageway door. They opened it without issue and the trap did not activate, though once through the door closed with a firm click. The new passage led on, again pitch black but for Jonas’ sunrod. At only five foot wide, a marching order was set, luckily with the sharp eyes of Vy at the lead. He noticed a strange hanging wire, which the party wisely left along, hanging at about the right height to brush against a short human or dwarf.

A little further on the keen eyes of the sun elf once again spotted danger, in the form of dwarven skeletons, wielding spears and cranking heavy crossbows. After a fight in the guard room only Nolan was really injured, taking a serious stab in the side from the rusty spearhead. Enemies dispatched they moved along, the elves failing to find the secret doorway leading to the posts small armoury. Onwards for ten minutes and they encountered a break in the same carefully cut tunnel. To the left a mound of rubble blocked a rough-cut and scorched side tunnel. After some deliberation and a lot of spitting grit the party were able to squeeze in, much to the disgust of Vy. A crudely hewn passage led them on a short way and into a small natural cavern, slick underfoot and partly submerged in black, rippling water. The continuing passage was blocked, but it was as Nolan went exploring that the party noticed the bodies. A pretty elven or half elven lady, half her body terribly burned lay propped against a slumping human man, lying in a pool of black blood, a dagger in his gut and crossbow in his hands. A short way away laid a dwarf, sprawled on his front, his short sword and round shield just in hand, two dry, black bolts sticking through his mail shirt. Lastly a woman, her face pockmarked and bony, skin green and withered lay on her back facing the man, a smooth white bolt in her heart.

Vy immediately began to loot, as did Jonas, while Nolan and Aruka were more interested in discovering what had happened. Luckily, turns out the man was not dead, merely close to it. He managed to cough a big splatter of blood right in Vy’s face and down his front! With careful administration of healing magic from Aruka, the man was resuscitated so the party could question him.
He told them a little about his adventuring company, the Company of the Rock. His name was Sasha and he described how the party had been whisked from the streets of Waterdeep where they were gathered for an expedition to the Sword Mountains and into this place. He proceeded to describe the events of the last few days, fighting undead and lost in a maze of tunnels until finally they came upon a dark fortress deep within the underground labyrinth. A spire carved from a stalagmite, with a wall and moat, protected by the dead. The company were in need of medical aid and so had attempted to enter the place via a hidden waterway entrance but were repelled by a guardian and the citadels defenders. On the run and pursued, Gyrax the dwarf had been shot, though he stumbled on and Verdin, the party rogue was sorely wounded with a fight from a previous creature and subsequent illness. Seeking escape they had fled into the passage where the party currently stood and the wizard, a half-elf by the name Salamandra had blown the entrance, though she was caught in the ensuing blast and killed instantly. Gyrax had collapsed and while Sasha was tending the dwarf Verdin had attacked him, growling and screeching like a beast, stabbing him as she underwent some kind of transformation. He barely managed to fire a bolt before collapsing from shock and passing out. That is all he remembers, until the party found him.

As he talks Vy begins to gather the items from the Company, finding many interesting things to be stowed and distributed later...

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:54 am
by Shamsy
The party make the most of the information that Sasha can provide. With some reluctance he rises to his feet and follows them out into the dwarven tunnels again. It’s not far until Sasha urges caution. The party emerged into a large cavern, lit with an aura of murky purple light that radiated from nowhere and everywhere. The moment they stepped forth into the space they sensed a feeling of wrong, cold and evil permeating the air like a living thing. The cavern was roughly rounded, the stalactites hung roof not overly high. Ahead a gravel path lead across the chamber to a large opening on the other side, while to the left lay a shallow area of giant black, phosphors green and orange mushrooms that imparted a feeling of nausea just looking at them. Right of the tiny plantation and the path, on the opposite wall of the cavern sat a tall, conical spire of the deepest grey, perfectly cylindrical. This rose from behind a twenty foot wall of the same stone, expertly crafted with narry a sign it is made of individual blocks. The cylindrical spire of the citadel reaches from floor to roof, looking like it was carved straight out of the rock of a colossal stalactite. Maybe it was. In front of the wall and citadel is a deep moat, encircling the place in black, lightless water like polished glass. Despite the curious ‘forest’ the party decided to head straight for the spire, following the plan. With Sasha taking the lead, they were able to creep along the cavern wall and find the expertly hidden path down the side of the lake cliff. Following the path, covered by the small rock shelf overhang above, they came to a small expanse of water separating them from a shadowy landing at the base of the tower. Deciding that a short swim was in order, they began to paddle across… This went perfectly well, until they emerged from the water, something long dead and ethereal emerging with them. A battle ensued with the Murk and a contingent of guardian skeletons, but thanks to some information the party had thought to seeks from Sasha, combined with the thorough preparation of Zion, they prevailed without any losses.

Being worn, magic depleted and wounds in need of healing they took the opportunity to rest. During the following gloomy, depressing ten hours of persistent nightmares, Jonas' condition did not get worse, though he did not overcome his illness. However, Aruka seems to have contracted the same fever! With two sick party members, the group decided to search the tower for a way to return home. After Jonas disabled the trapped handle of the tower landing door and picked the lock, they entered the place, finding themselves in an old dungeon of the tower. Finding no living prisoners and little of interest, they proceeded through the trapdoor and into the sweeping entry-hall of the place. A few columns and broken statues decorated the area, and a twin set of stair led up to a fortified landing above. While it would make an excellent spot for an ambush, the party had not alerted any of the towers defenders to their presence, moving unnoticed within the stone citadel. Up another trapdoor that served as a choke point, they came across a barracks, equip with everything necessary to keep a sizable garrison in the tower. The place seemed abandoned though. Rot and decay had set in despite the dry, almost arid air, and the supplied looked like they were well past their prime. Clearly nothing or no one had required these for quite some time. Jonas searched through some sort of nests he had found among the rows of cots, but only found the usual monster refuse and decided it was better to keep searching. From the soldiers quarters led a nicely wrought iron stair, far less dour and military than the rest of the structure. Following that, they emerged onto a small landing space with a wooden door, decorated with carved bass relief, now old and worn. Finding it open, they proceeded into what could be considered an opulent chamber. There were less signs of decay here, with some areas of the chamber seeing current usage, but other areas like the privy, bed and robes conspicuously abandoned. Much to the delight of anyone who liked a good read, the chamber boasted an impressive collection of tombs and scrolls from all ages and in a vast array of languages. All of the books were carefully enspelled to preserve them and appeared to see fairly frequent use. With some clues as to what they might find, the party ascended the final set of stairs, up into the dark heights of the tower. As the light from the parties’ sunrod rose from the stairs like a dawn sun, the chamber above was revealed to all present. A massive laboratory is perhaps the best way to describe it, definitely of the magical kind. The walls were covered in fine charcoal drawings and diagrams, runes and sigils, some permanent some not. At the very center of the room, in the middle of an inlaid mages circle, sat a metal bench with four shackles attached; two at arm height, two at foot height. Along the walls there were yet more book shelves as well as some massive wooden benches. They were crammed with jars, odd apparatus and magical paraphernalia of a startling array. Chests and urns dot the room and shelves, tables and even the floor was crowded with stacked knickknacks of all kinds. The ceiling was one of the most impressive features, covered in a magical image that showed the cavern that the citadel rests in in exquisite detail. If anyone squints too long at a point, it seems to enlarge for them, as though they were looking through a spyglass. Justifiably though the party were caution, for the laboratory, as the rest of the tower, seemed to be deserted. Where was the master? The garrison? Beyond the guards on the wall the place was empty of unlife.

As the party cautiously started to spread out, a flame skull that had been dormant and unnoticed on a shelf sprang up and challenged them. Of course no one spoke draconic, so they copped a fireball for being hostile. MANY magical rays and merry chases all around the room later, they FINALLY pinned the tiny skull in a grapple and beat on it with maces and holy water. Sensing the potential for imminent and even permanent destruction due to the use of holy water, the skull devised a cunning plan. It offered to assist the adventurers to leave the tower and return to the city above (luckily exactly where they wished to go), provided they would not steal from the master’s laboratory. The party, badly beaten saw some sense to this and agreed, though they forgo both the opportunity to pillage and get a little revenge on the pesky guardian. True to its word the skull guided them to one of the glyphs on the wall and speaking a language long lost to neigh all scholars on Toril, opened a shimmering portal into the City of Splendours. The heroes were grateful to get away from the evil of cursed Melairkyn tower and into friendly environs again. They went in search of a priest to heal their wounds and fevers, thinking they were done with the skull. None of them noticed when it emerged from the same dim alley they had a short time later, drifting up to the rooftops and following a way before veering off. It had only agreed to open the portal to save itself and its master’s lab, but had no intention of letting them live after all….

Unfortunately Sasha, wounded in the tower by the rays of the flame skull does not live to see the next dawn, despite the ministrations of the priest. Something about his wounds fester and repel the priests healing magic. His fever rises and he does not wake. So passes the Company of the Rock. That leaves the priests in a difficult spot. Sasha wore a magical ring that than he used to store the bodies of his fallen companions, which they discover when dressing his corpse. Now they have five bodies on their hands, so it falls on the party to determine what their wishes are. The Company were not from Waterdeep, but Sasha never mentioned where they originated. In fact, they know next to nothing about the group. Because the Company had quite a wealth between them, the matter falls to the Lord’s Court to determine as an inheritance issue. This takes quite some time and funds to resolve, as a magical and mundane effort is made to attempt to find living relatives who may wish to claim the estate. However, after a couple of weeks the matter is settled and what remains of the wealth handed over to the adventurers to divide as they see fit.

Of course, Mub will want to see what sort of return he can get for his investment…

From the bag that Vy filled with gear the following items were obtained;

On the dwarf Gyrax:

A dwarven forged shortsword similar to a gladius
(Masterwork shortword 155gp)

A dwarven made round wooden shield, set in the middle with a blue sapphire, a small arrow head visible in the gems depths
(Masterwork heavy wooden shield 76gp) set with (Crystal of arrow deflection, Least 250gp)

The dwarves chainmail is ruined by the bolts and hard use, but upon the breast there is set a smooth, deep blue crystal that is oddly warm to the touch
(Crystal of screening, Least 200gp)

A bronze dwarven signet ring of unknown design

The dwarves backpack contains the full contents of an explorers kit, though it somehow all fits and weighs only a fraction of each item:
Explorer's Kit: This kit is for experienced travelers who intend to spend very long periods of time on the road, and comes with pretty much everything one might need. It comes with a sturdy leather backpack, and includes: Bandoleer, Bedroll, Crowbar, Flint and Steel, Grappling Hook, Hammer, Hooded Lantern, Iron Pot, Map/Scroll Case, Pint-Bottles of Oil (3), Pitons (10), Potion Belt, Sack (5), Sheets of Parchment (6), Silk Rope (50 feet), Silver Mug, Small Shovel, Small Steel Mirror, Soap (1 lb.), Sunrod (5), Tent, Tindertwig (5), Trail Rations (10), Vial of Ink, Waterskin, Whetstone. Typically weights 95 pounds.
(Heward's Handy Haversack 1040gp)

A hessian bag of soil roots that seems to never run out
(Everlasting Feedbag 400gp)

In the belt pouches of the half-ghoul thief Verdin are a few items that may be useful:

Masterwork Manacles

Average locks x3
(20gp each)

Amazing lock

Masterwork Thieves Tools

Holy Symbol of Mask, Gold inset with a small diamond

Assorted rings of different quality and value

A golden ring with a figure of eight set in relief
(Ring of sustenance 1250gp)

A pouch of trail rations, that seems to replenish itself
(Everlasting rations 175gp)

From Sasha:

A masterwork heavy crossbow

A bandoleer of 20 magical crossbow bolts (can be converted to arrows at no cost)

A pair of nicely tooled cat skin boots that blend nicely with the wilderness
(Skirmish Boots 1600gp)

From the elven sorcerer Salamandra:

A long black stick with a coppery inlay of runes that flash slightly in the light
Wand of Burning Hands 25 charges

The thin club of a carved but polished smooth ruddy brown/red wood ends up being a pistol
(Fever Iron pistol (counts as MW) 1125gp)

Bag of holding Type 1 containing;
Adventurer's Kit, Greater: This kit comes in a sturdy leather backpack, and includes the following items: Bandoleer, Bedroll, Cold Weather Outfit, Flint and Steel, Grappling Hook, Hooded Lantern, Pint-Bottles of Oil (3), Potion Belt, Silk Rope (50 feet), Trail Rations (5), Tent (one-person capacity), Waterskin, Whetstone. Typical weight is 50 pounds.

A silver flask with delicate elven script reading “May you never lack water” and a scene of a waterfall
(Everfull Mug 100gp)

On the body of the cleric Myrtl:

A Duskwood breastplate with a carving of Shiallia’s holy symbol

A +1 Zalantar (or more commonly called blackwood or darkwood) scimitar with a carving of Shiallia’s holy symbol

A wooden holy symbol of Shiallia which creates a soft glowing ball of light
(As Watchful lamp 250gp)

A satchel containing scrawled charts, maps and writings, some old, some new, written in a variety of dialects.

A scattering of potions and trinkets strewn across the floor from a small sack
(Any disposable up to 200gp (not wands or staves) FOR FREE)

In addition, while the party failed to raid the laboratory, Jonas did retrieve the chainmail from the Murk’s drowned bones…
(+1 Mithril Chainmail 1650gp)

Each member has the following gold (based on sessions attended) to take items or coin. Please note YOU MAY contribute your own funds to more than one item if the price is more than you have from the adventure!!:

Jonas - 1500gp
Aruka - 1500gp
Nolan - 1500gp
Zion - 1750gp
Vy - (sorry mate) 750gp

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:30 am
by adragonb
Zion wouldn't mind taking the Dwarf's (Gyrax's) magical backpack (Heward's Handy Haversack), with all it's contents inside it. Of the 200gp of disposable items, he would gather 4 CLW potions (200gp). The rest in gold, unless after everyone else picks out what they want and he see something to add to his list then!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:24 am
by The Redneck
Nolan isn't terribly interested in the weapons they had. The Bag of Holding seems too useful for him to pass up, especially since it can fit behind the saddle. He gets the Everlasting Rations, Everlasting Feedbag, and the Everfull Mug, figuring that with those he and Blue can live without need to worry about running out of food.

He'll also gather four Cure Light Wounds potions from the "disposables."

Then he says "what the hell," and gets the Bag of Holding.

Someday when he's rich, he just might get a Ring of Sustenance to put in Blue's nose.... but for now, he chips in 445 GP to make up the difference for that Bag.

He'll look at the charts, and if any catch his eye he'll see about getting them or a copy, but they're really not his thing.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:47 pm
by JuneBarcarolle
Stuff stuff stuff.. Jonas is interested in quite a few things. But he settles on just a few of them.

He is definitely interested in the crystal of arrow deflection. He is also interested in the scimitar, though he will defer to Aruka if she would like it. A zalantar blade is clearly designed for a druid, but a ranger can certainly make use of a magical blade regardless of what it's made of. (He can also look into getting that engraving changed to something more his style.)

For disposables, he would be looking for a couple of Magic Weapon potions and a couple of CLW potions.

Finally, unless someone objects or has a better use for them, he would be interested in the satchel of maps and whatnot.

The rest he'll take in gold. (If Aruka wants the sword, I'll modify my selections here.)

Re: Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:50 pm
by raskule
"Each member has the following gold (based on sessions attended) to take items or coin. Please note YOU MAY contribute your own funds to more than one item if the price is more than you have from the adventure!!:"

I am confused by this... do we have to buy what we want from the loot with gold or is the gold in addition to what we want to have of the loot?

There are many interesting things, but what I am most interested in is the darkwood breastplate and scimitar.

Re: Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:35 pm
by JuneBarcarolle
Basically you have 1500gp in "treasure" from the adventure. You get to decide if it's in cash, or cash and goodies. If the total pricing of stuff you want it more than the 1500gp you've earned from from the adventure, you can fill in with gold that your character already has.

For example, if you wanted the duskwood breastplate, it costs 1600gp and you only have 1500gp from the adventure. But if you wanted to use your character's own funds for that extra 100gp, you could have the breastplate.

Re: Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:56 pm
by Lifeinwinter
Just Cash, Baby.

Re: Trouble Brewing in Undermountain

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:48 pm
by raskule
Gonna go with the +1 Zalantar (1170gp) And I guess keep the remainder of gold I have after that.