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The Night Sky

PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:50 pm
by Rosemadder
Tonight in the sky, across from the Red Star which has been creeping its way closer to Aber-Toril,

A Meteor Shower.

The mage staring at the unexpected, unforseen shower is Safe, and far, far away from those shining, burning stones. He heaves a huge sigh of relief at his certain knowledge.

Safe are the waters of the merfolk and the aquatic elves in the harbor, fairly calm waters.
Safe are the five hundred thousand summer revelers in a glorious metropolis.
Safe the precious granite of the protective walls of the great city.
Safe, the miles and miles of farmers and foresters and more who support the Crown of The North.


Re: The Night Sky

PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:20 pm
by Rosemadder
(( For those PCs if any present with the ability to foretell, have Dreams, prescience, have Divination specialty or spell/school focus, or any Oracle or similar domain or general future-looking spell use, you may have the following If your character wishes it. Information may also be obtained by Gather Information DC 15. It is after all a metropolis filled with arcsnists and academies and bars.))

in the beginning, the Dreamer is deeply uneasy with no apparent reason, as he or she goes about his business as usual. The space where she works seems more open. Wider. The distance to the next table expands. She reaches for a tool, and it is give feet further than she thought. As she or he looks to the way out, the path is so far away, it. Can. barely. Be. Seen.


The most sensitive who received the message are burnt on their fingertips, unless they have protections against such strange things. For those who can be, They are merely Nauseated from fear, Panicked when they awake screaming. The lesser of the sensitives should be grateful to be only confused and fearful.

*(gender fluid pronoun usage, change as appropriate))

Re: The Night Sky

PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:27 pm
by Spectre
Other eyes see the storm and ponder the portents. What power does this storm bring that it can cross the faces of the gods? What conflict does it represent and how might that conflict be taken advantage of? More research must be done, and if that storm fell all the way to Toril what alchemical treasures might have it brought with it?

"Hmmm.. I wonder what has been wrought this eve...." Another sip of wine is taken as he regards the sky....

((No divinitory ability, just musing over the appearance of a meteor shower in the night sky.))

Re: The Night Sky

PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:58 pm
by Shamsy
Master Goldwirth crouches over the crystal ball in his innermost sanctum. The flickering light of sixty six candles casts an eerie illumination over the scene, glinting off the silver inlay of the mystical symbols inlaid into the floor. His chubby face is calm and his broad, soft shoulders relaxed as he contemplates the many mysteries of the universe.

But something encroaches on his revere. From the shadows and the cold he begins to feel uneasy. At first it is just unease, a lack of focus or balance. But the feeling rapidly grows, not from its usual source. This is alien, something else. Alien images and distortions flash through his mind faster than he can process. He fights to break free, lest his sanity be torn asunder in the barrage of maddening fear.

With an audible crack that rings in the chamber, echoing longer than is natural, the complex designs in the floor flare once briefly as the candles are snuffed. The fat cleric sits still on the floor, in the ringing dark, his already strained heart beating and a bile creeping in his throat. For a long time he sits and shivers in his sweat, before clapping his hands once and calling “Attend me!” The doors of the sanctum open and his servants are there, the light weakly filtering in to dispel some of the fear.

After a time he stands and wobbles back to his suite of rooms, deciding that tonight's experience would best be contemplated with a hot bath and copious wine.

((Cleric, Contemplative and scholar of some skill))

Re: The Night Sky

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:49 pm
by Rosemadder
The next day, the merfolk and aquatic elves are swarming in the harbor in their little villages, with new members joining them as fast as they can swim.

Waterdeep swells a little more with summer's visitors.

Small handfuls of people lose each other in the mix.