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Return of a Magelord

PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:25 pm
by tachus
In the late evening, at a seemingly abandoned shop in the northeastern part of the Market…

The shop’s windows are clouded, but one can see the layer of dust and cobwebs that have settled over the display cases inside. Suddenly, with only a quiet pfft, there are two figures inside, appearing to be one adult and one child. The larger figure coughs at the stirring of the dust, and with a flick of his hand brings a light to the run down room. The smaller figure looks into the display cases.

“We should have emptied these before we left. These stains aren’t likely to come out.”

The larger figure chuckles lightly, as his fingers work another spell, bringing to life shadow servitors.

“True Naicelle, but at least we have help in cleaning. Servants, start cleaning this place up. Naicelle, you handle any contracts for repairs. Two servants, come with me.”

Naicelle, the smaller figure, grins with pointed teeth and lightning flashes in her eyes, as she disappears out the door to go wake up some craftsmen. The other figure walks into the backroom, and waves a hand at a writing desk, magically removing the dust that gathered there before sitting. He quickly pens two letters, giving them to the servants with instructions to deliver them.
To the Lord of House Wands wrote:Maskar, Grandfather,
I have recently returned to the city. Father sends his fondest regards. I will stop by once opportunity allows.
S. TK-W.

To the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors wrote:Guild Leader of the Watchful Order,
I apologize as I have been vacant from this city recently and do not even know who is in charge. I have recently returned and will be taking up residence once more at my shop in the Market. I will be returning to my old pricing methods and hope this causes no conflict. Expect me to stop by once I get my affairs settled.
S. TK-W.

With that handled the young wizard, stand and walks out the shop, smiling at the bustle of his unseen servants. He stands in front of the door and smiles as he looks up at the sky in its twilight of dusk.

“Now let’s see what new adventures this city has in store. Hopefully it is enough to keep even a Magelord entertained.”