The Grave.

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The Grave.

Postby Jiriki » Wed Aug 15, 2007 12:42 pm

Ashe knelt beside the mound of earth and wiped her eyes once more, then blew out a stream of breath for a moment to gain control. Blinking her eyes furiously she stood, laid the flowers on the freshly dug over mound and bowed her head.

“Rest easy old man,” The words were whispered on to the wind, once done, the figure turned and moved back to where the horse was tied up.

Her things packed on the animal carefully, the sword strapped to the front of the saddle and her bedroll to the rear. Her hands carefully ran over the horse’s legs, checking it and on habit lifting the hoof while she clicked her tongue. A deft slip of a small blade, flicks out a stone caught and then she moves to check the rest. Once done the girth strap is adjusted, stirrups lengthened for the mount and the headpiece of the bridle checked again. All the while her eyes roam over the roans back. A slight smile and she mounts. Clicking her tongue once more, she turns the horses head and sets her heels lightly to the horse’s flanks. Heading to a place she’s only been to once before.
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