For the Love of the Sea..

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For the Love of the Sea..

Postby tachus » Sat Sep 01, 2007 10:03 am

Preparations are made, yet goodbyes are left to be said.

A basket of apples along with a single piece of parchment rests upon the well worn stump in the market. A final goodbye to the children there, saying how much he would miss telling the stories, but leaving one last one for them to enjoy. A story not of a lost love out at sea, but of one stuck inland unable to see the sea he loved.

His small apartment, lay empty, ready for its next occupant. With one final look around, he hefts the last small sack and walks back to the docks.

Everything looked like a dream in the early pre-dawn light. Memories appearing here and there as he spotted familiar spots. He smiled to the few familiar faces that were out along the docks today, offering fairwell waves to them, hoping silently that he would meet a few again someday.

Making his way down the Docks, he smiled slightly as he say the bustle around his raft. Mattias stood out amongst them due to his height and his ebony skin. Next to him was the boy Jim, looking around nervously, yet seeming eager to be off for a real adventure. Then there was William, the old salty sailor, that just wanted to make one last trip to the sea before he died. And the last person standing around was likely the most unlikely, dressed in fine attire, and clutching his bag like he thought it might run off on its own if he put it down. Deranis had never thought to ask his name, but knew that he was some sort of merchant's son, originally from Waterdeep. From what he had heard, the boy had problems when getting to Silverymoon by road, and decided that he would rather trust his fate elsewhere on the return trip. Let's just hope he wasn't wrong.

Deranis smiled as he got near them, and tossed his own sack aboard. "Best start getting her ready to get off. Shouldn't be too long as everyone should know that we are leaving now."

The others gave nods and murmurs of agreement, before heading aboard to store bags and double check everything before they cast off. Deranis mearly sighed and turned back to the buildings, hoping to see a cloaked figure approaching. Mattias must've noticed soemthing wrong though as he moved back to Deranis's side. "Come now, Deranis. Ya know that if they planned on coming that they'd be here already."

Deranis mearly sighed. "True. I had just hoped for more. Especially with... some of the circumstances." He kept his hopes about the particular other half-elf he had met to himself for the time though. But soon turned to face Mattias, smiling again. "Alright let's get a move on. The sooner we leave then the sooner we can splice the main brace in Waterdeep."

Mattias clapped him on the back laughing, as they clambered back onboard, each moving to cast off a heaving line from the dock. "Now that's the Deranis we all know."

Deranis mearly chuckled, taking one last look at the city, before turning west, looking towards their final destination. "Well it's not like me to disappoint a crowd after all. Not to mention I can't wait to see a true sea again."
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