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Preparation is sometimes the most important part

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:14 am
by Kemian
Bram looked over the notes he made and went over the expected objections his father might bring up and did his best to remain calm. He hoped his interest in this latest project would be seen as him taking initiative.

He went over his notes regarding what he had personally seen, What he had been told by various others, and what he thought the trinket he was researching might be designed to do.

Father was always fairly orderly about such things. "what do you think? what do you know? what can you prove?"

Bram frowned, he hated thinking like that it impeded his creativity he felt. Still that is what father would want to hear before he approved the prospective expenditure that would hopefully provide Bram with the information he wanted. Once he had it, then he'd decide how best to use it.

The door to his father's office opened and Bram went inside doing his best to keep from looking overly eager.