Body in the Rauvin

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Body in the Rauvin

Postby IanB » Sat Nov 18, 2006 7:45 pm

A badly decomposed body was fished out of the Rauvin River early this morning by several Dock-workers on the Riverwalk, approximately six blocks from the Moonbridge. The Rods are not currently releasing the identity of the dead person, or any other information, but rumors are flying...

Postby ManthisFocht » Sun Nov 19, 2006 2:06 am

Falco inquires about the body about town... something must be done about this murder streak in such a fair city
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Postby Mark » Sun Nov 19, 2006 10:43 pm

The massive oak table shook as the councilman's fist slammed against the frame, shouting louder and louder as those around him attempted to silence him.

"No longer will I stand by idly and allow yet more violence to occur! You're all fools for thinking that this can be handled by the Rods without extra manpower or legal ability! Without a curfew instated we are simply offering more and more victims to the Slasher! If you were wise, you would all realize that the declaration of martial law in the city would end this threat, possibly with no more lives being lost!"

Jacques Napier began to breathe heavily as he leaned on the table, looking around for others to challenge his position, even as some began to speak up in support. He was soon given his desire as a well known merchant, one Gwelt Steelflier, pearched up and spoke up in a shrill voice.

"Are you daft, Jacques? Such a declaration would throw our businesses into ruin!"

Others, especialy the other merchants, began to speak in agreement with Gwelt. The din of voices was soon overwhelmed by Napier's hissing tone growing louder as he pointed a finger accusingly at Gwelt.

"And you would mean to sacrifice the citizens for profit! I am sure your business partners known as the Zhents would be quite welcome to hear of that!"

"Slander!" one cried from the corner of the Great Hall.
"Truth and well said," cried another, a sergant of the Rods.
"...for our safety.."
"...only by taking force..."

Standing besides one of the tables, Meinrad crossed his arms over his chest, listening to the squabiling of the councilmen and advisors. When the first incident occured it was merely a passing mention before other agendas were brought up, but now the Slasher spread like wildfire. More and more of the council were coming around to the idea, which spread panic among the other factions.

"And further," Jacques shouted as the hall quieted again, "by instating these laws we can take liberties to further remove any criminal elements in our city..."

Knight to B3. Meinrad nodded slightly to himself and then stepped forward, letting his boots tap the marble floor loudly enough to gain the attention of the others.

"My lord, you assume that your proposition will be welcomed by the city as a whole," Meinrad stated, now moving his hands behind his back.

Eyes looked toward Meinrad, while others quickly ignored the youth. While the recent success of the Steel Goblin War won Meinrad some clout in other divisions of the city's functions, others still saw the prodigy tactician as an unwelcome player in the game known as politics.

Snorting, Jacques pointed out the window.
"Of course I don't. I realize that many won't like what this stands for, but it needs to be done! When the..."

Pawn to K7.

"My lord, with your propsal have you thought to question the full ramifications of this?"

"What do you mean by this, boy?" Jacques' tone turned bitter and condescending.

Meinrad motioned to the emissaries posted near several of the tables, his face cold and reserved as he continued to speak.

"My lord, we have guests here from the Marches and abroad. Is this the image you wish to display? A city, no, a nation that quivers in the wake of this menece? A city willing to declare martial law, remove rights and haul perhaps the entire dock-side population to the prisons to stop the workings of one man?"

"I wish nothing of the sort! I merely wish to have peace and to protect the..."

"Protect the populace, my lord?"

Queen to K7. Check.

"Of course!"

"Then you mean to remove the very ways they can defend themselves? Remove their weapons, and they are defenseless from the Slasher. But this is not simply enough for you, it would seem. You wish to remove their rights, and thus removing their intrepid spirit. You crush them under your own heel, and then what will happen? Then people turn to relieve this oppression, first against themselves. Then who will they turn against, my lord? They come for the source. Be sure to remember that when your declaration sends us to civil war."

Marching over to Meinrad, Jacques began to hiss, spittle striking the youth's face.

"And how well do you know of this, boy? You may very well be the keen minded miltary whelp, but what do you know of city politics and how well people work here? You have no more goblins to face and so now you want to turn against those who put you into power? No more enemies to destroy and so..."

"My lord, you poise for destruction? This does not require a tactician's mind. Heed my words, your actions may remove the dagger poised at your eyes, but it will be replaced by even more at your throat and at your coinpurse, whichever you deem more important."

Turning on his heel, Meinrad left the hall as other members shouting in agreement or in disagreement with the Captain's statement.

Meinrad frowned slightly as he counted. Less than he had hoped.

Jacques was winning. And if not solved soon, more daggers may be poised at the throats of the Silverymoon and the Marches themselves, by their own populace.
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