Castle Ward Locale: Kallo'rond -- Tavern, Inn, & More

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Castle Ward Locale: Kallo'rond -- Tavern, Inn, & More

Postby Xairren » Sat Oct 06, 2007 8:36 pm

Kallo'rond is located on The Street of the Sword in the Castle Ward, just east of the Seldarine Temple.
(Waterdeep page 99; orange building just east of C66)

This impressive manor has a brightly lit entryway with two armed elven guards standing to either side of it. Above the doorway is what might be a placard or sign, but it is blank. However, those with a good heart see that the sign actually bears a glowing silver invitation that reads:

    Welcome to Kallo'rond
    A place of benevolent respite for all Heroes of the Realms

To gain entry a visitor must get past two guards that always seem to know who can or can not read the sign above. Those who can not are turned away as politely as possible and with the assistance of the nearby Watch if needed. (OOC'ly: Restricted Access - How is this done? Two small brass lanterns with candle sized flames at the entryway dim at the approach of anyone who does not have a good alignment. Otherwise getting past these flames and the guards is a bit of a challenge without an invitation by Xairren. --- DC 15 wisdom or arcane knowledge check is required to take note of the flame/alignment relationship.)

Inside of the manor visitors will find a very fine and relaxing inn and guild hall that openly welcomes goodhearted adventurers and those seeking their services. The fresh scents of elven bread, dwarven stews, halfling pastries, gnomish sweet potatoes and mushrooms, fresh seafood and quality drink is always inviting visitors to have a meal here.

The dinning area includes a small raised stage (6 inches) set against the north wall. Shinny brass lanterns keep the dinning tables well lit. A large brass lantern just like the one in the entryway hangs over the stage. For all the lanterns, there is no smoke or heat from them. At the very least, one or more bards play softly from the stage every evening. And often the bards relate various tales of triumphant victories over evil.

Two smaller private dining areas are also available, seating up to eight and twelve respectfully.

Behind the stage the brightly lit wall has been painstakingly painted to show a massive and very detailed map of all of known Toril. (Masterwork map; but you can't roll it up and take it with you.)

Opposite the stage is a small section of wall covered with a message board. Hanging above the message board are a number of framed holy symbols: Corellon, Deneir, Lliira, Mystra, and Tymora. Located in the center of the board is the following message (feel free to add a reply to this forum post):

    "Please post messages, requests, and offers that you wish to share with all Kallo'rond guests."

Above the dinning room are a number of fine bedrooms, a few luxury suites, and Xairren's own private apartment.
(OOC'ly: Good meals and rooms per PHB)

Kallo'rond's Staff:

    Nailo the Innkeeper - An older moon elf that takes care of most of the day-to-day operations of Kallo'rond (Expert Level 10, see Cityscape - Master Craftsmaker, p114).

    Lill - A young and charming waitress (NPC half-human/half-moon elf), is normally busy taking care of the dining room (Cha 16, Sorcerer) and in charge of the other human, dwarf, gnome, and halfling waitresses. (Expert Level 1, see Cityscape - Apprentice Craftsmaker, p114)

    Guards - Twenty-five hired guards protect Kallo'rond, its guests, and Xairren, under the command of the sun elf Ivellios. The remaining guards are moon elves. (See Cityscape - Hired Guards, p115)

Attention Good Characters:
    All good characters are invited and welcome to enter the Castle Ward for role playing "@Kallorond" with or without Xairren being there. Have fun.

Beginning Ches 9, 1378 DR, a new, warm and comforting light spills out of Kallo'rond when the doors are opened. The warm daylight comes from a new great brass lantern hanging in the center of the common room, directly inside the front doors.

  • Full daylight in a 60 foot radius; dim light for an additional 60 feet beyond that
  • The "warmth" is felt within a 40 foot radius which covers all of the common room.
    • +2 deflection bonus to AC
    • +2 resistance bonus on saves
    • Blocks all attempts to possess or exercise mental control over another
    • No non-good summoned creatures can enter the area
    • All charisma checks made to turn undead gain a +4 sacred bonus
    • All charisma checks made to command undead take a -4 penalty
    (See Hallow PHB page 238 and Daylight PHB page 216)
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