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Tal's Tale of Triumph

PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:29 am
by Guest
As told in the Grinning Lion
(I have taken the liberty to edit some misspellings...)

Bram Snome "I have been hearing mutterings all day of a great victory scored by the Church of Lathander against it's enemies...lead by none other than Talinor of Lathander."

Bram Snome "If the rumors are true Tal...perhaps it is I who should by you a drink."

Talinor of Lathander *Tal laughs and winks to Karin* "Alright!" *Tal blushes* "I was but one of the many, friend. But yes, heroes of the light scored a great victory against those that serve the darkness."

Bram Snome *Bram nodded* "And if I hear correctly...this is a tale worthy of hearing...any that wish to hear it's telling gather round...for I'll buy a round for those that wish to listen."

Talinor of Lathander *Tal orders an ale, or whatever drink any one wants for everyone.*

Talinor of Lathander *Tal winks to Bram...* "Well if I'm telling the tale, it's bound to be long winded.. so make sure the second round is ready for everyone." *Tal laughs*

Jayanu Darkwind I would certainly care to hear this tale.

Bram Snome *Bram orders another round and motions to Tal* "Please Talinor, tell your tale....let us hear the names of your companions, who knows perhaps I'll persaude a troupe of performers to re-enact the battle one day."

Bram Snome *Bram smiled at Tal* "I am all ears my friend."

Talinor of Lathander *Tal laughs* "Alright.. you all asked for it.. always be wary when giving a priest free reign to talk..." *Tal chuckles merrily, grabs a chair and turns it around so he can lean forward on to it's back* "I'm not a bard.. so if the notion takes you feel free to sleep contentedly..." *Tal grins and takes a long pull of his ale before placing it down, leaving his hands free to make motions as he speaks*

Kiara Winterknight [she leans into Bram and listens to Tal's story]

Crispin Harrow *listens to Tal while sipping ale*

Bram Snome *Bram nodded sipping his ale listening to the tale*

Talinor of Lathander "The Tale begins as many do.. with friends speaking about recent events, and a few of them concerned about an enemy they might have made. A few becomes many over the next couple weeks, and all were helpful. The fiend of this tale? One who called himself the Lord of Shadows... a vampiric lord, who sought nothing less then creating his own power, so that in the night he might spread his terror, and grief to the unsuspecting citizens of waterdeep..."

Karin Alestorm Karin listens to Tal's story between sips of ale.

Talinor of Lathander "But our heroes, found themselves in great difficulty.. a promise of revenge by this champion of the dark, and know my friends, that those who serve the darkness are not the simpletons of children's bedtime tales. Noo many are of the most cunning, the lure of the power of the darkness fueling their efforts. These heroes found themselves chasing shadows and fear, but none of their efforts ended up showing any true sign of this evil lord. Finally, a break through... for Devdan the Brave had plundered the fiends own journal. A tome written by his own dark hand to serve as an ego boost for the years past, and those to come... but friends, such items of personal value have links to each of our souls.. even those that have forsaken their souls for power."

Bram Snome *Bram smiles and listens sipping*

Jayanu Darkwind *begins sipping on his next ale*

Talinor of Lathander "It was through this link.. that the leader of my own clergy, was convinced to channel the wisdom of Lathander. To grant us a location... so great was the power of this fiend.. that she had 10 newly ordained dawnbringers to join us in this quest."

Talinor of Lathander "So 16 went down into the location shown.. 11 dawnbringers including myself joined Astrid of the Spirits, Devdan the Brave, Naria the cunning, Deranis the Bold and Susanna the Sorceress.. deep down under the crust of the earth where the light itself rarely braves. Past the villany of the outpost of thieves and thugs known as skullport we traveled... until we found the location given to us.. but all was not as it seemed. Where we were told of a branch off in the cave system.. was only a wall. It was Naria the cunning that found the latch that opened the tomb of this Lord of Shadows."

Talinor of Lathander "We left 3 of my brethern at the entrance.. to guard it against intrusion... I called upon Lathander's light to blind our awareness from any that might have stepped or been cursed to exist outside of the circle of life."

Talinor of Lathander "Then did Devdan the Brave lead the way.. the cavern was quiet, only the sounds of heartbeats, and breaths trying to be kept quiet could be herd. The soft foot steps of Devdan walking down the hall in front of us..... then BAM.. the sounds of what seemed like endless breaths all exhaled at once.. and before us we saw Devdan splintered with darts from all directions.. some how.. he manged to avoid critical damage from the onslaught.. and from some of my brothers... he was healed before we moved deeper into the lair of darkness"

Jayanu Darkwind *sips his ale*

Talinor of Lathander "We continued forward... Devdan and Naria finding many more lethal traps of various kinds.. I'm not an expert by any means.. but I tell you friends.. I was right there, and I saw none of these traps, and would have had less of a clue on how to disarm them."

Talinor of Lathander Finally we come to a blank wall that was trapped by magic.. and Naria the cunning showed us all a trick she learned from a wise mentor.. and somehow disarmed the magical ward.. an act confirmed by the arcane vision of Susanna."

Talinor of Lathander This end chamber must have been fashioned by dwarves so complete was the seemless end... but finally Naria and Devdan again were inspired by the light, and found the trick to opening a path deeper into the darkness."

Talinor of Lathander "Before we could take a step however.. low groans and the stench of the long dead assailed our senses... before us stood 15 of the poor bastards cursed with the second known curse of darkness... the curse of life beyond death.. but not a life of cunning.. a life of slow mindless shambling until one might be released from this foul curse... But the Light of Lathander still stood with us, and the foul beasts did not notice us.. and from across the cavern we saw a door. Leading ever onward... teasing us with it's simplicity after so many hidden doors and traps."

Jayanu Darkwind *sips his ale*

Karin Alestorm Karin leans closer to hear as the story gets good.

Talinor of Lathander "Instead of starting the battle right then and there... my own pride got to me and not for the last time that evening... remember friend's we must always guard ourselves against pride... I thought, if we could save our magic.. and learned what was ahead then we could prepare better. Both for this battle, but also for what surely would be called to reinforce this position. Devdan moved forward to sneak past the horde of zombies. You see, even a single touch would have broken the enchantment... He jumped and darted, moved slowly.. then quickly, and some how made their way across... those who watched Devdan the Brave.. heard something then. And quickly Naria and Deranis moved back to the entrance suspecting that a trap might be closing and to reinforce the entrance."

Bram Snome Bram sips his ale listening intently not interrupting.

Lycander Lycander folds his arms across his chest as he listens to the story

Talinor of Lathander *Tal smiles to those around him* "Devdan made it to the door, and slowly opened it. We were confident. My faith in the endless power of Lathander holding strong... but you see, I forget. Sometimes the gods test us, but reminding us that for all their power, it is up to us to do the doing... pride my friends... it was pride that revealed us to the Lord of Shadows who awaited on the other side of the door."

Karin Alestorm Karin leans further, resting an arm on the table, and listens quietly.

Talinor of Lathander "He laughed at our efforts, and Devdan slammed the door shut, yelling a warning about endless minions.. and our target approaching. But you see this was not a point that we could afford to run. In such a time, one can only stand, and rally, and hope to fight well. I rallied the priests to form lines... Devdan made his way back toward us.. the horde of zombies suddenly springing to action. But still Lathander had not forsaken us, even as I pulled a prepared scroll to fill our minds with light and protect us from the corrupting magic of shadow.... and a fellow priest used my horn of battle to summon the rest of the dawnbringers for this battle... the dawnbringers did as their training bid them, and called forth the light of Lathander... his power turning the foul zombies to dust around Devdan."

Talinor of Lathander We then waited in tense moments...I ordered the dawnbringers to prepare themselves, and we began to move toward the door in 2 lines... I felt strong at this moment friends. That no matter what lay behind this door, we would be victorious... I had forgotten the simple truth that most farmers know to be true... that it is always darkest before the dawn."

Talinor of Lathander "Our foul host opened the door with sudden explosive force, claiming to be tired of waiting for us... and before us all we saw was the dark flames of hell promising only pain and death."

Lycander *Lycander tries not to be too obvious about rolling his eyes at the grandiose language.

Talinor of Lathander "This fire burst in the middle of us scattering the lines with explosive force, my brethern shattered and burning, some no more then then pieces and holy symbols left. All of us burned." *Tal stops for a moment to laugh at Lycander's response, with a wink and a point* "Hey, I warned you about letting a priest get going..."

Talinor of Lathander *Tal took the break in the tale to take another long pull from his mug of ale*

Bram Snome *Bram listened intently*

Lycander Lycander chuckles at the priest's reaction and sits up a bit, not wanting to be rude.

Karin Alestorm Karin takes another long drink of his ale.

Jayanu Darkwind *gasps softly as he describes the vicious fireball, is glad that he was not involved, or would be a cinder on the floor as well*

Talinor of Lathander *Tal grins to Lycander* "Thanks for the excuse to take another sip." *He winks, and then returns to his tale, his hands moving as he speaks to help him describe the scene* "So our forces were scattered, all of us hurt, many of us either dead or unmoving.. but four still stood. Devdan the Brave, Astrid of the Spirits, Susanna the Sorceress and myself... I continued to call forth some of Lathander's blessing hoping to weaken the creature before us or whatever minions might follow. Channeling Lathander's light, I made that battleground holy to the MorningLord.. and I still felt that we were still strong. Susanna channeled her own magic sending forth glittering bits of magic and silver to blind our foe, Astrid calling to the spirits of the flame to give her the power to burn."

Talinor of Lathander "The fiend laughed at our efforts, ignoring Susanna's attempts.. he spoke in a language I don't really understand, his hands moving in arcane gestures, and from his hands dark bolts filled with the power of the shadow burst into us again... wracking our bodies with pain... I asked for Lathander to send us his mace to help us against this lord of the darkness.. and he answered my plea..the mace knows as dawnbringer spinning at the fiend... only to be deflected by some dark globe surrounding him."

Talinor of Lathander "I admit friends.. I even gasped at what I thought I recognized to be the power called by this Lord of Shadows... I tried to channel Lathander's power to dispel this globe.. but I was unable to channel enough power to stand up against it.. but I was not alone... for Susanna called forth her own power, her time of study, and practice coming to fruition. Using the powers and foci of a necklace she wore.. she cast at the fiend, and before our eyes, his protective globe of darkness shattered..... Astrid proved that we now had a chance, by sending forth her power of the flame.. and for the first time we heard and honest yell of pain."

Talinor of Lathander "Devdan seeming to realize that we could not stand to too much casting from this powerful minion of darkness dove, almost recklessly at the fiend. His bravery saving us as he took the attention away from the rest of us. Give us the chance to heal, even as he took grevious shots to his own body."

Talinor of Lathander "The foul beast laughed at our efforts.. and I felt my own anger rising.. and I still felt that maybe even alone, I could take him.. I called forth Lathander's wrath, and channeled his light into a beam that shot out in the darkness, even as his mace dawnbringer spun forward to strike at the vampire once more... he dodged all of my attempts. My pride shattered.. I tried a new tactic then, and tried to use Lathander's power to offer Devdan Lathander's promise of renewal... to heal him as he stood against the vampire."

Karin Alestorm Karin downs his third ale and stands to leave. "Sorry to leave before the end of a story, but it's getting too ...religious... for me. It's getting late anyway..."

Bram Snome Bram continued to sip on his ale listening to Talinor tale.

Jayanu Darkwind *thoroughly engrossed in Talinor's tale, does not even notice Cyn*

Talinor of Lathander "Devdan's skill was amazing, but the vampire's wounds were quickly healing.. Astrid's fire doing some damage, but the fiend had enough, and sent forth more magic at myself and Astrid.. I was lucky, must of the blow as taken by my armor.. but Astrid was less fortunate, as she was knocked back against the wall, her staff even slipping from her hands as she slid down the wall. Susanna rushed to try and help her, even as all I could do was try and keep the whirling dervish of Devdan between us and the certain death or worse promised by the dark lord of shadows."

Talinor of Lathander "Again the lord cast out against us.. things were looking darker still, and his magic crashed up against me.. I felt the darkness closing around my mind as a fell to the ground, but Lathander was with me, and I felt his warmth and his light. Returned to my feet, I felt him return to join us.. and once more I called upon his light... this time.. the fiend had no chance to dodge, and the light of Lathander's wrath struck him fully in the chest... it was the mark of the begining of our rally... the dawn began to rise for the champions of the light."

Talinor of Lathander "Soon, Devdan's strikes seem to strike more true, and Susanna's magic caught the fiend off guard finally knocking him into his form of retreat."

Karin Alestorm Karin smiles, apparantly not interupting the story, and walks out of the tavern.

Talinor of Lathander "But we were prepared... and I had prepared a special scroll in hopes to be able to use it.. the scroll held Lathander's breath which trapped the beast in a box made from walls of air, and even as we began to heal up once more. Reviving Astrid, and preparing to follow it to it's place of rest and recovery... the vampire made his one and last mistake... for he shifted forms once more from gas to flesh, and Devdan was waiting for him... oil and the flames not of magic but alchemy burst upon the vampire... finally causing the fiend to fall to the earth."

Talinor of Lathander "With stake, and fire and magic..." *Tal chuckles* "We were a bit zealous with our retribution.. until little was left of the lord of shadows... but to make sure, I summoned water over the remains, and blessed it in Lathander's name.. to end the threat to those of the light forever."

Jayanu Darkwind *though he enjoyed the tale* A great accomplishment. Congratulations... *slips out of his chair, and makes his way to the door, slipping out into the street*

Talinor of Lathander *Tal smiles then takes a drink of his ale once more.* "And that my friends, is the long winded tale of the battle of 8 pyres. Eight, my friends, for fortunately 2 of my brother's survived the inital attack by fire."

Bram Snome Bram smiled and slapped Talinor on the back. "A tale well worth hearing my friend, I suspected the rumors were not doing the tale justice."

Lycander Lycander raises his mug to Talinor, "Well done." he says before drinking to the priest.

Talinor of Lathander *Tal blushes at the praise* "Thanks friends...but truly it was my fellows that deserve such praise."

Bram Snome Bram smiled "Indeed you and all your friends fought bravely and won the day."

Kiara Winterknight Wow that was quite the tale [she looks impressed]

Talinor of Lathander *Tal laughs merrily and winks* "But.. it's probably only half true, I mean you shouldn't really trust the flowery words of a priest in the full run of telling a tale." *Tal chuckles*