Sick Day?

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Sick Day?

Postby Kerry » Mon Nov 27, 2006 5:27 am

Grit woke up in sheets soaked in her own sweat. She gasped and tore off the covers in attempt to get some relief. When this did not work she stood up, only to sag against the wall of her cramped room. The room spun dizzily and she could only stagger to the washstand by supporting herself against the wall.

After she had splashed water over her face and neck she tried to get some sense of what was going on. She had a grim suspicion when she saw that one of the rat bites on her leg was oozing yellow-green pus.

Grit winced as she considered her light coin purse. The clerics at the temple of Selune would not save her mother without payment in full. That they would make an exception for a half orc was beyond unlikely.

She shrugged on her armor and made it to the front door. Behind her Mrs O’Sullivan reminded her that rent was due. Grit waved her off and welcomed the relief of the cold air as she slouched her way to Moorgate watch house.
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