Crisis at Kilborn Ridge

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Crisis at Kilborn Ridge

Postby ManthisFocht » Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:45 pm

((This is Jimmy's Tuesday morning adventure, and has already started.))

Late one morning, Sholva, Sildawen, Chavanon, Rauvin, and Sheol all were witness to a sad occurance in the Trades Ward. Once again a greedy mercenary company set to guard Jannik and Harrison Thisslebrow's caravan to Kilborn Ridge demanded double thier normal rate. Irrate and unwilling to be had, Harrison turned to the small band of willing volunteers to take the job. And a good thing he did!
Just one day away from thier destination after a week on the road, the caravan was attacked in an ambush by a half dozen goblin raiders and thier fearsome leader Garbald the Hobgoblin. Ever the battle raging brute, Rauvin charged head long into the waiting Garbald's falchion! The two dug thier weapons deep into one another in a mist of blood and gore, but the mighty Rauvin proved the stronger and was the one who stayed on his feet! Garbald dead and no other delays, the caravan and the group was given a warm and festive welcome as they arrived, and then the town discovered that Garbald was dead! One can only imagine the festable to come!

((Playing again on Tuesday Feb 12th at 8 AM Chat Time. In the mean time, fPM me your email adresses, I have some files to send you all with important information.))
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