Dragons Blood

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Dragons Blood

Postby Xairren » Sat Feb 09, 2008 9:03 am

Recently an old wizard was sitting in the market trying to sell what he claimed was black dragon's blood and even some black dragon's acid. A few people stopped to see exactly what he had, the price he was asking was certainly worth a dragons hoard.

Teroil, Tyrani, and Kethean (among others) tried to discover where he had "acquired" the blood and acid, but the old man evaded such questions to the point where they felt they *must* follow him.

They finally lost him in a dock ward alley. The old wizard seemed to have slipped down into a sewer.

After collecting some other brave souls Tyrani and Kethean decended into the sewers to see what they can find of the old wizard.

First they nearly run into disaster going through a trapped door in the sewer tunnel ceiling into a guarded room.

Then they run into a seemingly empty room that turn into a large trap with a gate swinging shut behind most of them and the appearance of dozens of rats and two wererats trying to bite everyone they can.

The heroes finally manage to drive off one wererat and slay the other leaving the heroes filthy, but not too terribly hurt.

In the room beyond the sewer the party discovers the lair of the two wererats and the closing & locking chain attached to the gate. They also discover a cage with three often bitten humans.

With the help of the priests at the Church of Selune the three prisoners and the heroes are cleaned up. House Maerklos shows its gratefulness at the return of their family members by offering a small reward to the heroes as well.
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