The Gates of Hargast (Chapter 1)

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The Gates of Hargast (Chapter 1)

Postby Mark » Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:44 pm

And none shall remain unscathed...

Four emerged from the crypt that day, into the afternoon sun that shown down upon Hargast. Exhausted and bearing the body of only a single foe, each born new scars across their features, some borne on their bodies, others on their souls.

For beyond the Gates of the great crypt lay something festering, screaming for release. Something the sleepy village had never known. Or, perhaps, had wanted forgotten.

Upon presentation of the creature that had for so long driven the villagers into terrible fear, a great sigh of relief came from all dwelling in the small community. Great words of praise and thanks were given upon the four, though no offering of reward could be given. The body of the cloaker, however, was taken and paraded about the town before being tied over the main gate, hanging as a grizzly trophy for all to see.

Lemald Rivenshire, the young priest of Helm in the village, did all that he could to ease the suffering of Evander, though little could be done. The priest of Ilmater could only scream, day and night, and the Helmite Rivenshire could offer no healing, other than the simple hope that he might someday recover from whatever had scarred him.

Upon their departure from the city, apparently unrewarded and unfulfilled, the adventurers were stopped by an old friend. Lowick, the one time adventurer who had sold them their dogs, caught them down the road. Having heard rumors of what they had found beneath the city, he bequeathed to them his old adventuring gear, saying that they would need it to face what lay below more than it he would.

Even as they left, they could feel the weight on their souls, knowing that whatever they had seen below the soils of Hargast would always remain with them, hanging in their minds until they breathed no more. The words of the Doomseer served as a constant reminder of their mortality. And even while successful, what price had they given for such petty bobbles made of metal?

And none shall remain unscathed....

The gear given by Lowick was the following:

A bastard sword, made of shimmering steel with a strange green sheen. Called The Hound, the pommel bares the image of a snarling dog, which, Lowick says, growls during combat. (Bastard sword +1)

A hand axe with an abnormally large axe head. Emblazoned into the side is the maker's mark of a long dead elven smith named "Mehidel the Blind." (Hand axe +1)

A shirt of mail, the links surprisingly strong, despite several dents in them, which Lowick says were signs of combat long gone. He also mentions that the shirt can take the appearance of any clothing that the wearer may wish. (Glammered +1 mithril chain shirt)

A pair of brown boots, which, to a keen eye, is noticed to be made of bugbear hide, the lacing made of bugbear sinew. Lowick says it will grant you all the stealth of the creatures, and he personally had the item commissioned using the body parts of bugbears he had slain himself. (Boots of elvenkind).

And, finally, he gives you a single locket, which he says he has no use for. The outside looks only to be made of simple iron, but when it is opened, the inside is emblazoned the holy symbol of Nobanion, carved completely of sapphire.

If all the items above are sold, the profits come to 6000 gold pieces, which, divided among all of you, come to 1,500 gold.

If you choose to sell the items, or keep them, is up to you.
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