New Item: "Collar of Pack Summoning"

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New Item: "Collar of Pack Summoning"

Postby Arthas » Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:29 pm

To be worn by a druid's wolf animal companion...

Description: This collar is made of woven vines studded with the teeth of various carnivores...

Summon 1d4+1 wolves as Summon Nature's Ally 3 (wolves only)
Usable 2/day, charges renewed at nightfall...
Market Price (according to p285 of DMG) 10,800 gp
Prequisites: Craft Wonderous Item, Summon Nature's Ally 3

Possible Activation Mode:
*Wolf's Howl (free action of wolf) (this one is my preference)
*Automatic on 2'nd round of combat
*Master's activation (free action of master)
*(Anything the dm's come up with)

Is the pricing correct for this item?

*Formulas from DMG p285 I used*
3 (spell lvl) X 5 (caster lvl) X 1800 = 270000
270000 divided by (5 divided by 2 charges per day) = 10,800 gp
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