A Frustrated Paladin

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A Frustrated Paladin

Postby grayburst » Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:16 pm

The loud crack of wood on wood filled the air. The wood blade of the practice sword struck the pell in an intricate pattern. Each blow was precise and to the will of the wielder, yet there was a frantic edge to the strikes. Moments passed with the flurry of crashing impacts repetitive without cease, till sudden silence reigned. The wielder of the wood practice sword now leaned upon it, her breath coming in ragged gasp.

The careful precision her instructors had taught her over decades yet remained, but the discipline of timing and self control was absent in her practice routine this chilly morning. A dark scowl dominated her face, anger at herself and frustration at recent events it’s cause. Twilia knew her thoughts and actions were sloppy and undisciplined. Yet despite how many times she chastised herself, it just wouldn’t clear up.

The scowl was chased way by a smirk, as her thoughts turned to sea blue eyes and a crocked smile. Twilia muttered to herself, ‘Who ever heard of an elf dying their hair blue? What type of weirdo is he..?’

The smirk was forced off her face and the scowl invited back, as she attempted to dismiss again the directions of her thoughts. The morning air filled again with the harsh, angry sounds of wood on wood.
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