Manople and other weapons that grant a Shield bonus

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Manople and other weapons that grant a Shield bonus

Postby Stam » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:07 pm

Per a discussion with Ian in the OOC:

Wielding a Manople (Sandstorm p. 97) is considered as using a shield for the purpose of feats or class abilities.

Poking around other books, I figure this would also apply to the Dwarven Buckler-Axe and Gnome Turtle Blade (both in CWar) as they use the exact same mechanics.

While a Broadblade Short Sword does grant a bonus to AC, Ian noted separately that as is not a Shield bonus and never references a shield at any point, that does not do the same.

Whether the Two Weapon Defense feat is considered use of a shield...I dunno, but it's a fairly poor feat line so I'd hope not.
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