Orcs, Goblins, riders and a death.

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Orcs, Goblins, riders and a death.

Postby Jiriki » Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:00 am

The flight were listening, Chase’s eyes scrutinized the ground below him as the large Griffon he was riding swooped above the tree line. Leaning forward on the shoulder of the mighty winged beast he rested his weight just enough to prevent from leaning too far. Narrowing his eyes to intensify his gaze he let his mind go blank. Studying the way the different grasses looked. The tracks from the hoards of the Goblins, Orcs and Trolls were fading but they were still there. Still evident yet were the tracks from the people they had dragged off. Smears of blood trailed along the ground, dried but blackened enough for the flight to trail easily. Again leaning forward to reduce he wind drag and pulling down the goggle he wore habitually he signaled half the flight to continue onward, observation only for now, while the rest of the flight went on to the burning farmstead to see if there were any survivors.

The farm was still well ablaze when they set down a short while later. The wind fanning the flames and smoke had made it hard to study from the air the signs that they’d be able to read. The two riders jumped down from their mounts, glanced about and then back to each other with grim faces. The mounts would be their warning of any impending attack and so they could move about in peace for a relatively short time. No sound reached the sensitive ears of the captain as his lips narrowed in dismay, no sound barring the crackling and creaking of the bars and beams of the house that was slowly folding in on itself. The heat of the fire was so intense that even with the ring he was wearing to protect himself from the elements in the air would not save him. Shielding his face from the flames he shook his head and nodded again to the other rider. Scattered ripped belongings of the inhabitants lay strewn about the place, bodies of dogs lay with arrows sticking from them and missing limbs. Some of which were over forty foot away from the body. The horses had been ripped open and butchered where the remains lay, the cattle likewise. Scattered feathers flew in the wind at times but mostly lay in bloodied heaps in the mud. Finally after the obvious had been made clear, the pair of riders made their solemn way back to their griffons and mounted. Not a word was spoken between them as they took to the skies once more and followed the rest of the flight in an attempt to find the inhabitants. Many long hours later it was a tired and weary flight that returned to the Aerie and an even more tired Captain Xentar that made his way to hand in the report that was due on the days events.

With the report handed in Chase stepped his way slowly up to his own bedchamber. Too tired to bother with eating first, he just placed his hand on the door and pushed it open. It was then that the first wave of anxiety hit him. A shock, to the core of his being as he stumbled to the nest and tumbled into it nearly caught the griffon unawares, but the soft landing of the nesting itself proved to be enough to protect the rider from harm. As the wing of his griffon lay over him, Chase curled up on his side. His eyes opening in widened dismay and anguish.

Tahiri was dead.
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