A prayer answered?

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A prayer answered?

Postby Kemian » Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:32 am

He sat in darkness alone asking himself a single question repeatedly. "If I hadn't prayed would it have made a difference?" He had seen today what could only be described as miraculous. A follow up question just as absurd as the first played through his thoughts, "If my prayers did make a difference, who did he owe thanks?" He had prayed to the one that he had been taught...no forced to pray to as a child but he had also asked for the help of the Priests deity. Today he saw a man he feared would soon be dead up and walking about in high spirits.

Dev ran a hand through his long fine blond lockes and sighed heavily. Ordinarily he might be angry at the dilemma he felt as though he were in. He hated relying on the whimsey ephemeral ways of the Gods to do anything but staying out of his way. Many had pointed out to him repeatedly that this was an arrogant way of thinking but Dev had simply encountered too many hippocrits in his day. In his mind the Gods were the arrogant ones demanding obedience and threatening eternity of being a brick in a wall if you failed to bow and scrape to at least one of their ilk.

He grimaced, heading down that line of thought didn't help at the moment, he was trying to determin a course of action. Finally slowly the snow elf knelt down bowed his head and gave thanks to Lathander for restoring his friend, just in case Dev also gave thanks to Corellon Loratheon. He had seen it in the shiny one's eyes, he was going to be alright. Dev knew it. He just wasn't sure what that meant for him and his feelings towards the Gods if anything.
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