Unexpected Pain...

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Unexpected Pain...

Postby X Man » Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:38 pm

(( Continuing from D&A thread here))

A couple deep breaths after the pain had subsided left Lowell's mind spinning. Well, it certainly had been a good thing no one else had been home. Or would be again. He collected what little he needed, seeing how little but a bit of brand-new furniture was even left, and said goodbye to the place. He knew then he could never even begin to settle and be comfortable as he had. Not so long as Godol lived. Not so long as whomever turned the wheels that in turn granted the individuals claiming their allegiance to such a House such power as to think it their right to invade his own. Those obsessed with pain were sadly mistaken if they thought he would serve their end. No, he would, instead, serve upon them a quick, painless death, and in so doing he hoped to at last liberate himself from the tangled web his father had once fallen into, and now into which he had so carelessly stepped once again.

His leg was on the mend, and he opted for a clean set of clothes before heading out into the city again. A quick bath was all he needed, cold, yet refreshing, though his mind lingered a bit on those nights when the warmth of the water had set loose the knots and seemed to soak into his very bones. He had a sharp knife set to the mess that was his hair, now short since the flames that had nearly destroyed he and the elf wizard had singed his ponytail into a charred mess. Soon it was close enough to resemble a military cut, and he shrugged at his reflection in the now neglected mirror, already growing dusty with their absence.

Again he sighed, and let his thoughts wander as he finished dressing, occasionally twitching as his body recalled the pain he'd so recently endured. In the end, he wound up relegating his entire collection of belongings into the simple haversack slung over his back. It wasn't much, truth be told. He placed a sign in the front window and locked the door as he left.

The sign read: "For Sale by Owner"

As he walked away, he swore it would be the last time he would dabble in real estate, among other things.
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