ERRATA: Complete Scoundrel

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ERRATA: Complete Scoundrel

Postby Jiriki » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:34 pm

Prestige Classes - Cloaked Dancer, Fortune's Friend, Master of Masks: Due to these Prestige Classes granting an increase to caster level without requiring casting ability to enter, characters taking levels in these Prestige Classes will need to choose between one of the two options below, when they first occur. Once chosen, the option cannot be changed. (Generally, spellcasters will want Option 1, others will want Option 2.)

Option 1: An increase to the caster level of an existing spellcasting class, as printed.

Option 2: Gain one bonus feat for which the character meets the prerequisites.

Prestige Class - Master of Masks: The special prerequisite for this Prestige Class must be met under DM-supervised circumstances.

Prestige Class - Psibound Agent: This prestige class is not allowed for play on this site.

Prestige Class - Uncanny Trickster: Due to the below-listed rule on skill tricks, change the Favorite Trick class ability to read as follows:
Favorite Trick (Ex): You have a limited repertoire of signature stunts. At each level, choose one skill trick you know that requires a skill check. You gain a +2 insight bonus on the skill check required to perform that particular trick. You can't choose the same skill trick more than once.

Feats: Ascetic Stalker, Enduring Ki, Expanded Ki Pool, Martial Stalker, Mind Drain, Psithief, and Psychic Luck are all unavailable for play on this site.

Luck Feats: Daily number of Luck Rerolls should be listed in the Special Abilities section of the Feats tab in SCORES.

Skill Tricks: When Skill Tricks are chosen, a number of ranks should be purchased under the new listing "Skill Tricks" in SCORES. List this skill as cross-class. Tricks themselves should be listed and described in the "Other Info" section of the Description tab in SCORES. All skill tricks can be used at-will, unless a different usage is listed in the trick description. Exceptions: Conceal Spellcasting and False Theurgy remain usable once per encounter.

Spell - Polymorph Subschool: Ignore all reference to the Polymorph subschool, except with regards to new spells that specifically use it.

Spell - Disobedience: This spell is banned for use on the site.

Errata Update Log
- Updated on 04/08/2013. Added house rule to compensate the Uncanny Trickster prestige class for rendering its Favorite Trick ability totally obsolete via the general skill trick rules.
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