ERRATA: Cityscape

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ERRATA: Cityscape

Postby Jiriki » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:49 pm

Prestige Class - Urban Savant: This prestige class is linked to membership in the Red Sashes, and requires the Favored in Guild feat linked with that group. (City of Splendors describes this feat with regards to the Sashes, as well as the group itself.) Note that the Red Sashes are a closed group--they recruit you, you don't get to just up and join them--so if you're looking to get into the class, you need to find a DM and let them know that's a new life goal for your PC.

Prerequisites: K-History 2 is allowed as an alternate prerequisite for bardic knowledge.

Spellcasting: Due to this Prestige Class granting an increase to caster level without requiring casting ability to enter, characters will need to choose between one of the two options below upon entering the class. Once chosen, the option cannot be changed. (Generally, spellcasters will want Option 1, others will want Option 2.)
  • Option 1: An increase to the caster level of an existing spellcasting class, as printed.
  • Option 2: Gain one bonus feat for which the character meets the prerequisites.
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