ERRATA: Frostburn

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ERRATA: Frostburn

Postby Jiriki » Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:04 pm

Races - Neanderthal, Uldra: Neither of these races is allowed for play on this site.

Feat - Mark of Hleid: This feat becomes known as the "Mark of Ulutiu."

Feat - Chosen of Iborighu: This feat becomes known as either "Chosen of Auril" or "Chosen of Umberlee." It is not synonymous with the typical "Chosen" concept native to the Forgotten Realms.

Spells - Shivering Touch, Lesser Shivering Touch: Both of these spells are banned. Third-level spells that one-shot Great Wyrms with no save are made of stinky cheese that makes us cry.

Prestige Class - Rimefire Witch: The Patron Deity requirement of this class becomes Ulutiu, not Hleid. The "Detect Minion of Iborighu" feature of this class becomes "Detect Minion of Auril/Umberlee," and detects followers or either of those deities.

Prestige Class - Winterhaunt of Iborighu: This class becomes known as the "Winterhaunt of Auril/Umberlee" and requires that patron deity. The class' granted proficiency with scythe becomes proficiency with battleaxe/trident.
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