Character Journals: Submit and Succeed.

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Character Journals: Submit and Succeed.

Postby Seekerthefallen » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:18 pm


Character Journals:

Given that I have been unavailable as of late to run any scenes. I have decided that I will undertake a different way to collectively help progress your characters. Allowing you to net some gold along the way.
The idea here is that I will now be accepting journal entries from players. Which I will read, and post in a forum set up for them. There are some rules to this, and failure to adhere to them will result in restriction from this opportunity.


Subject to change!

Please include your characters Name in Full, with your submission. As well as combined total level.

MOST 100% IMPORTANT: ANY information in the Journals, is strickly a READ only basis. You can not use what is the the contents for your own Characters. YOU the player are reading this. Your characters cant and will not gain information from it. UNLESS your character is in/involved with ETC. Any abuse is in this is Strickly Frowned on..

Submission will be sent to my in my INBOX, do not post them elsewhere.

• Each player may submit only one journal at a time. This means, you must choose one of your characters to write out. 1 player x 1 character x each week.
This is on a weekly basis and does imply that if I haven’t posted your current submission. You will have to wait to send another.
• Each journal entry must comply with the rules of the site.
• You may not use other Players Characters in your journals, unless that player agrees.
This implies you must correctly represent said character.
• The subjects for the journals must fall into believable categories. If I receive a submission from Sally, saying her character splayed 12 orcs and 3 dragons. I will reject it. Consider your characters day to day life in new and unique ways. Perhaps you’re learning a trade, and this could be like a pre-story as to how you earned the “skills” on your next level up. Or a language. Even something like shopping, is fine. As long as you’re not sending the same thing every week.
• You may choose any of your characters for this. You may only choose to use one. Either is fine. Whichever character is in the story will be rewarded. There is no shared/trade or “Can you give it to my other.” allowed.
• Submissions should be properly labeled, with the characters name listed. So I don’t have extra work.
• Rewards are based on level, not your skill at writing. So two characters of the same level will get the same payout. The only reason to not receive a reward. Would be total lack of effort and Bs.
• I will ask all submissions be several paragraphs. Which are 3-5 lines each. And that they aren’t too long either. Spellchecked. If you want the reward you will do the effort. Anything in the 1 paragraph and nothing else department will not be posted/rewarded. No effort, no reward.
• Importantly. No one is allowed to comment post or alter the forum in which these will be posts. With the exception of DMs. Anyone that regards the contents with disrespect to the writers will have a nice chat with me.

I’m on my time and schedule with this. As an extra way to help out, I’m taking the time to do this. Do consider that when you submit that on occasion it will take longer than other times to review and post. If you start bothering or nagging me about it. I will just put you on the bottom of the list. I have my own system for deciding rewards. All gold netted from this will be near minimal, due to the nature of lack of actual danger and challenge. This is merely an incentive to get a little extra.

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