It's alive! No wait, it's dead.

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It's alive! No wait, it's dead.

Postby Kemian » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:10 am

Devon, Selwynn, Karlist, Lenia, and Kale were all attending to their own business in the Market Place when a disturbance caught there attention. At first they could not tell what it was, then it rounded the corner and they saw an Umber Hulk crashing through the Market place chasing a young woman. Just as they all began to wonder how an Umber Hulk was unleashed on the city the smell from the foul creature made them amend their thoughts. How did an Undead Umber Hulk get into the city?

The heroes worked quickly to save the woman the creature was chasing and to dispatch the creature permanently. The Watch arrived its typical five minutes to late and showed up just in time to do paper work. Some investigation showed that the woman was likely a Priestess of Velsharoon that had raised the Hulk and failed to control it. The Heroes were able to obtain the name of owner of the warehosue where the ritual was performed to raise the Hulk but all the owner seemed interested in was learning who was going to pay for the wall the creature knocked down on it's way out into the city.

The city provided a generous stipend to the Heroes for service to the city.

(Thanks for playing XP and GP awards are in.)
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