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Postby Stam » Mon Mar 03, 2014 9:35 am

Baron Victor von Doom.

If you pick up this build or its concept, be prepared to be judged to very stringent standards. This is one of the baddest of the badass villains in the Marvel Universe.

Aristocrat1/Wizard5 is your base chassis. Born as nobility, trained in martial combat, schooled in the arcane arts. You lose a point of BAB, but pick up more starting wealth and a much better set of starting skills than with a Fighter level.

From there, you can pick up another level of Wizard and go into Eldritch Knight for near-full casting. Alternatively, you can reflect the dual focus by stepping into Spellsword as soon as you hit BAB 4 (Aristocrat3/Wizard4 or Aristocrat2/Wizard6 get you there, you can go in via Eldritch Knight, or you can take Fighter or Swashbuckler levels instead of Aristocrat).

Assuming you have a class or two left open, there's plenty of options among PrCs. Effigy Master lets you craft disposable Doombot minions, for example. Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil would give you the ability to fold your arms and watch as your foes fail to breech your impenetrable defenses. And so on.
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