Hansel Witch Hunter

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Hansel Witch Hunter

Postby Kemian » Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:56 am

As a child Hansel lost his sister and his manhood to the machinations of a vile witch in the midst of a sacraficial ritual in which both he and his sibling were supposed to meet their end. Fortunately he was able to turn the tide at the last minute and kill the fell creature.

After that Hansel walked the streets of many a Faerunian city learning what skills he could and finding himself excelling and ferretting out vile socerers that cloak themselves in good works in cities friendly to arcanists.

Now Hansel uses the tools the witch that scarred him so many years ago against others of her kind. Fear of what he will do to those like the one that maimed him.

Build itself is simple - 1st level Ranger with the Arcane Hunter Alt Class Feature to start.

Followed by 4 levels of Barbarian with the Ferocity Alt Class Feature.

Then 5 levels of Avenging Executioner, 1 level of Intimidate based Exemplar and finish out with a total of 13 levels of Barbarian.

Feats taken: Intimidating Rage, Imperious Command, Skill Focus:Intimidate

Skill Tricks taken - Never Outnumbered.
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