Camilla and Flint's wedding

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Camilla and Flint's wedding

Postby Sister » Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:02 pm

(For those of you who would come but couldn't actually be there)

[12:09:26 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The Goblin Queen can be found on pier 3. Docked and tied off. The rope decorated in purple lilies and ivy that climbs up to the boat. The plank leading up to the boat has a thick purple cloth that runs the length up into the boat. Once aboard the boat you see various purple, plum, and white colored flowers all around the boat. Rows of chairs sit below the stern for people to sit on and view the wedding.
[12:10:30 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: Purple cloth leads from the plank to the stern in one thick row that travels up to the wheel. Infront of the wheel is a table with 3 white tapered candles sitting on a white cloth that covers the table. It's only 3 steps up to the stern and wheel so people will be able to view the ceremony easily. A basket of purple petals sets next to the candles. Next to the basket of petals is a pillow with the rings resting on it.
[12:11:08 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The woman’s ring is silver with black diamonds trailing up the sides of the ring with a white diamond centering the setting.
[12:11:26 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The man’s ring is silver with etched design around it perfectly complimenting each other in setting.
[12:11:41 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The setting over all is very beautiful and suiting to Camilla's tastes. A trellis stands as an arch over the place where the couple will stand. It is decorated in plum sheer see through fabric with ivy trailing along the sides.
[12:12:00 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: Behind the table stands the Captain of the Dragons Treasure. He's wearing black pants, a gold ivy embroidered black over coat with tails, a gold embroidered hunter green vest, over a purple shirt, and captains hat. His hair is long and blonde with curls that seem to pick up on the wind. Green eyes with wisdom and intelligence stair out over the proceeding. As noble, merchant, and Commoners alike, gather on the deck, music plays from behind the wheel of the boat from a quartet assembled and ready to play the wedding song which will proceed the bride meeting the groom on the stern. Flint stands infront of the table waiting for Camilla to meet him for the ceremony. People mingle amongst the deck before the proceedings.

[12:13:19 PM] Val Fleetfoot: *the large winged creature makes his way up the plank. fashionably late as usual, the afternoon sun shines through his thin wings, casting a light yellow shadowy glow around him. He is dressed in his finest light blue satin that shimmers with his graceful movements.*
[12:13:37 PM] Mourn: *He'd made his way to the ship and snuck onboard and god help anyone that got in his way. From there, he'd crept about the ship looking things over, stealthy as usual. He'd put up with all sorts of things in the past, and now he was putting up with this...... Why it needled him he couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it needled none the less. So he sits outside Camilla's cabin in a chair, the back legs on the wooden deck and the other two in the air as he rocks lazily. What was Mourn wearing? He had a pair of grey leather scaled trousers, at his hip was the curved blade of his trade. Belted and peace tied. On top of that the scaled pattern of his armor continued and flowed. His head was freshly shaved at the sides with swirling patterns traced into it, the rest of his hair flowed down his back in a soft abundance of curls that tracked and spilled most of the way down towards his sword belt at his waist. He had on his fingers a few baubles and gems. His aristocratic face austere, the moon-elf as always had that drop pearl earring in his ear. His fingers were gloved, with matching armor. His boots kept his movements silent, but my god was it hard to ignore that bloody great big wide rimmed hat, with a massive feather of some subterranean bird thing. There was nothing else big enough that could spawn that size a feather or with it’s outrageous purple colour on the surface.*

[12:17:13 PM] Nazka: Nazka was well dressed, his blonde hair was cut to a few inches evenly around his head and wrapped with a silk bandana of a royal blue and embroidered with silver thread dragon talons. His boots were polished and pants hemmed up and belted with a silver buckle. He was wearing a royal blue long undershirt and a wine colored vest that was buttoned with onyx toggles. His beard was neatly trimmed close and brushed. As the wedding got started he began to mingle here and there with the nobles and merchants. So far he had not met anyone he knew more than a simple hello but he still made small talk.
[12:17:24 PM] Flint Rogers: Flint is dressed better than anyone had seen him….ever. His hair usually messy under his bandanna or hat is neat or at least as nice as he could manage having been able to get rid of most of the spikes. He was wearing a black three pointed hat with a deep purple lining. He wears matching black and deep purple lined pants and sea coat with filigree. His cutlasses rest on his hips sheathed but both sheath and hilts polished and shiny. As are his knee length leather boots. All in all he’s cutting quite the figure today and looked more like a captain or admiral than simply a first mate. His eyes are marry, his face clean shaven enhancing his wide smile.
[12:22:34 PM] Val Fleetfoot: *as his hands pass close to the blue satin pants, small arcs of lightning dance between his hands and the pants lighting up small areas around his feet. The crackling can be heard above the background din*
[12:23:22 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The wedding song begins to play as the captain’s cabin door opens.
[12:23:57 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: Camilla, comes out wearing a lovely white dress, A grey and white stripped under breasted corset over the top of the dress, Rounding from her hip to corset are white pearls that lay over the dress, Under the bottom of the dress is sheer ruffles that trail down to her feet covering white slippers. Her captains hat setting neatly on top of her head.
[12:24:59 PM] Mourn: *He gets to his feet, setting back into a hidden place his dagger and raises one eyebrow openly appraising her.* You'll do. I don't know why you're wearing white though, you could pick any colour you wanted.
[12:25:57 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: ~She looks at mourn and smiles softly.~ I know but i wanted this one. Are you ready? You look very handsome today.
[12:25:59 PM] Flint Rogers: *Stands just a bit straighter and watches Cam come towards him and the Captain, his smile grows even as he sees her dressed so.*
[12:26:47 PM] Mourn: *That gets a sneer and he rolls his eyes with a shake of his head then offers his arm to Camilla.* Well, it's not too late to back out you know... I can have us out of here quickly.
[12:28:09 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: ~She snakes her arm through his.~ Not today. I know this isn't your idea but please... please go with it. with some understanding that i have to make a life for me too.

[12:29:53 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: ~She leans in and whispers softly next to Mourn's ear before moving.~

[12:31:01 PM] Mourn: *There was another sigh as he stepped with the bride. Any of the crew that looked at him was getting daggers and a promise of pain as payment for any comment made. But what a fucking hat!! Incredible feather with it... long and regal, purple as purple could be. And so he made his way down to where Flint waited, by about half way along, he was giving Flint evils.*
[12:32:00 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: She comes around the chairs on the deck, escorted by Mourn, to the purple cloth that runs across the deck. Stepping onto the cloth she makes her way to the stern. Taking the steps up to the table where Mourn releases her arm to join Flint. The music stops playing and the captain behind the table clears his throat as the proceedings begin.
[12:32:00 PM] Val Fleetfoot: *moving to the bow of the boat, turns and stands watching the precedings, knowing some, not caring to know others*
[12:33:35 PM] Mourn: *He steps in closer before the captain can speak, looking Flint square in the eye.* Hurt her, and I'll publicly suck out your eyes and fuck you through the sockets. *Then with that grim promise he stepped back out of the way and folded his arms, staring at Flint constantly.*

[12:34:02 PM] Nazka: As the music was played he paused his networking and turned to eye the bride it was the thing to do. He smiled politely again he had not know the bride or groom maybe in passing but it was still not polite to refuse a invite from a noble. Stayed quiet and watched the ceremony.
[12:34:56 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: Once everyone settles down the captain begins to speak.ignoring Mourn's threat to the groom like it was just another day, "It is a time of celebration, for two people have come together and found mutual joy. They have shared their lives and decided to create a covenant between themselves, a partnership guided by spirit and support by our community. Camilla Renae Ussesa and Flint Rogers ask all you in attendance in body and spirit to pledge your support and encouragement for them to keep true to their vows."
[12:36:21 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The captain lights two of the three white taper candles, "We are all children of the light. I light this candle, which represents the sun, our spiritual father. I light this candle, which represents the moon, our spiritual mother. As these flames burn bright and strong, may their light bring this union between Camilla and Flint to grow in joy and love."
[12:36:53 PM] Flint Rogers: *Flint took the threat with the same way he took any. He didn't mind them, actions were what mattered. Besides he had no intentions on giving Mourn any reason to need to try enact his threat. He simply turned his gaze first to Cam and he smiles then to the Captain.*
[12:36:58 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: Camilla picks up one white candle, and turns to Flint, Holding the candle flame out to Flint to join his candle flame to hers.
[12:38:06 PM] Flint Rogers: *Flint had taken his own candle, holding it with Cam's till they lit into one flame.*
[12:38:41 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: ~She smiles softly at flint with a glimmer in her eyes. She was happy. Even beyond Mourn's threat to her groom. Though it did earn Mourn the stink eye for a moment before proceedings started. ~
[12:39:11 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The captain begins again, "And you begin your journey of life shared, separate beings that have come together into one light, one love. Many are the years you will share if you keep your vows, your sacred trust. May the sacred winds whisper joy into your life. May you take delight in each other for all your days. You are forever changed from this day forward. May this fire of love kindle your passions for each other throughout all your years. May your love rise anew, an eternal flame to light the day. May you grow old together and share a happy home."
[12:41:18 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: Camilla and Flint light a single white candle and blow out the tapers. The captain says, "Camilla and Flint each take your turns and repeat after me. "
[12:42:03 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: Beloved, I seek to know you, and ask for the wisdom to love you as you are.I will take joy in you and in our life together. You are to me the whispering of the tides, the seduction of summer’s heat. You are my friend, my lover. Grow old and wise with me. I look forward to the life before us of rainbows and sunsets and a willingness to share all things. I love you. I adore you.
[12:42:37 PM] Flint Rogers: *Flint repeats the words in perfect sync with Camilla.* “Beloved, I seek to know you, and ask for the wisdom to love you as you are.I will take joy in you and in our life together. You are to me the whispering of the tides, the seduction of summer’s heat. You are my friend, my lover. Grow old and wise with me. I look forward to the life before us of rainbows and sunsets and a willingness to share all things. I love you. I adore you.”
[12:43:06 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: ~Camilla repeats after the Captain in sync with flint.~ Beloved, I seek to know you, and ask for the wisdom to love you as you are.I will take joy in you and in our life together. You are to me the whispering of the tides, the seduction of summer’s heat. You are my friend, my lover. Grow old and wise with me. I look forward to the life before us of rainbows and sunsets and a willingness to share all things. I love you. I adore you.
[12:44:02 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The captain turns to Camilla, "Do you, Camilla, take Flint to be your partner in all things, to love and trust, care for and cherish?"
[12:44:26 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: ~She answers.~ Yes, with all my heart.
[12:45:00 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The captain turns to Flint, "Do you, Flint, take Camilla to be your partner in all things, to love and trust, care for and cherish?"
[12:45:07 PM] Flint Rogers: *Flint nods and with a serious face yet soft voice he answers.* “Yes, with all my soul.”
[12:46:09 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: The Captain to the congregation "May we all now pause and reflect upon the beauty of these lovers, the beauty and wonder of life. We all wish these two as many days of perfect love and perfect trust that life can bring. By the legal powers of Waterdeep are these sacred vows made manifest. You may kiss the bride."
[12:47:20 PM] Mourn: *Menacing was his look, but he remained silent, perhaps there was a promise of alcohol to put up with this crap about being children of the light. It was like having your finger slowly crushed under a wheel he decided. Nothing fatal, but extremely annoying and now it was getting more so. He was getting tempted to just cut the captains throat..... but then it was over and he stepped back further to go find some wine... sloping off if need be to go make a start on the contents of his hip flask.*
[12:47:24 PM] Flint Rogers: *And with a happy smile he swishes off his hat with one hand pulling Cam into his other arm that embraces as well as supports her and kisses her deeply.*
[12:49:38 PM] Camilla Renae Ussesa: ~She returns his deep kiss. her hat falling off and caught mid fall before it hit the ground as flint kisses her. Even as Mourn slips off with flask in hand. The reception was forth coming once flint Released her from his deep kiss.~
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