Waterdeep Highschool: Funny game..

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Waterdeep Highschool: Funny game..

Postby Seekerthefallen » Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:26 pm


Imagine your characters go to Waterdeep Highschool. Totally, in the pretext of Animes, Japanese Highschools and for fun! Just was thinking about it as I looked at some art of characters from fantasy settings, redone in like modern ways.

Again, strictly for fun:

Runa: Broody back of the class type, intentionally wears make up, dark colors draped over her school uniform. Known to have a thing for lizards, and keeps one as a pet. Hobbies are really mostly, reading, shop(wood) and secretly hiding feelings for the smart kid in class (Enialas)

Kale: Big, bulky and seems to find no issue being the only female wrestler on the team. For what it's worth, she's got a lot of big sister nature and wisdom to her. Even if she looks like the typical bully, she's really a teddy bear. She also is one of the only students to have a kid already but tends to keep that and her two jobs to herself.

Davious: Your typical Bishie, the pretty boy in the class. Born with looks that transend his gender. He has been a member and captain of the Drama club since day one. Though a bit of a flirt to everyone, male or female. He really only has eyes for the tallest most massculin girl in his class. Which is amusing given hes such a tiny thing.
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Re: Waterdeep Highschool: Funny game..

Postby tooitalian » Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:40 pm

This looks like fun

Ryan: tall, dark, mysterious, handsome; the guy in school all the ladies want but he never has time for. He's too busy pulling the wings off of insects and putting kittens in bags and throwing them into the lake. He's into death metal, dresses in goth, and practices black magic in his foster parents attic. He usually gets what he wants because he's the high school bully, though all the teachers like him because he's dreamy and gets good grades so he gets away with it.

Leonan: small and timid and constantly being made fun of for his red hair. He hates everyone and everything, teachers are constantly checking his backpack for weapons. He's the kid who hides under the bleachers or the rooftop. His spare time is spent gardening and animal husbandry. Most kids leave him alone, or rarely see him. At home he is always nurturing a terminally ill mother.
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Re: Waterdeep Highschool: Funny game..

Postby Murdling » Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:00 pm

Seraphina: Short and overweight, but close enough friends with a couple of the scarier misfits that she's usually left alone. A bit of an over achiever with a problem with bullying tied to a taste for poetic justice. The sort of person who will upload horrifying embarrassing photos of someone to their facebook account if said person insults her small clique. Nobody knows where she gets them, but everyone's afraid she has theirs.

Xerxsephira: A bubbly and openly friendly girl who is perhaps just a little to excited about the things she gets up to in the AV club and the school's shop class. She's good though, makes fantastic things she ends up selling on etsy. Not even remotely shy, but since she just moved in this year she's still trying to make friends.

Red: The scarlet haired wisp of a boy is never really reliably seen in one schedule, in fact people aren't exactly sure what his real name is or if he's even enrolled at the school. He just kind of shows up sometimes. There are rumors of him selling drugs and sleeping with half the swim team and drama club - even the boys.
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Re: Waterdeep Highschool: Funny game..

Postby Stam » Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:26 pm

Susanna: That Girl who left the school abruptly, only to return as abruptly after an arbitrarily long period. Nobody bothered with an explanation, but it sure doesn't look like it was vacation and now she's either dopey, jittery or startles like a mouse. It doesn't matter how pretty she looks, everyone's giving her a sideways eye - except her boyfriend.

Howard: Sometime class clown, sometime class snark artist. Or so, as others claim, he'd like to be. More often than not he's ignored by the popular kids, and that's when he'll be actually paying attention and getting his As.

Kathryn: That Girl who's nice and polite, smiles at all the right things and all the right places, and keeps her nose up in the air and away from most of the others ... unless they break a rule. Then there's guaranteed to be an authority figure who knows about it nigh-instantly. Worst part is she's not even smug about it.
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