Strange happenings in the warehouse district

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Strange happenings in the warehouse district

Postby JuneBarcarolle » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:32 pm

Somewhere in a dark, damp, and out of the way cavern, a young fungus was enjoying his first big meal in a while. He had finally caught up with one of the furry scurriers that would sometimes come through. And instead of it running away from an invisible foe, it stayed to fight. The fungus managed to subdue it and turn it into a major meal. Feeling quite full after consuming the creature, the fungus laid down on a patch of visible fungi. He had grown up in this patch, but the invisible ones had since left. He stayed here and was able to get by on scurrying visitors. So he felt no need to explore more of the caverns.

His slumber was rudely interrupted by the strangest of events. He suddenly felt himself being crushed up against the visible ones. He looked around but could only see a blank sheet of fabric at first. He heard voices from 2-legged creatures, but he had no idea what they were saying. He felt himself being moved, then picked up, then dumped in a wooden box on top of more visible ones. Before he could untangle himself, the 2-legged creatures covered the opening of the box with more wood. *BANG BANG BANG* went the sounds on the box, and he realized he couldn't open it.

He was scared. He didn't know where he was or what was happening. He felt the box moving. It was such a long trip. Since he couldn't do anything, he laid back down and just listened. He dozed some more while the box traveled. The box mostly just rocked, which only helped him sleep more.

After a long time, a really long time, he realized he was hungry again. But the box still moved. He waited some more, hoping that eventually the box would stop and the 2-leggeds would open it. Finally, after much movement and the sounds of more voices, the box did stop. Then the voices went away. He heard silence. He was hungry, but needed food. He couldn't feed on the visible ones. But if he could somehow get out of the box he might find something outside to eat.

He pushed on the top of the box. Nothing happened. He hit it. He kicked it. It budged a little. Finally, frantically, he began beating it with all his might. Laying on top of his ancestors he kicked and pounded. Finally the boards gave in and shattered. He was FREE!!!!!

He climbed out of the box and looked at his new surroundings. It was another cave, although there was light coming in from holes in the walls. And the walls were very square. He didn't care, though. He needed food. Just then he heard something: a 4 legged! It wasn't a scurrier with those beady eyes and long tails. But it was a 4 legged creature. He wasn't that picky about his meals. He was HUNGRY!!!

The little fungus ran after the 4 legged creature, who didn't seem to mind taking him on. Apparently this 4 legged was not used to fighting blind. The fungus was able to chomp down on it pretty easily and keep it from running. Another bite and the 4 legged quit stirring. FOOD at last!!

Now that his hunger was satisfied, the fungus went around exploring his new cave. He looked inside bags, sniffed the contents, and moved on. There were boxes that he could open without force. He did so. He took out the occasion item, decided it wasn't food, and tossed it aside. Finally he decided to find himself a new bed someplace where the 2 leggeds wouldn't bother him. He climbed up on top of a ledge and laid down to rest.

Mika Kandelec had been running his storage facility for years. He had built a reputation for no nonsense, and had managed to stay under the radar of most thieves by not taking on jobs that might attract their attention. Likewise, when mages asked him to import their strange components and whatnot, he made sure it wasn't something that a previous owner might come looking for. And he had a strict rule of no living - or unliving - cargo.

On this particular day he was importing plant specimens. Some kind of common underground plant that could only be found once it died. It seemed safe enough. He had a couple of crates of the stuff shipped in. The alchemist who ordered it would be picking it up in a tenday once he got back from some trip. So storing it for those days seemed a basic job.

On the morning of the next day, his workers came to him all spooked. They claimed something had slaughtered the guard dog, and that things were moved around in the warehouse with no rhyme or reason. Being a suspicious lot, they feared a ghost was haunting the place. Mika assured them no ghost would be interested in his warehouse. He even offered to have a priest come in and investigate the place. That seemed to calm them down. He hired a couple of ghost hunter Lathanderites to come investigate. They did all their divining and they assured him that there were no ghosts or other undead haunting the place. This made him and the workers happy.

After resting for most of the day, the fungus started getting hungry again. He was also more than a little curious about his new cave. Instead of darkness, there was light in here. He had never seen this kind of light. And there were lots of 2 leggeds walking around. They didn't seem to mind him lounging on top of one of the ledges of the cave. When he thought they had all left, he started to climb down. But his leg caught on a branch of something that wasn't secure, and he sent the branch flying. That got the two legged's attention. A bunch of them came running his way. He quickly ran off and hid in a corner. The two leggeds looked at the broken branch, then looked around at the cave walls, and then hurried out of the cave. They even had a way to seal off the cave.

Just when Mika thought things were cleared up, there was some new commotion in the warehouse. Some of his workers claimed to have seen a shovel go flying through the air. This, on top of having several other items mysteriously misplaced, had the workers again believing the place was haunted. As he tried to assure them - again - that there is nothing going on, a couple of adventuring types came along to see what the ruckus was all about. Mika gladly invited them to inspect the place and see if they could figure out what was going on.

Luciana and Zaramalsvir were the first two to arrive. Mika opened the door for them and handed Luciana a lantern. The two of them looked at the aisles of goods, found the busted crate, and even found a bloodstain from where the guard dog died.

The door opened again, and another couple of two leggeds came in. This time they seemed to be slowly exploring the cave. The little fungus was getting hungry again, so he watched to see when would be a good time to strike. He finally caught the one with the moving fire. He pounced, and got a good bite of flesh. The two legged screamed and tried to hit him with the fire she was carrying. Then the entire cave filled with smoke. He didn't understand, but he did remember where the cave entrance was. At this point he was scared and wanted to go home. He ran towards the entrance. He heard a new 2 legged talking. He didn't care about any of them, he just wanted to go home. So he ran.

He ran out of the smoke. He ran far enough to see the cave entrance. And that was the last thing he saw. He felt a brief pain in his back, and then all was dark and he lost consciousness.

Wiglaf had also discovered the group of men outside discussing a haunted building. He didn't get to talk to them too much, though, because a woman's scream brought him running into the warehouse. He was trying to help her out of the smoke filled aisle when he heard an invisible something run by. After seeing Luciana's wounds and hearing from the men outside, Wilgaf took a shot with his bow at where he figured the creature was. His instincts were true, and the arrow sank deep into something's back. After about a minute the fungus became visible. It was quite dead.

Mika thanked the adventurers for their assistance and assured them this incident would be reported to the Watch. The other workers seemed relieved to see the true reason for the disturbances in the warehouse.


Mika will get everyone's names and once his reports are made and he has discussed this with the Watch, each of you is awarded 225gp for helping stop the creature from causing further mayhem in the city.

Thanks for playing! :)
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