Let's Hunt Some Goblin!

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Let's Hunt Some Goblin!

Postby Shamsy » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:07 am

Nolan Tyrel and Master Burgon Goldwirth recently met in a rather interesting encounter in the Dock Ward. while the poor halfling was rather put out by the events of that evening, one profitable thing did come of it. Master Goldwirth was reminded somewhat of a halfling (or was it gnome now?) that he was rather fond of, so he offered the mercenary pig rider a chance at gainful employment.

Nolan met up with Burgon at his emporium in the markets where the obese cleric greeted him like a long lost relative. Over a copious amount of food and the finest wine, the cleric pointed the halfing to a fellow merchant that had been having difficulties with banditry on the road. "The poor dear really is distraught. She simply doesn't have the finances or manpower to properly guard every caravan, so her losses are quite high. Waukeen simply does not like to see commerce suffer such a fate!" He pouted dramatically. "Do go see her my dear fellow and lend her a helping hand. I'm sure the temple will be able to find something to recompense you."

So under instructions Nolan met with Mistress Clem, a rather emaciated, pale and haggard looking woman who wore too much perfume (somewhat like Burgon in fact) and clearly was suffering undue stress. She welcomed the offer of help, but seemed nervous when Nolan told her where the offer had originated... "Nothing is free from that man, he is a true merchant through and through." She said quietly, almost as though she feared being overheard. With little choice though, she agreed. Better to owe the church than to lose the business.

Nolan is given a time and a place to meet the muster team for departure, and a few days to gather a group of adventurers, mercenaries and sellswords. Mistress Clem proposes to send a decoy wagon with only the minimal staff, plus the party. "Hopefully that'll draw them out, then you can put an end to their ways."

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