The Platinum Blade

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The Platinum Blade

Postby J.C. » Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:30 pm

At the intersection of River Street and Salabar Street, just inside the East entrance to Waterdeep, there has been an abnormal amount of dust and debris scattered around the entrance to the second door off River Street.

Throughout the past weeks there has been seen a rather large fellow tossing different articles of the previous business out through the front door to be swept up by a few of the seedier reclaimants of the Trades Ward.

At times, the noises from within the building have been loud enough to overcome the normal din of the businesses within the area. The front of the store has also undergone a face lift, having new paint and a small window installed beside the door. There has also been a new, brightly painted sign hung between the top of the door and the top of the window showing a rather large cogged wheel announcing the service to Gond, and below the cogged emblem swings a straight bar sign naming the place “The Platinum Blade”. Across the face of the door in a bass relief, is a crossed sword and axe in brightly colored paint.

Anyone moving around within River Square would have noted the influx of brick and mortar entering the rear of this same establishment and a new stack exiting the roof. Anyone noting these changes in what was once a jewelry store would come to the conclusion that a new smith was setting up shop.
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