Prestige Classes for Waterdeep

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Prestige Classes for Waterdeep

Postby Tarl Stormrider » Wed Aug 15, 2007 9:01 am

I thought that I would try to make a list of Prestige Classes that would work especially well or be common in Waterdeep. Obviously you could find almost any PrC there, but this is my list of classes that I thought suited Waterdeep specifically. I must also apologize as I don't know all of the abbreviations for the books, so I may have some wrong. Feel free to add any to this or mention any that you don't think fit.

Grey Hand Enforcer CoS pg 77
Guild Wizard of Waterdeep MoF pg 26 (replaced by Mage of the Arcane Order, CAr pg 48)
Knight of the Blue Moon CoS pg 81
Moonstar Agent CoS pg 84
Noble Adventurer Drag #307 (Actually made for Cormyr but mentions them being in Waterdeep as well)
Sun Soul Monk CoS pg 88

Pirate Type:
Dread Pirate CAd pg 39
Drunken Master CW pg 27
Legendary Captain SW pg 56
Scarlet Corsair SW pg 65
Sea Witch SW pg 68

City Type:
Bounty Hunter Types:
Bloodhound CAd pg 28
Justicar CW pg 47
Mage-Killer MoF pg 32

Spies, Thieves, and Thugs:
Crimson Scourge CiS pg 92
Guild Thief FRCS pg 45
Nightsong Enforcer CAd pg 60
Nightsong Infiltrator CAd pg 62
Noble Infiltrator CiS pg 79
Shadow Thief of Amn PGtF pg 74
Spymaster CAd pg 76
Streetfighter CAd pg 79
Temple Raider CD pg 67
Thief-Acrobat CAd pg 83
Urban Savant CiS pg 100
Zhentarim Spy PGtF pg 77

Court Herald PoF pg 108 (Will probably need PoF Errata for table)
Evangelist CD pg 39
Merchant Prince PoF pg 71
Vigilante CAd pg 85
Virtuoso CAd pg 89
Wayfarer Guide CAr pg 65

Undermountain Explorers:
Cavelord Und pg 30
Dark Hunter CW pg 20
Dungeon Delver CAd pg 42
Prime Underdark Guide Und pg 41

The Harpers
The Harper Master WotC Website
Harper Agent PGtF pg 58
Harper Mage MoF pg 28
Harper Priest MoF pg 29
Harper Scout FRCS pg 46 (originally called The Harper on WOTC website, Harper Agent has replaced it, but not sure if it is still allowed since fairly different.)

Popular Religions in Waterdeep:
Spur Lord LoD pg 11
Strifeleader FP pg 204

Techsmith FP pg 206

Morninglord of Lathander PGtF pg 66
Radiant Servant CD pg 52

Scourge Maiden SS pg 40

Knight of the Weave CoV pg 111
Dweomerkeeper FP pg 189 also CD Web Enhancement

Harper Priest MoF pg 29 (Also suitable for Mystra, Selune, and Tymora)

Knight of the Blue Moon CoS pg 81
Silverstar FP pg 201

Nightcloak FP pg 198 also CD Web Enhancement

Stormlord FP pg 203

Auspician FP pg 184

Justicar of Tyr PGtF pg 63
Shining Blade of Tyr CD pg 63
Triadic Knight CoV pg 123

Waveservant FP pg 209
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PrC's from Dragon Magazine

Postby Failbhe » Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:56 pm

These are all the allowed FR-specific Prestige Classes specifically listed only in an issue of Dragon magazine:

Silverstars : 285 - july 2001, Selune, CG, +4 BAB, Moon Domain, 2nd level Divine, Survival 2, Sense Motive 2, Blind-Fighting, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack

Nightcloak : 286 - august 2001, Shar, NE, +4 BAB, Darkness Domain, 2nd level Divine, Bluff 2, Move Silent 2, Iron Will, Shadow Weave, Spell Focus (Ench, Ill, or Necro), Pernicious Magic or Tenacious Magic.

Dreadmaster : 287 - september 2001, Bane, LE, +4 BAB, Hatred or Tyranny Domain, 3rd level Divine, Intimidate 5, Sense Motive 4, Leadership, Skill Focus (Intimidate), Spell Focus (Echantment), 6th level Cohort.

Dancer of Sharess : 290 - december 2001, Sharess, CG, +3 BAB, Charm Domain (For Clerics only), 3rd level Divine, Perform (Dance) 4, Knowledge (Religion) 9

The Green Hunter : 294 - april 2002, Thard Harr, Any Good, +4 BAB, Knowledge(nature) 5, Survival 5, Track, Ability to cast Divine.

Battlepriest of Cormyr : 307 - may 2003, non-evil, non-chaotic, +5 BAB, Concentration 5, Diplomacy 5, Heal 3, Combat Casting, Leadership, Casting divine spells, Nobility, Protection, Strength, or War Domain.

Council Mage of Cormyr : 307 - may 2003, non-evil, non-chaotic, Gather Info 2, Knowledge (Arcane) 6, Spellcraft 12, Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Any Metamagic Feat, Any Item Creation Feat, 5th level Arcane Spells, Knowledge of spells from at least 5 schools, Membership on Cormyr's Council of Mages.

Noble Adventurer of Cormyr : 307 - may 2003, +4 BAB, Diplomacy 4, Knowledge(Noblity and Royalty) 4, Ride 4

Moon Drover of Cormyr : 307 - may 2003, Selune, CG, +5 BAB, +5 Will, Handle Animals 3, Knowledge(Nature) 5, Survival 3, 2nd level divine, Good, Protection, Travel, or Chaos domain.

Royal Scout of Cormyr : 307 - may 2003, non-evil, non-chaotic, +5 BAB, Hide 3, Bluff 1, Survival 5, Move Silent 3, Ride 5, Spot 3, Alertness, Track

Silverhair Knights : 315 - january 2004, Eillistraee, CG, +6 BAB, 2nd Level Divine spells, Bluff 8, Diplomacy 8, Knowledge (Religion)8, Sense Motive 8, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Weapon Focus(Any sword)

Arvoreen's Keeper : 321 - july 2004, Halfling, Arvoreen, LG, NG, or LN, +4 BAB, Craft (Trapmaking) 4, Listen 4, Sense Motive 4, Spot 4, Survival 4, Alertness, Prof (Shortsword), Prof (Sling) or Prof (Shortbow), Track, Casting Divine Spells.

Arvoreen's Warder : 321 - july 2004, Halfling, Arvoreen, LG, NG, or LN, +4 BAB, Craft (Trapmaking) 4, Listen 4, Sense Motive 4, Spot 4, Survival 4, Alertness, Prof (Shortsword), Prof (Sling) or Prof (Shortbow), Track

Deathstalker : 322 - august 2004, Bhaal, LE, Hide 5, Move Silent 5, Survival 2, Quick Draw, 3rd level divine spells, Death or Destruction Domains, murdered 16 sentient creatures.
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