Late Night reflections

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Late Night reflections

Postby Kemian » Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:26 am

Dev sat up quietly and cautiously so he didn't disturb the woman laying next him. His rest had been fitful for there were a great many thoughts and emotions going through him at once and he felt like he had come to a crossroads.

He looked down at Susanna's sleeping form and couldn't help but smile at the joy her mere presence brought him. Briefly the sound of her scream of pain ran through his mind and grimaced. Then he thought about, all the various battles he'd had with the undead over the last few years. He thought about the very first time he had faced the undead trying to rescue a young girl in Silverymoon. How he had dropped his morningstar in battle and had drawn the very longsword he had used in battle the other day for the first time. He thought about the thrill of defeating that small group of mindless beasts and the agony of discovering the girl's body.

Then he thought about the fateful night when he and two other companions entered a tomb they had no business being in rumored to hold wicked creatures. He thought of the shade he had hit countless times and his long sword simply passed right through it. He saw the face of the companion of Charissa Morgan fall to the shade while he stood helpless to do anything against the shade. He thought about how out of desperation he had used the healing in his bracers on the woman after she herself had fallen and arisen again as one of the undead and the pain it caused the shade and the bittersweet feeling of having to vanquished a former companion but rejoicing when he and Vargach were able to return the woman's body to Charissa knowing her spirit was at rest.

Then Dev thought about the day of his 105th birthday when they had faced the Lord of Shadows for the first time. It was honestly the only time he could recall a positive outcome when dealing with the beasts even though the Lord had gotten away.

Then Dev recalled the frustration of the weeks that passed as they struggled to find a way to locate the beast and figure out how to destroy it. Wise Talinor had discerned a plan to do so. Dev smiled at that thought. They had rushed forward recklessly and perhaps foolishly nearly to the folly of them all. Dev smiled more broadly as he thought of each companion in turn. Talinor with his infectous smile, Deranis always willing to share a tale and companionship , Naria the myserious woman that had joined them at the last moment, Ashe who's sudden illness had prevented her from coming along and perhaps that illness had saved her life, Astrid who was honestly as good and true a friend as he had ever had. Finally he thought of his gaze fell on Susanna and he smiled again. He would have gladly traded his life for anyone of them if it had come to that.

Indeed when he had first opened the door and seen the false image of so many enemies he had considered screaming at them all to run kicking the door closed behind him and given the beasts his own taste of the nine hells before he would have inevitably fallen. Yet he had not done so.

Something had told him to trust in his companions, Perhaps it was divine inspiration. That was a thought that made Dev a little uncomfortable for he had long disdained organized religeon perfering to rely on his own skills for everything he needed. Still even when he though they might all have fallen. In that moment he had only been truly sorry that the vampire lord would escape. Even as he thought about it now, as horrible as facing all those terrible beasts had been. As many lives as he had seen senselessly wasted because of the cruel emotionless relentless evil of the undead and as much as he hated facing them. In the end he thought about all he had learned from this experience and understood that if he ever faced another vampire again. He would be better prepared.

He in fact found himself suddenly with a thirst to know more about these foul creatures so that he could better understand how to destroy them. The thought of it made him smile and he seemed to feel as though the he had chosen a path on that crossroad and felt like he could rest. He curled up next to the woman that filled his heart with joy and fell fast asleep.
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