Dead Watchman

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Dead Watchman

Postby Dalabrac » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:33 pm

Late in the evening on Hammer 14. A small group of adventurers, sitting and enjoying a quiet conversation over a drink at the Grinning Lion. The group consisting of Crispin Harrow,Suorvel TelQuessir Huntsilver, Xanthios Aridell, and one Macallan Thorp , responding the the screams of a woman and the cries of a you man calling out that a watchman is dead soon find themselves part of a gathering croud surround the mutilated corpse of a young watchman the only thing of him recognizable being his uniform, and face which had a C carved into his forehead.
Suorvel and Macallan spot a shadowy figure darting down an alleyway not far off , they proceed to chase after the figure followed closely by Xanthios and Crispin. reaching the mouth of the alley the group finds that it is dark after but a few feet and are able to hear the sounds of a crossbow being cocked back and loaded, followed closely by a twang and a curse as something crashes to the ground.Xanthios begins chanting a prayer to Ilmater holding back while Suorvel, and Crispin rush forward Crispin calling out for the figure to surrender while Suorvel's blade sinks into it's side with the clang of metal on metal and a woody thunk as an axe into a log.Macallan bounding from wall to wall drops down behind the figure and proceeds to slice into it finding a vital point causing the figure to seize and fall to the ground. A small bird like object detaches from the chest of the figure and flies off into the night sky. gathering around the figure to examine it they are soon confronted by the watch commander,who escorts them to the watchhouse and takes their statements and a description of the bird thing.

The watchful Order offers a Reward to each of the individuals who were responsible for bringing this abomination to their attention.
they are informed that it is a form of living construct and can only assume that the bird thing is the same.
The watchman still a raw recruit and in his probationary period, wasn't elligable for much other than a proper burial courtesy of the City Watch.
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