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Valdemart’s Chronicles

Postby Nikmi » Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:14 pm

Chapter one: the ship part 1.

Sitting on the deck of the ship, enjoying the soft breeze of the morning and the fresh smell of the ocean Valdemart were watching the crew work, finally he had been able to buy passage to his desired destination, the port City of Waterdeep. By some said to be the biggest city in the world, at least this part of it.

Humming a small tune to himself, he was watching as a small red ball of light was dancing around between his fingers, joining together with a small green ball of light. Usually he would create them bigger and do some of the old witch’s party tricks but today his mind was on other issues. The trip here had cost him almost all of his savings, he was not even sure he had to basic supplies when he arrived. But no matter! He was going to Waterdeep to be able to make a real living off his talents as a street performer.

Looking up from his hands, the balls of light still dancing around his fingers, he noticed the captain looking at him with a small worried frown. It had not been easy to talk the man into taking him on board, for the trek, only the fact that he had showed himself, to be a good performer finally talked the man into letting him on board, his men could use some entertainment to build their spirit up after they lost several of the deck hands in a storm.

With a sigh Valdemart turned away from the stare of the captain, he was without a doubt going to hear more about the fire he accidently started on the deck yesterday, but he did not feel like dealing with the man’s lectures at that moment.

This night he had, had a horrible dream about his home town, about how the villages were chasing him with swords and pitchforks, something that had never really happened, but it did not matter the emotions connected to the memories of how he had been rejected could might as well had come from such an experience.

Getting up he turned to head down into the lower decks, joining some of the other travelers in the small common room, knowing they would ask him to perform for them, and of course excepting him to do it for free, but at least he would not have to hear the complains about the hazards of his performance, and how he should stick to less dangerous things or he would be made to pay for the damage.

Creating a bright Blue flame on the palm of his hand he walked into the Common room, putting on a fake smile and raising his voice “Greetings my ladies and gentlemen” could be heard in the narrow walkway before the doors closed behind him. This trip better be over soon.
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