Keth'ean heads south

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Keth'ean heads south

Postby Guest » Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:01 pm

On another note... since the young rider had arranged for time off to help her friends deal with the glassteel skull, and she discovers she isn't needed, and while Evander is off helping someone else with a pressing issue, she decides to take this time to hunt down her missing father.

She settles up with Tess on the price of the skull and then hooks up with a caravan headed south and east.

In no time at all, they are passing Daggerford, the journey uneventful, and heading past the High Moor, all sights she recalls on her journey west with her father over a year ago.

She strikes up a few friendships with those on the trip, but they are short lived as folk come and go, and she continues to find more travellers going futher and further east. All along the way she continues to inquire about her "Pap", a merchant by the name of Dexter. She seems to have found his trail, as several innkeepers along the way admit to seeing him, and encourage her to keep up her hopes.

*to be continued*

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