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Looking for Work?

Postby Achan » Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:11 pm

A young gnome boy is seen wandering about the city, both of his arms heavily loaded with a stack of papers. He makes his way throughout the different wards. Every few blocks he tacks up another piece of paper to the building.

This takes a few days of his time. By the time he's through, he looks tired and exhausted as he wanders into an inn located in the Dock ward.

The posters read:

"Adventurers!!! In need of a little money? I know you all are! I shall be in town starting on Uktar 25th. Anyone who desires to make a little cash should meet with me during the evenings at the Grinning Lion. I will be the man with a large gray floppy hat.

Thank you for your time, and gods speed!"

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